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What is the best teal color for Benjamin Moore?

What is the best teal color for Benjamin Moore?

Teal is a beautiful color that can really enhance a room’s decor. When it comes to teal paint colors, Benjamin Moore offers some great options to consider. Choosing the right teal comes down to the specific shade and undertones you want to achieve. Here’s an overview of the best Benjamin Moore teal paint colors to help you select the perfect hue.

Benjamin Moore Swept Away 1564

One of the most popular teal colors from Benjamin Moore is Swept Away 1564. This shade has a grayish-green tone that creates a soothing, relaxing vibe. Swept Away leans more towards a blue-green teal versus a true green teal. It’s a muted tone that isn’t too bright, making it versatile for all different decor styles.

Swept Away works well in any room of the house. It can create a cozy retreat in a bedroom or bathroom. For more social spaces like living rooms, its soft green-blue color is calm without being too dark or dreary. Swept Away teal also looks great in kitchens, adding a pop of color without overwhelming the space.

Benjamin Moore describes this teal as a grayed jade. It straddles the line between green and blue perfectly. While cool-toned, it has enough green in it to avoid looking icy. The LRV (light reflectance value) is 48, so it’s right in the middle for light and dark shades.

Overall, Swept Away offers a flexible, easy-to-coordinate teal that fits with both warm and cool color schemes. It’s one of the best teal wall colors from Benjamin Moore.

Benjamin Moore Raindance 1566

Another favorite teal from Benjamin Moore is Raindance 1566. As you may guess from the name, this color was inspired by summer rainstorms and envisions the serene sense they evoke. It’s a gray-green teal with relaxed blue undertones.

Raindance is a couple shades darker and more saturated than Swept Away. It packs more of a decorative punch while still keeping an airy, tranquil vibe. This teal works well when you want a bolder aqua statement without going too overpowering.

Use Raindance in accents like shelving, cabinets, or as an accent wall. Its graceful green-blue tone feels both timeless and fresh. Raindance is versatile enough for modern and traditional design motifs. It can even skew beachy if paired with the right decor.

The LRV for Raindance is 42, putting it in the mid-range for lightness. It’s not too dark but has enough depth to create an impact. This makes it work for any room where you want a mood-boosting dose of color.

Try Raindance teal in a bedroom, living area, or kitchen backsplash. It’s an uplifting shade that creates a sense of tranquility with its soft blue-green vibe.

Benjamin Moore Lynmouth Mint 1567

For a teal with more green than blue, check out Lynmouth Mint 1567 by Benjamin Moore. This verdant teal has yellow undertones that give it a brighter, bolder look. The minty color is reminiscent of ice crystals and mossy greens found in nature.

Lynmouth Mint packs visual interest while keeping a refreshing vibe. It’s a great choice if you want a teal with real color impact. Use it alone or pair it with other shades like warm taupes, rich blues, and violet hues.

Work this emerald Benjamin Moore teal into your home as an accent wall, front door color, or pops on cabinets and architectural details. Lynmouth Mint also looks stunning as part of an eclectic gallery wall that mixes art, mirrors, photography and decorative objects.

With an LRV of 41, this teal has decent lightness while still being bold enough for a statement. It’s bright without feeling neon or tropical. The greenness gives it an earthy spin.

Overall, Lynmouth Mint offers a vibrant teal that feels uplifting and invigorating. It’s a great choice for adding an energizing splash of color.

Benjamin Moore Neptune Green 1563

For a darker, moodier teal shade, try Neptune Green 1563 by Benjamin Moore. This color has a richer, more saturated look than the previous teals. It leans more towards a true green versus a blue-green.

Neptune Green evokes a sense of the deep, elegant mystique of the ocean. It’s a great color if you want drama and sophistication. Use it anywhere you want an elegant dose of color that isn’t overpowering.

This deep green teal works nicely in accent walls, dining rooms, bedrooms, and studies. It can provide contrast to lighter woods and neutrals without competing. Neptune Green also makes a statement on front doors, shutters, and outdoor furniture.

With an LRV of 18, Neptune Green sits at the darker end of the spectrum. This makes it ideal for creating ambiance and intrigue. A little goes a long way with this bold, moody hue.

Overall, Neptune Green offers a rich teal that feels enveloping and upscale. It provides a sophistication that livelier teals don’t have.

Benjamin Moore Teal Onyx 2138-30

If you like darker teal colors, also consider Benjamin Moore Teal Onyx 2138-30. This shade sits right next to black with its deep, dramatic personality. It has flecks of bright teal blended into an onyx black base.

Teal Onyx packs a bold, striking look while keeping an aura of refinement. The pops of bright teal add dimension and prevent it from feeling flat and lifeless. This teal black makes a gorgeous accent in modern, glam, or traditional rooms.

Use Teal Onyx in any space where you want an exotic, mysterious vibe. Feature it on accent walls, doors, architectural details, and furniture. Pair it with metallic accents and warmer neutrals to keep the room balanced.

With an LRV of 7, Teal Onyx is quite dark and absorbs a lot of light. Use it sparingly to avoid making rooms feel dreary and closed in. A little of this glamorous blackened teal goes a long way.

Overall, Teal Onyx provides a rich, decadent take on teal. It brings drama and sophistication wherever it goes.

