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What is the code for Valspar du jour?

Valspar du jour is a paint color from Valspar Paint. To identify the specific color, you need the color code which is a combination of numbers and letters. This code allows you to match the exact shade when purchasing or repainting. Knowing the proper color code is essential for getting the right hue.

Looking Up the Valspar du jour Color Code

There are a few ways to find the color code for Valspar du jour:

  • Check the paint can or paint chip – The color code is usually printed directly on the paint can or on the paint chip sample.
  • Visit a Valspar retailer – Stores like Lowe’s or Ace Hardware that sell Valspar paint can look up the color in their systems and provide the code.
  • Use the Valspar website – Valspar has a website where you can browse colors and find the specific code. You may need to create an account.
  • Contact Valspar customer service – If you cannot find the code elsewhere, you can call Valspar and provide the color name. They can provide the exact code.

Some additional tips when looking up paint codes:

  • Take a photo of the code when you have the can, for easy future reference.
  • Codes can be 4-8 digits and letters in combination.
  • Watch for small differences like “du jour 1” vs “du jour 2” which have different codes.
  • If Repainting, confirm sheen like flat, eggshell, etc. to get the right code.

Valspar du jour Color Codes

Valspar du jour actually represents a few closely related paint colors. Here are some of the specific Valspar color codes for the du jour shades:

Color Name Valspar Color Code
Du Jour 5007-2A
Du Jour I 5004-1B
Du Jour II 5005-3A

As you can see, Du Jour, Du Jour I and Du Jour II each have their own distinct color codes. This allows you to precisely match the existing paint color.

Using the Valspar du jour Code

Once you have located the specific Valspar code for du jour, you can use it in a few ways:

  • Buy paint – Provide the code to a Valspar retailer when purchasing more paint.
  • Repaint a room – Reference the code to get the same du jour shade for an additional coat.
  • Touch up walls – Use the code if you need to buy a small amount of paint for spot coverage.
  • Match accessories – Coordinate fabrics, rugs, etc. to complement the du jour hue.

Some tips when using Valspar codes:

  • Confirm the sheen like satin, flat, or eggshell matches the existing paint.
  • Buy all paint needed at once for color consistency across cans.
  • Save leftover paint for future touch ups by storing cans properly.
  • Mix all cans together when painting larger areas for uniform coloring.

Where to Buy Valspar du jour Paint

Here are some of the top retailers that carry Valspar paints including du jour colors:

Retailer Details
Lowe’s -National home improvement chain
-Search colors online or in store
-Provide code at checkout
Ace Hardware -Neighborhood hardware stores
-Employees can look up codes
-Enter code when ordering paint
Sherwin-Williams -Paint specialty retailer
-May be limited availability
-Confirm Valspar paint is sold

Some tips for purchasing Valspar du jour paint:

  • Call ahead to verify the store carries the color.
  • Check inventory online before going to the store.
  • Buy enough paint for the whole project to avoid mismatches.
  • Have the code handy when checking out.

Alternatives to Valspar du jour

If for some reason you cannot locate the Valspar du jour code, here are some alternative paint colors to consider:

  • Balanced Beige – Warm, soothing neutral from Sherwin-Williams (SW 7064).
  • Accessible Beige – Popular tan shade from Benjamin Moore (OC-C3).
  • Manchester Tan – Versatile greige color by Behr (PPU18-06).
  • Urbane Bronze – Sophisticated brown hue by Clark + Kensington (CK278).

When selecting an alternate color, bring any paint chips or fabric swatches you want to match to test against new paint samples and make sure the tones coordinate.


In summary, the Valspar du jour color code is essential for precisely matching an existing paint color for tasks like repairs or repainting. Codes can be found on the original paint can or chip sample, via the Valspar website, or by contacting Valspar customer service. Retailers like Lowe’s and Ace Hardware carry Valspar brand paints including du jour shades. Be sure to get the right code and sheen to avoid subtle mismatches. With the proper Valspar color code in hand, you can refresh your space in the same beautiful du jour hue.

This covers the key details about locating and using the Valspar color code for du jour paint. Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions!