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What is the code for golden yellow?

What is the code for golden yellow?

Golden yellow is a rich, warm shade that evokes sunshine, wheat fields, and autumn leaves. As a versatile secondary color, golden yellow works beautifully in all kinds of designs and color schemes. But to use it effectively, it helps to understand the technical details behind this vibrant hue.

The Color Wheel

On the standard color wheel, golden yellow sits between yellow and orange. It draws from both the warm energy of yellow and the boldness of orange. While regular yellow is made by mixing just the primary colors red and green, golden yellow brings in more red or orange to deepen the shade.

Since golden yellow is a mix of the primary color yellow and the secondary color orange, it is classified as a tertiary color. Tertiary colors are made by combining a primary and a secondary color. They have more complexity than primary or secondary hues.

Hex Code

In HTML and CSS programming languages, colors are defined using six-digit hexadecimal codes. Hex codes are made up of the numbers 0-9 and the letters A-F. Golden yellow’s hex code is #FFDF00.

Let’s break down what this hex code means:

  • FF = 255 in decimal value for red
  • DF = 223 in decimal value for green
  • 00 = 0 in decimal value for blue

So this code tells us golden yellow has full red intensity, a relatively strong amount of green, and no blue component. The high amount of redOrange gives golden yellow its signature warm, radiant personality.

RGB Values

Another way to define golden yellow is with its RGB values. In RGB color coding, colors are produced by mixing varying intensities of the three additive primary colors:

  • R = Red
  • G = Green
  • B = Blue

Golden yellow’s RGB values are R: 255, G: 223, B: 0. Once again, this indicates strong red and green levels balanced by zero blue.

CMYK Percentages

When working with physical paints and inks, golden yellow is described using the CMYK color model. CMYK stands for:

  • C = Cyan
  • M = Magenta
  • Y = Yellow
  • K = Black (key)

In CMYK, colors are made by mixing various percentages of these four process colors. Golden yellow’s CMYK values are:

  • C: 0%
  • M: 10%
  • Y: 100%
  • K: 0%

The high yellow and lack of cyan and black gives golden yellow its clean, bright look.

Use in Design

Thanks to its radiant nature, golden yellow works exceptionally well for grabbing attention. It feels energetic and uplifting. At the same time, golden yellow has enough warmth to also create feelings of happiness and optimism.

Here are some effective ways to utilize golden yellow in your designs:

  • Draw focus to important text or images
  • Establish hierarchy through color coding
  • Convey joy, positivity, warmth
  • Highlight critical information
  • Stand out on white or black backgrounds
  • Compliment blues, greens, purples and other cool tones

When using golden yellow, be sure to balance it with plenty of neutral whitespace or complementary colors. Because it is such a vibrant hue, too much golden yellow can feel overwhelming.

Matching Colors

Golden yellow teams up beautifully with a wide range of colors. Here are some excellent combinations to try:

Color Pairing Rationale
Navy blue Classic complementary combination that pops
Gray Subdues the brightness of golden yellow
Mint green Feels fresh and natural
Robin’s egg blue Cheerful springtime palette
Pure white Crisp, vibrant contrast
Rich purple Regal and elegant

Incorporating analogous warm hues like peach, salmon, and tangerine can create a bold, sunset-inspired look. For a more retro vibe, try teaming golden yellow with avocado green, burnt orange, or chocolate brown.


When designing with any color, it’s important to ensure adequate contrast levels for accessibility. Black text on a golden yellow background meets WCAG 2.0 contrast standards. White text does not have enough contrast, so reverse it or add a dark outline to white text and icons.

Those who are color blind may have difficulty distinguishing golden yellow from other hues. Ensure there are other visual indicators besides color. Relying solely on golden yellow to convey meaning won’t be inclusive.

Converting Color Codes

If you have golden yellow defined in one color code and need to convert it to another, here are some helpful converters:

These tools make translating between HEX, RGB, CMYK, and other color modes quick and straightforward. Just input the code you have and select the code type you need.

Finding Complimentary Colors

If you need help selecting colors to go with golden yellow, here are some online tools to try:

These websites allow you to input golden yellow’s hex code and will generate great color palette matches. Adobe’s color wheel also identifies complementary, triadic, and analogous suggestions.


With its cheery personality and eye-catching brightness, golden yellow brings warmth and dazzle to designs. Understanding its technical color specifications like #FFDF00 helps ensure you use this vibrant shade effectively. Pair golden yellow with navy blue, gray, mint green and other colors to create accessible, on-brand palettes.