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What is the color difference between wind chill pearl and ice cap?

Understanding the subtle color differences between car paint colors can be tricky, especially when the names are similar like wind chill pearl and ice cap. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into how these two popular Toyota paint colors compare.

Introducing Wind Chill Pearl and Ice Cap

Wind chill pearl and ice cap are both pale silvery gray paint colors used by Toyota. Here’s a quick overview of each:

Wind Chill Pearl

  • Cool-toned pale gray with a pearl-like shimmer
  • Meant to evoke a cold, icy feeling
  • Used on various Toyota models like RAV4, Camry, Corolla, etc.

Ice Cap

  • Slightly darker and cooler toned than wind chill pearl
  • Has a hint of blue added to the gray
  • Used on trucks and SUVs like Tacoma, Tundra, 4Runner

So at a glance, wind chill pearl is a pale sparkly gray while ice cap is a cooler steel blue-tinged gray. But there’s more nuance when you see them side by side!

Comparing Color Tones

The most noticeable difference between wind chill pearl and ice cap is their undertones.

Wind Chill Pearl

Wind chill pearl is a pale silvery gray with a slightly warm, natural undertone. It evokes a feeling of sleekness and elegance.

Ice Cap

Ice cap has a much cooler blue-gray undertone compared to wind chill pearl. It gives off an icy, mechanical vibe.

Here’s a color comparison:

Color Undertone
Wind Chill Pearl Slightly warm, natural gray
Ice Cap Cool blue-gray

So while both are light gray colors, wind chill pearl leans warmer while ice cap has that cooler edge.

Comparing Color Depth

In addition to undertones, wind chill pearl and ice cap also differ slightly in their depth and saturation.

Wind Chill Pearl

Wind chill pearl is very pale and desaturated. It’s almost white at certain angles. This gives it a soft, elegant look.

Ice Cap

Ice cap is a touch darker and richer than wind chill pearl. It maintains its gray color at all angles instead of washing out.

Here’s how the depth compares:

Color Depth
Wind Chill Pearl Very light and desaturated
Ice Cap Slightly deeper and richer

So ice cap will appear as a more solid, intense gray while wind chill pearl is softer and more faded.

Comparing Color Finish

The last main difference between these two paint colors is their finishes.

Wind Chill Pearl

Wind chill pearl has a pearlescent metallic finish. This gives it a subtle shimmering quality and helps it stand out.

Ice Cap

Ice cap has a matte, non-metallic finish. This lends it a flatter, matter appearance.

Here are the finishes at a glance:

Color Finish
Wind Chill Pearl Pearlescent metallic
Ice Cap Matte non-metallic

So wind chill pearl will have more shine and luster while ice cap is more subdued.

Putting It All Together

Looking at tones, depth, and finish together, here’s a summary of the color differences:

Wind Chill Pearl Ice Cap
Undertone Slightly warm gray Cool blue-gray
Depth Very light and desaturated Slightly deeper and richer
Finish Pearlescent metallic Matte non-metallic

Wind chill pearl is a softer, sparkly warm gray that can appear almost white. Ice cap is a solid, deeper cool blue-gray with a flat finish.

Which Color is Right for You?

So which of these beautiful Toyota gray colors is best for you? Here are a few key considerations:

  • Vehicle Type: Wind chill pearl is used on cars while ice cap is truck/SUV colors. Choose the option matched to your vehicle.
  • Climate: Wind chill pearl shows dirt less in wet/winter climates. Ice cap hides grime better in dry dusty regions.
  • Style Preference: Wind chill pearl has an elegant, feminine vibe. Ice cap is rugged and masculine.
  • Pairing Colors: Wind chill pearl pairs well with warm metallic colors. Ice cap matches cooler paint shades.

Take some time to decide whether you prefer wind chill pearl’s soft shimmer or ice cap’s bold steeliness. Both are stunning grays that offer slightly different personalities. With your goals in mind, you can pick the perfect cool Toyota color for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Toyota still offer wind chill pearl and ice cap?

Yes, both wind chill pearl and ice cap are current Toyota paint colors as of 2023 model years. Wind chill pearl is available for cars like Camry and Corolla. Ice cap is an option for trucks/SUVs including Tacoma, Tundra, 4Runner.

Which gray color is most popular for Toyotas?

Wind chill pearl seems to be the most popular Toyota gray color in recent years. It offers a flattering silvery sheen that appeals to many buyers. Ice cap is also desired for its rugged yet sophisticated personality.

Why are car paint color names like ice cap and wind chill pearl?

Automotive paint color names are meant to evoke a certain image, feeling, or connection with the color. Names like ice cap and wind chill pearl use wintry themes to indicate the cool, icy gray tones of the colors.

How do I know if my Toyota is wind chill pearl or ice cap?

The easiest way is to check your car’s paperwork or look at the paint code (typically located on a sticker inside the driver’s door jamb). Wind chill pearl codes are 1J6, 070, or 0710M. Ice cap codes are 1G3, 1F7, or 0810M.


Wind chill pearl and ice cap showcase subtle differences despite their similar pale Toyota gray exteriors. Understanding the undertones, depth, and finishes helps reveal how wind chill pearl leans warm and shimmery while ice cap is a deeper, cooler steel gray. While both paints are eye-catching, assessing your vehicle, climate, and style preferences makes choosing between them much easier. With this guide’s insights, you can confidently pick the perfect icy Toyota color to give your car or truck the right winter-inspired vibe.