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What is the color for the west in feng shui?

In feng shui, the west direction is associated with the metal element and the colors white, gray, and pastels. The west correlates to creativity, children, helpful people and travel in feng shui. Choosing the appropriate colors for the west area of your home or office can help enhance these positive associations.

The Significance of West in Feng Shui

In feng shui, your home or office is divided into nine sections based on the cardinal directions – north, south, east, west, northeast, southeast, southwest, northwest and center. Each direction is governed by one of the five feng shui elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water. The element associated with a particular direction influences the types of energy present.

The west direction relates to the metal element. In the productive cycle of the five elements, metal helps nourish and strengthen the water element. So activating the west area can stimulate helpful, nurturing energy. The west also connects to children, creativity, helpful people and travel.

The Metal Element in Feng Shui

The metal element represents strength, determination, focus and organization in feng shui. It is associated with the fall season, old age and the colors white, gray, gold and silver. Too much metal energy can lead to rigidity, harshness and excess criticism. Not enough metal can manifest as weakness, indecisiveness and lack of boundaries.

The productive cycle works as follows: Water nourishes wood. Wood fuels fire. Fire creates earth (ash). Earth bears metal. Metal stores water.

So the metal element provides nourishment to the water element. Activating the west can circulate beneficial, supportive energy in your environment.

Optimal Colors for the West Area

Since the west corresponds to the metal element, the best colors to use in this area are:

  • White
  • Gray
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Pastels such as light blue, lavender, pink and green

These colors represent the qualities of metal energy – strength, precision, organization and support. They can help stimulate helpful, nurturing chi in the west zones of your home or office.

Meanings of West Colors in Feng Shui

Here is a more detailed look at the significance of the best feng shui colors for the west area and how they can improve different aspects of your life:


White represents purity, clarity and new beginnings in feng shui. It is a perfect color for welcoming helpful people and mentors into your life. Use white in wall paint, decor items, furniture or fabrics in the west area of your home or workspace.


The color gray is associated with practicality, balance and maturity. It’s a great color for encouraging decisive thinking, responsible mentors and grounded personal development. Gray walls, flooring, furniture or office supplies activate these properties in the west zones.


In feng shui, silver represents justice, modesty and cool-headedness. Displaying silver items in your west space promotes clear, fair-minded thinking and balanced social relationships. Polished silver has an especially strong metal effect.


The color gold represents wealth, success and high achievement in feng shui. Use gold decor, hardware, electronic devices or office tools to energize mentors, improved career prospects and financial gain in the west areas of your space.


Soft pastel shades like lavender, pink and mint green have gentle, nourishing energy suitable for the west areas. These hues are perfect for children’s bedrooms or home offices, as they energize creativity, self-expression, learning and new horizons while providing reassurance.

Summary of West Colors and Meanings

Here is a quick summary of the best colors for the west direction and their symbolic meanings in feng shui:

Color Feng Shui Meaning
White Purity, clarity, new beginnings
Gray Practicality, balance, maturity
Silver Justice, modesty, cool-headedness
Gold Wealth, success, status
Pastels Nurturing, gentle, creativity

Enhancing Different Aspects of Your Life

Here is a closer look at how using these colors in the west areas can improve different facets of your life:

Helpful People & Mentors

Display white, silver or gray items to activate helpful energies from mentors. These colors will attract wise teachers and advisors. Placing mirrors enhances this effect.

Creativity & Children

Use pastel pink, green or lavender in a child’s west bedroom to stimulate imagination, self-expression and new ideas. These gentle hues provide reassurance and support.


Add gray and gold accessories in your home office’s west section to encourage decisiveness, responsibility and professional advancement. These colors also boost organization and achievement.


Gold furnishings, decor items or office supplies activate prosperity energies in the west zones of your home or workplace. Displaying groups of three gold objects is especially beneficial for amplifying financial gain.

Examples of West Décor and Uses

Here are some specific examples of how you can use favorable west colors to enhance different rooms in your home or office:


  • Pastel green bedding or curtains to stimulate personal growth
  • White bedroom furniture for cleansing, renewal
  • Silver photo frames or lamps for clear thinking

Home Office

  • Gray bookshelves or file cabinets for responsibility and organization
  • Gold desk accessories like trays, pen holders for success
  • White computer for mental clarity, productivity

Family Room

  • Pastel throw pillows to nurture togetherness
  • Gray couch/chairs to encourage maturity and wisdom
  • White shelving and cabinets for openness

Kid’s Room

  • Lavender walls to stimulate imagination and harmony
  • White bookshelves and desks for concentration
  • Pastel toys and decor items to nourish creativity

Tips for Using West Colors

Here are some useful tips for maximizing the beneficial effects of feng shui colors in the west areas of your home or workspace:

  • Add fresh flowers in white, pastel or clear glass vases
  • Display natural crystals like white quartz, amethyst or rose quartz
  • Hang mirrored artwork to amplify helpful energy
  • Use gray, white or mirrored photo frames
  • Choose gray, white or pastel-colored window treatments
  • Add white candles to represent clarity and focus
  • Paint an accent wall or use wallpaper in appropriate west colors


The west direction relates to the metal element in feng shui. Activating the west area of your home or office with white, gray, silver, gold and pastel-colored decor can help stimulate nourishing, supportive energy. This is especially beneficial for attracting mentors, improving career prospects, boosting helpful relationships and nurturing children or creativity. Use this feng shui guide to the auspicious colors of the west to enhance these different life facets.