Benjamin Moore Catalina Blue 817

Leaning more towards blue than green, Benjamin Moore Catalina Blue 817 is a gorgeous traditional teal. This color was inspired by the sea and sky hues found on the California coastline.

Catalina Blue is a softened, grayed teal with relaxing qualities. Despite its cool undertone, it has a comforting vibe that works well in bedrooms and living spaces. Use this teal blue as an accent in cottage, farmhouse, or beach-inspired rooms.

Play up the coastal influence of Catalina Blue by pairing it with warm neutrals, white trim, and natural textures. This provides nice contrast to the teal’s grayish-blue tone. Or let the teal shine by matching it with other quiet blues and greens.

The LRV for Catalina Blue is 49, putting it in the middle brightness range. This allows it to be versatile enough for both lighter and darker rooms. A little goes a long way with this calming teal blue.

Overall, Catalina Blue is a great traditional teal with a timeless personality. It appeals to lovers of muted blue-greens.

Benjamin Moore Mystic Lake 1568

Mystic Lake 1568 from Benjamin Moore is a light, airy teal with a relaxed vibe. It’s a soft gray-green that feels both soothing and refreshing. True to its name, this teal conjures images of cool, misty waters.

Use Mystic Lake when you want a lighter, more subtle teal accent. Its muted quality provides an elegant splash of color without overpowering a room. Mystic Lake works nicely in bedrooms, baths, and studies that need a peaceful ambiance.

Play up the tranquility of this teal by pairing it with serene colors like grays, blues, and violet hues. Warm metallics and wood tones also complement Mystic Lake’s cool, calming personality.

With an LRV of 60, Mystic Lake reflects a decent amount of light. This makes it suitable for darker rooms needing a lift. While not the brightest teal, it does read as light due to its softness.

Overall, Mystic Lake is one of the top pale teal colors from Benjamin Moore. Its versatility and relaxing vibe make it a great accent hue.

How to Choose the Best Benjamin Moore Teal

When deciding on the best Benjamin Moore teal paint for your needs, here are some tips to consider:

  • Decide if you want a green or blue teal – Green teals have more yellow undertones while blue teals skew towards gray.
  • Pick a light, medium or dark shade – Teal’s mood shifts dramatically between lighter and darker tones.
  • Sample paint chips in the space – Viewing teal colors in the room’s lighting is key.
  • Coordinate with other colors – Mix teal with warm neutrals, contrasting hues, or analogous shades.
  • Consider the room function – Bold teals for social spaces, softer teals for retreats.
  • View large paint swatches – Get a sense of how impactful the teal will look on walls.
  • Look at decor pairings – Ensure art, furniture, etc. jive with the teal’s undertones.

With so many great teals to pick from Benjamin Moore, you’re sure to find the right hue for your space. Have fun with this vibrant, on-trend color!

Teal Color Pairings

One tip for choosing the best Benjamin Moore teal is looking at how it pairs with other colors. Here are some popular color schemes that complement teal hues beautifully:

Teal and Orange

The striking combo of teal and orange offers high contrast. It’s vibrant and energizing. The warmth of orange enlivens cool teals. Use burnt orange, terra cotta, peach or salmon.

Teal and Navy

Deep navy blue is a classic complement to teal. Together these cool tones create a relaxing ombre look. Navy also makes teal pop. Use a dark navy for contrast.

Teal and Taupe

Earthy taupe grounds bright teal in a subtle, soothing way. It allows teal to stand out while providing warmth. Pair teal with beiges, creams, greiges and warm grays.

Teal and Violet

Light violet hues blend beautifully with teal for a soft, ethereal look. Lavender, lilac and mauve provide enough contrast without clashing.

Teal and Yellow

For pops of contrast, sunny yellow complements richer teals nicely. Mustard, lemon and gold create vibrancy against teal’s coolness.

Teal and Green

Mixing shades of teal and green creates a sophisticated, nature-inspired palette. Teal also stands out against natural sage, olive and mint greens.

Teal Room Ideas

Here are some inspiring ways to use Benjamin Moore teal paint colors around your home:

Room Teal Paint Idea
Living room Feature wall in teal with white trim
Dining room Deep teal on ceiling and one accent wall
Kitchen Teal on lower cabinets with wood uppers
Bedroom Light teal and white chevron patterned headboard
Bathroom Teal vanity or bold teal floor tiles
Hallway Glossy teal front door for curb appeal
Office Desk or shelving unit painted in rich teal
Kid’s room One teal accent wall with wall decals

Have fun exploring the many possibilities of teal throughout your home’s rooms. It’s a color that can truly enhance any space with its vibrancy!


Teal is a trendy, versatile color that brings a bold pop of style to any room. With so many great teals to choose from, Benjamin Moore offers options for every decor and taste. Classic teals like Swept Away and Raindance offer flexible shades that work with both warm and cool palettes. Bolder choices like Lynmouth Mint and Neptune Green provide brighter, dramatic accents. For a contemporary edge, blackened teals like Teal Onyx give a fashion-forward look.

When deciding the best Benjamin Moore teal paint for your space, consider the mood you want and how much contrast you desire. Teal can range from mellow to striking depending on the particular shade. Sample paint chips in your room before deciding so you can see how the undertones come across. Whether you go for a muted blue-green or vivid emerald tone, Benjamin Moore teals are sure to add a stunning splash of color and style.