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What is the blue and black dot on Find My iPhone?

The blue and black dot on Find My iPhone indicates your current location on the map. When you open the Find My iPhone app, it will show a map with a blue dot for your current location. If your device has been offline for a while, the dot may turn black to indicate that the location is not live but rather the last known location before the device went offline.

What does the blue dot on Find My iPhone mean?

The blue dot on Find My iPhone shows your current, real-time location as long as the device has an internet connection. Your iPhone shares its location with Apple’s servers whenever it has WiFi or cellular data access, allowing the Find My iPhone app to display that location on a map.

So in summary, a blue dot means your iPhone is online and actively updating its location. The blue dot will follow you around on the Find My map in real-time as long as the device remains connected to the internet.

What does a black dot mean on Find My iPhone?

A black dot on Find My iPhone indicates the last known location of your device before it went offline. If your iPhone loses its internet connection because it’s powered off, in airplane mode, or out of service range, the Find My app will continue displaying its last reported location on the map but switch to a black dot.

This black dot tells you where your device last had connectivity before going dark. It does not update in real-time but provides a starting point to help you locate your offline iPhone.

In summary, a black dot represents your iPhone’s last known location before disconnecting from the internet and no longer actively sending its live coordinates to Apple’s servers.

When does the dot turn black on Find My iPhone?

There are a few scenarios that will cause the blue dot on Find My iPhone to turn black:

  • Your iPhone dies or is manually turned off – Without battery power or being intentionally powered down, your iPhone cannot update its location.
  • Airplane mode is activated – Airplane mode disconnects from all networks, preventing location updates.
  • Your iPhone lacks internet connectivity – If you’re in a poor service area and your device loses WiFi and cellular connections, it cannot update its location.
  • Location services are disabled – If you turn off location access in your device settings, Find My won’t have live location data.

As soon as your iPhone comes back online and reconnects to the internet, the black dot should switch back to blue and start tracking your current location again in real-time.

How accurate is the black dot location?

The accuracy of the black dot’s last known location depends on several factors:

  • When your iPhone was last online – The more recently it was connected, the more accurate the location.
  • The location technologies in use – GPS provides the highest accuracy while cell tower triangulation is less precise.
  • Environmental conditions – Buildings, trees, weather, and geography can all impact location accuracy.
  • WiFi networks connected – Being connected to known WiFi networks helps improve accuracy.

Under good conditions with a recent location update, the black dot can pinpoint your iPhone’s location within a few feet. But if your device has been offline for a while or in poor GPS conditions, the accuracy may degrade to a few city blocks.

What happens if your iPhone is offline for a long time?

If your iPhone stays offline for an extended period of time, the black dot will remain in place but its accuracy as your last known location will steadily degrade. After 24 hours offline, the Find My app will stop displaying a black dot entirely.

At that point, there will be no indicator for your iPhone’s location on the map unless you put it back online. This is to prevent false indications of location after extended offline periods where the last location is likely very inaccurate.

So if your device has been offline for over a day, you will need to get it back on the internet to resume tracking its location. The Find My app will then get a fresh live update and switch to showing a blue dot again.

Will Find My iPhone work if your phone is turned off?

Unfortunately Find My iPhone does not work if your device is completely turned off and powered down. In order for the app to track and display your phone’s location, the device needs to be turned on and connected to the internet.

As soon as you power your iPhone back on, it should automatically check back in with Apple’s servers and update your location, changing the dot back to blue. But when turned completely off, Find My cannot actively track or locate your device.

Can you locate your iPhone if it doesn’t have internet?

Without an internet connection, Find My iPhone cannot display your device’s live, updating location. However, it will continue to show the last known location as a black dot on the map.

So while you won’t have access to real-time tracking and location updates without internet, the Find My app can still provide help locating your offline iPhone using its last cached location data.

What happens if you delete the Find My iPhone app?

Deleting the Find My iPhone app from your device will prevent you from manually viewing its location, but it will not disable Apple’s Find My network tracking.

Even without the app installed, iOS will continue silently sending your device’s location data back to Apple periodically whenever internet connectivity is available. So your iPhone can still be tracked and located remotely by logging into from any browser.

Reinstalling the Find My iPhone app will then once again give you access to view those location updates directly on your device itself.

Can Find My iPhone be wrong about your location?

Find My iPhone gets your device’s location data directly from internal iOS services, so it’s rare for it to be wrong about your current location. However, there are a few circumstances that can lead to incorrect location data:

  • Outdated cached location – If you’ve been offline for a while, your last location may be outdated.
  • Inaccurate GPS readings – Bad weather or environmental conditions can degrade accuracy.
  • Spoofed location data – Some apps/services intentionally spoof inaccurate locations.
  • WiFi network mapping issues – IPv6 addressing can cause incorrect WiFi-based positions.

So while Find My is generally very accurate, it’s not immune to providing incorrect location data occasionally. If you believe the location shown is wrong, try forcing your iPhone to grab a fresh GPS/WiFi reading by rebooting it or reloading the Find My app.

Is Find My iPhone location data secure?

Yes, the location data transmitted by your device to Apple’s Find My network is very secure. Here are some of the protections in place:

  • End-to-end encryption – Location data is encrypted on your device and decrypted only on Apple servers.
  • Anonymous relaying – Location pings are anonymized and relayed through intermediary servers.
  • Selective sharing – Location is only shared with your devices logged into the same Apple ID.
  • Limited data shared – Only approximate latitude/longitude is shared, not detailed GPS data.

Apple has invested significant resources into making sure Find My location services are private and secure. No unauthorized party can intercept or access your location data as it’s synced across Apple’s servers and devices.

Can you track a stolen iPhone that’s turned off?

Unfortunately Find My iPhone cannot actively track the location of a stolen iPhone if it’s powered off or disconnected from the internet. However, there are a couple options to help locate it:

  • Lost Mode – This locks the iPhone and tracks its location as soon as it comes back online.
  • Last Known Location – The black dot indicates the device’s last known position before going offline.

While not perfect, enabling Lost Mode and monitoring the last known location are your best bets for recovering a stolen iPhone in the event it’s powered down when taken.


The blue and black dots on the Find My iPhone map provide important information about your device’s current and last known locations. A blue dot means your iPhone is online and actively tracking in real-time. A black dot indicates where your device was when it last had internet connectivity before going offline. Both can help you keep track of your Apple devices and locate them if they ever become lost or stolen.

Understanding what the colored dots mean, when they change, and how locations are tracked even without the app installed empowers you to get the most out of Apple’s Find My network. With Find My iPhone enabled, you can rest assured knowing your device’s location is secure and can be monitored from anywhere when needed.