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What is the color code for Chevy Black Cherry Metallic?


Chevrolet, also known as Chevy, uses specific color codes to identify the different paint colors available for their vehicles. For the color Black Cherry Metallic, Chevy has assigned color code WA-8555. This code allows you to accurately match the color during any collision repairs or painting work on Chevy vehicles.

In this article, we’ll provide a quick overview of Chevy’s color coding system, discuss the Black Cherry Metallic color specifically, and explain how to use the codes to order touch up paint or match the color when repairing Chevy vehicles. We’ll also look at where to find the color code info for your particular Chevy vehicle.

Chevrolet Color Coding System

Chevy uses a two or three letter code to identify each paint color they offer. This code is referred to as the WA code or paint code. The WA stands for “Worldwide Automotive” and the digits identify that specific color.

For example, the code for Summit White on Chevy vehicles is WA-250. The Black Cherry Metallic we’re discussing has code WA-8555. You’ll find this color code printed on stickers placed in various locations on the vehicle, which we’ll discuss more in a moment.

In addition to the WA paint codes, General Motors (GM) also has a separate categorization system using VP codes. VP stands for “Vehicle Paint” and these 4 digit numbers are an internal system GM uses to classify paint colors for production reasons.

The VP code does not indicate the specific paint color like the WA codes do. Instead, the VP codes are used to categorize colors within broader groups during vehicle manufacturing. For Black Cherry Metallic, the VP code is 9555. VP codes are not printed on the vehicle though, only the specific WA paint codes are shown.

Chevy Black Cherry Metallic – WA-8555

Within Chevy’s lineup of color options, WA-8555 identifies the deep glossy Black Cherry Metallic paint. This color was originally introduced in 2014 as one of their more modern, darker metallic color choices.

Black Cherry Metallic features a very deep, vibrant color achieved through a special pigment process. The result is a rich, reflective tone that gives a liquid, wet look. It picks up other colors and reflects them back, so the Black Cherry color can appear to subtly shift, from dark black tones to vivid cherry hues.

This modern color has been offered on many Chevy models over the years, including:

– Chevy Camaro
– Chevy Malibu
– Chevy Impala
– Chevy Corvette
– Chevy Silverado
– Chevy Equinox
– Chevy Trax
– Chevy Spark
– Chevy Sonic

Newer model years with the Black Cherry color may list it as Black Cherry Metallic/Black Cherry Tintcoat. Tintcoat indicates it uses a special process to provide extra richness, more pigment, and greater reflectivity in the paint. When touch up paint shopping, either Black Cherry Metallic or Black Cherry Tintcoat should provide an accurate match.

Using Chevy Color Codes for Touch Up Paint

Knowing your exact Chevy paint code makes touch up painting much easier. You can precisely match the original factory color by purchasing touch up paint based on the code.

Major auto paint brands like Dupli-Color offer touch up pens, bottles, and spray cans specifically matched to Chevy color codes. You can search and order the appropriate touch up paint online or at your local auto parts store by looking for the WA-8555 color code.

Make sure you order touch up paint designated for Chevy, GMC, or GM vehicles when using Chevy color codes. Paint can vary in tone across different brands, so sticking with paint formulations designed for GM vehicles will provide the most accurate match.

Using Chevy Color Codes for Collision Repair

Chevy color codes are also essential for collision repair shops when they need to refinish areas of your vehicle. The shop will first check your color code sticker under the hood or on the door jamb. Then they use that paint code to order the exact original color from Chevy or an aftermarket paint supplier. This ensures all repaired panels and sections correctly and seamlessly match the original color.

Since Chevy often uses special pigments, metallic flakes, tintcoats, and multi-coat applications, having the precisely matched paint code helps the shop recreate the factory finish during collision repairs. For Black Cherry Metallic, duplicating the rich color and reflectivity requires careful paint mixing and application. The color code helps simplify the process.

Finding Your Chevy Color Code

So where do you locate the color code sticker on your particular Chevy vehicle? Chevy places the paint code stickers in a few standard locations:

– Inside the glove box
– Front door jamb
– Rear door jamb
– Under the hood on firewall
– Trunk lid or door

Check all of these areas by looking on the striker plates and door frames and you should locate a sticker or metal tag with your vehicle’s color code. It will be a two digit code for older vehicles and a three digit code on newer models.

If the original stickers are missing or damaged, you can still determine your color code from other labels under the hood that provide the VIN number. The 7th digit of the VIN indicates the vehicle’s original paint color. Cross reference a VIN decoding chart online to identify the color based on the VIN digit.

You can also visually compare your vehicle to color charts online or at an auto paint store. Color chips arranged in chronological order can help narrow down the year and model of a particular Chevy color.


Identifying Chevy paint codes makes it much simpler to find accurate touch up paint and correctly repair painted surfaces. For Chevy vehicles with Black Cherry Metallic, also known as Black Cherry Tintcoat, the specific WA color code is WA-8555. Keeping a record of your color code, or locating the sticker under the hood or on door jambs, allows easy reference for obtaining perfectly matched paint for future scratches, chips, and collision repairs. Utilizing the precise WA codes removes any guesswork and means your Chevy will retain its original factory color.

Color Name Color Code Color Year Introduced Models Offered
Black Cherry Metallic WA-8555 2014 Camaro, Malibu, Impala, Corvette, Silverado, Equinox, Trax, Spark, Sonic

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the color code located on my Chevy vehicle?

The color code sticker can typically be found in the glove box, door jambs, under the hood on the firewall, or inside the trunk lid or door.

What if I can’t find the color code sticker?

You can still determine the original color by decoding the 7th digit of your vehicle’s VIN number or visually comparing to color charts.

Can I use a Chevy color code for a different brand’s touch up paint?

No, you’ll get the most accurate match using touch up paint from brands designed specifically for GM/Chevy vehicles.

What information is included on the Chevy color code sticker?

The sticker will display the WA paint code, which is a 2 or 3 digit number identifying that specific color. It may also show the VP code and paint name.

What does the WA and VP codes mean?

WA indicates Worldwide Automotive and is Chevy’s paint color code system. VP stands for Vehicle Paint and is an internal GM color categorization code.

Is Black Cherry the same as Black Cherry Metallic and Tintcoat?

Yes, these names all refer to the same Chevy color WA-8555. Tintcoat means it uses a special process for extra reflectivity.

Can Black Cherry Metallic be repaired easily?

Having the exact WA-8555 code helps repair shops precisely match the color, but duplicating the rich black cherry tone requires careful paint mixing and application.