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What is the color for creativity and innovation?

Creativity and innovation are vital to progress and success, both on a personal and professional level. Many believe that surrounding yourself with certain colors can actually help boost creative and innovative thinking. But what exactly is the best color for creativity and innovation?

The Psychology of Color

Color psychology suggests that different colors can evoke different emotions and even impact cognitive performance. While reactions to color are subjective, studies have uncovered some general trends when it comes to the impact of color on mood, feelings, and behaviors.

Warm colors like red, orange, and yellow are stimulating and can induce excitement, confidence, and even anxiety or anger. Cool colors like blue, green, and purple are calming and can evoke feelings of peace, tranquility, and comfort.

Research also suggests that exposure to certain colors may impact motivation, concentration, and productivity. For example, blue is thought to have a positive effect on concentration, while red can be distracting. Green is linked to harmony and stimulates creativity and focus.

Best Colors for Creativity

When it comes to inspiring creativity and innovation, the research points to a few key colors that seem to have the most positive impact.


Blue is a top choice for boosting creative thinking. It represents openness, imagination, and freedom. Blue promotes clarity, calmness, and focus – key ingredients for creative flow. Studies confirm that exposure to the color blue enhances creativity and problem-solving abilities.


Green promotes harmony and balance, both of which are important in creative work. It represents growth, peace, and a fresh perspective. Research shows that green can enhance reading comprehension and creativity. The color green sparks innovative ideas and motivates us to look at things in new ways.


The color violet inspires imagination and inventiveness. It represents exploration, transformation, and the quest for inspiration. Violet stimulates right-brain activity, helping tap into our most creative nature. It encourages free thinking and undiscovered possibilities.


Bright and uplifting, the color yellow boosts optimism, self-esteem, and experimentation – all vital to creative thinking. Yellow represents curiosity, originality, and intellectual development. While too much yellow can be overstimulating, the right amount can activate creative flow and innovative problem-solving.


Energetic orange combines the joy of yellow with the optimism of red. This mix inspires creative playfulness and innovative risk-taking. Orange represents enthusiasm, determination, and exploration. Research suggests orange can stimulate creative performance and imaginative thought.

How Color Impacts Innovation

Color doesn’t just affect individual creativity. The spaces we inhabit can influence the level of innovation occurring within companies and teams. Here’s how different colors encourage innovation in the workplace:

Color Impact on Innovation
Blue Promotes focus, clarity, and strategic thinking
Green Stimulates harmony and encourages collaboration
Red Generates excitement and enthusiasm for new ideas
Orange Fosters optimism, risk-taking, and exploratory thinking
Yellow Boosts creative confidence and experimentation
Purple Inspires inventiveness and pushes boundaries

Companies like Google and Facebook purposefully incorporate vibrant colors into workplace design to stimulate creative energy and innovation. Cool tones like blue and green help balance warm hues like orange and red to cultivate an environment optimized for imaginative thinking.

Incorporating Color for Creativity

If you want to activate your own creative potential or establish a culture of innovation, strategically incorporating certain colors can help. Here are some tips:

  • Paint your office or workspace blue, purple, or green
  • Add pops of orange, yellow or red via furniture, pillows, art, and accessories
  • Wear vibrant colored clothing that makes you feel inspired
  • Use colored glassware or notepads in energizing tones
  • Display visual art, fabric, and objects in creative colors
  • Install color-changing LED lights to customize your environment
  • Close your eyes and visualize your creative color to mentally activate innovation

The Takeaway

Exposure to the right colors can positively influence creativity, imagination, and innovation. While reactions to color are subjective, the research indicates that blue, green, violet, yellow, orange and red have the most potential to activate creative flow and innovative thinking in individuals and organizations.

Strategically surrounding yourself with these colors – whether by painting office walls, adding colorful décor, or visualizing vibrant hues – can help spark the next great idea. So embrace the rainbow and unlock your most inventive self through the power of color!