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What is the Carolina Panthers primary color?

The Carolina Panthers have been an NFL franchise since 1995 when they began play as an expansion team. Over their nearly 30 year history, the Panthers have established a distinct team identity and passionate fan base. One of the most recognizable aspects of the Panthers brand is their team colors, which have remained constant since the franchise’s inception.

Team History and Origins

The Carolina Panthers were founded by Jerry Richardson and officially joined the NFL as an expansion team in 1995. Richardson had long dreamed of bringing an NFL team to the Carolinas and successfully bid for the 29th NFL franchise in 1993. He named the team the Panthers in reference to the Carolinas’ history as one of the first colonies to declare independence during the American Revolution.

Richardson and the Panthers organization worked closely with the NFL to establish the new team’s identity and branding. NFL properties director Jim Schaaf led the design process, aiming to create a logo and color scheme that was distinctive from other NFL teams. Schaaf considered over 100 combinations of potential team colors before settling on black, blue and silver as the primary hues for the new franchise.

Carolina Panthers Team Colors

Since their establishment in 1995, the Carolina Panthers’ official team colors have been black, blue and silver:

  • Black: Represents strength, power and aggression
  • Panther Blue: The franchise’s unique shade of blue, meant to evoke the team’s name
  • Silver: Provides a metallic accent color to complement black and blue

The color black forms the base of the Panthers’ primary logo and uniforms. Blue and silver accents are used throughout the team’s branding, including logos, uniforms and even the end zones at Bank of America Stadium. This color scheme was selected intentionally to create a sleek, modern identity for the expansion franchise.

Carolina Panthers Logo

The Carolina Panthers logo features the head of a snarling black panther outlined in blue. The panther head is centered between the words “Carolina” in black and “Panthers” in blue. Silver accents and outlines complete the logo. This logo incorporates all three of the Panthers’ official team colors.

The Panthers have used essentially the same logo design since the team’s inception. It represents the ferocity and speed of the panther, a nimble predator which ties into the team name. The predominantly black color also evokes intimidation and strength.

Carolina Panthers Uniforms

The Panthers’ uniforms showcase the team’s colors of black, blue and silver:

  • Home uniforms: Black jerseys with blue pants and silver helmets
  • Away uniforms: White jerseys with black pants and silver helmets
  • Alternate uniforms: Blue jerseys with black pants, blue helmets

The home black jerseys help the Panthers stand out from other NFL teams while tapping into the intimidation factor of the color. Blue pants provide a distinctive look and tie back to the primary logo colors. The silver helmets offset the dark jerseys with a bright metallic shine.

Carolina Panthers Secondary Colors

In addition to their primary team colors, the Panthers incorporate secondary shades as accents on their uniforms and in their visual branding:

  • Electric blue: A bright, vibrant blue used for minor uniform details
  • Carolina blue: The lighter blue shade associated with University of North Carolina athletics
  • Charcoal: A darker shade of grey, used as a tertiary uniform color

These secondary colors complement the core black, blue and silver hues. They add extra visual pop and bring in additional local ties through the Carolina blue accent shade.

Carolina Panthers Team Color History

The Carolina Panthers team colors have remained unchanged since the franchise entered the NFL in 1995. The original black, blue and silver scheme was selected after extensive concept testing and design work. It resulted in a distinctive branding aesthetic that still holds up over 25 years later.

There have been minor alterations to uniform design over the years, but the core color palette has stayed consistent throughout the Panthers’ history. The timelessness of the black, blue and silver combination is a key reason why Carolina has not strayed from this signature look.

Popularity of Panthers Colors with Fans

The Carolina Panthers’ team colors are a point of great pride and popularity among Panthers fans. Fans across the Carolinas and beyond show their support by wearing Panthers black, blue and silver on game days.

Replica jerseys, t-shirts, hats and other apparel featuring the Panthers’ colors fly off store shelves. Retail sales indicate how effective the color scheme is at inspiring fan loyalty and identity. The colors also inspire car paint jobs, specialty license plates, house paint colors and many other creative uses.

Panthers fans have embraced black, blue and silver wholeheartedly. The colors are now woven into the cultural fabric of the Carolinas after nearly 30 years of history. They will likely remain iconic representations of Panthers football for decades to come.

Use of Panthers Colors by Other Carolina Sports Teams

The popularity of the Panthers’ team colors has extended beyond just Panthers fans. Several other professional and college sports teams in the Carolinas have adopted black, blue and silver into their own color schemes as well:

Team League Use of Panthers Colors
Charlotte Hornets NBA Alternate teal uniforms with silver accents
Carolina Hurricanes NHL Alternate black third jerseys; warning flag with black/silver diagonal
Charlotte Knights Minor League Baseball Alternate black jerseys with blue pinstripes
East Carolina University NCAA Alternate black football helmets

The shared use of the Panthers’ colors demonstrates how they have become ingrained in North and South Carolina sports culture. The scheme transcends a single team and now represents regional pride across multiple leagues and levels of athletics.


Since their establishment in the mid-1990s, the Carolina Panthers have featured team colors of black, blue and silver. This color scheme was carefully selected to create a modern, sleek identity for the NFL’s expansion franchise. The predominantly black uniforms and logos project strength and aggression, while blue and silver accents tie back to the panther name.

The Panthers’ colors are deeply popular among fans, inspiring strong team pride and identity throughout the Carolinas. They also have been adopted by several other regional professional and college teams. After nearly 30 years, it’s clear that black, blue and silver have become iconic representatives of Panthers football and established the team’s unique place within the NFL and the Carolinas sports landscape.