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What is the best size Whopper Plopper for bass?

Bass fishing with topwater lures like the Whopper Plopper is an exciting way to catch big bass. The walking action and splash of these lures can trigger explosive strikes. But choosing the right size Whopper Plopper for the conditions can make all the difference in your success. This comprehensive guide will examine the best Whopper Plopper sizes for bass based on a range of factors.

The Whopper Plopper has been one of the most effective topwater bass lures since it was introduced by River2Sea in 2016. The tapered design, with a wide body and narrow tail, creates an enticing “plopping” action and vibration on the water’s surface. This prompts reaction strikes from bass lying in wait below.

Whopper Ploppers come in a range of sizes from 60mm to 190mm in length. Each size has its strengths depending on the time of year, water temperature, fishing pressure, bass size, and other variables. Matching the conditions to the ideal Whopper Plopper size will improve your catch rates.

Bass Metabolism and Lure Size

Water temperature plays a major role in determining the best Whopper Plopper size for bass. As cold-blooded creatures, bass metabolism is closely tied to water temp. Their appetite and interest in pursuing bait increases as waters warm up. The chart below outlines general Whopper Plopper size recommendations based on water temperature.

Water Temp (°F) Whopper Plopper Size
55 and below 75mm, 90mm
56-65 90mm, 110mm
66-75 110mm, 130mm
76 and above 130mm, 190mm

As you can see, smaller Whopper Ploppers are best during colder months when bass are less active. The compact profile is easier for lethargic bass to attack. As water temperatures climb into the 60s, 70s, and higher, you can get away with larger, more imposing Whopper Plopper sizes.

Bass Fishing Pressure

Another factor to consider when selecting your Whopper Plopper is fishing pressure. Heavily pressured bass become wary of certain lures and presentations. Downsizing your Whopper Plopper can help entice finicky bass in crowded lakes and rivers.

Here are Whopper Plopper recommendations based on bass fishing pressure:

Fishing Pressure Whopper Plopper Size
Low 110mm, 130mm, 190mm
Moderate 90mm, 110mm, 130mm
High 75mm, 90mm

On lightly fished waters, those big 190mm Magnums will draw explosive strikes. But on heavily fished lakes, dropping down to a 75mm or 90mm Whopper Plopper may be your best bet for finicky bass.

Bass Size

Matching the Whopper Plopper size to the size of the bass species and class in your fishery is also important. Large Whopper Ploppers will get ignored by small bass unable to fit them in their mouth. And small Whopper Ploppers often won’t have the bulk to interest trophy bass.

Bass Species and Size Whopper Plopper Size
Smallmouth bass (under 12″) 75mm, 90mm
Largemouth bass (12″-15″) 90mm, 110mm
Largemouth bass (16″+) 130mm, 190mm
Trophy bass (20lb+ potential) 190mm Magnum

For smallmouth and average sized largemouth, scales down your Whopper Plopper size. But when targeting true trophy fish with big appetites, that huge 190mm Magnum is hard to beat.

Line Size

Your fishing line is another factor in selecting the ideal Whopper Plopper size. Lighter line makes it difficult to cast and work larger Whopper Ploppers effectively. Here are the recommended line strengths for each Whopper Plopper size:

Whopper Plopper Size Line Recommendation
75mm 10-20lb braid or fluoro
90mm 15-30lb braid or fluoro
110mm 20-40lb braid or fluoro
130mm 30-65lb braid or fluoro
190mm Magnum 50-80lb braid or fluoro

Using line weights too light for the lure size will inhibit the Whopper Plopper’s action. Scale down the lure size if you need to use lighter line.

Rod Power

The power and length of your rod is also tied closely to Whopper Plopper size. Light rods won’t have enough backbone to handle the resistance of larger topwaters. And longer rods improve casting distance and control with big lures. Here are Whopper Plopper recommendations based on rod power:

Rod Power Recommended Whopper Plopper Size
Ultra light and light power 75mm
Medium power 75mm, 90mm
Medium-heavy power 90mm, 110mm
Heavy power 110mm, 130mm
Extra-heavy power 130mm, 190mm

Pairing your rod power to the Whopper Plopper size will improve casting accuracy and ensure solid hooksets.


Selecting the right Whopper Plopper size is key to matching the conditions and maximizing your catches. While large Whopper Ploppers can attract trophy bass, scaling down to smaller sizes is often needed to entice neutral and pressured fish. Consider the water temperature, fishing pressure, bass size, line weight, and rod power when selecting your Whopper Plopper. Matching the size to these factors will lead more bass in the boat!