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What is the best shade of purple for bedroom?

What is the best shade of purple for bedroom?

Choosing the right shade of purple for your bedroom can be tricky. With so many shades to choose from, how do you know which hue will work best? The shade you select can impact the overall vibe and feel of the room. In this article, we’ll explore different purple shades and factors to consider when choosing a purple paint color for your bedroom. We’ll also provide some specific purple recommendations to help you select the perfect soothing, stylish and cozy bedroom shade.

Types of Purple

Purple is a secondary color made by mixing red and blue. Within the purple family, there are a wide range of shades from pale lavender to deep eggplant. Here are some of the most common types of purple:

– Lavender – A pale, soft purple with a pinkish undertone. Lavender is a light, airy shade.

– Lilac – Similar to lavender but with more pink/blue undertones. Lilac is a pale purple with a slightly bolder look than lavender.

– Wisteria – A medium, cool purple with blue undertones. Wisteria is a vibrant springtime shade.

– Violet – A rich, deep purple that sometimes appears more blue. Violet is associated with royalty.

– Plum – A reddish-purple shade that is more muted than violet. Plum creates a cozy, elegant look.

– Eggplant – A deep purple with red undertones, lighter than purple. Eggplant has a sophisticated look.

– Mauve – A soft purple with gray undertones. Mauve is more subtle alternative to pink.

– Mulberry – A reddish-purple, similar to plum but slightly redder. Mulberry looks luxurious.

– Thistle – A light purple-gray shade with subtle blue undertones. Thistle has an understated look.

Purple Bedroom Color Meanings

In color psychology, different shades of purple can evoke different moods in a room. Consider the vibe you want your bedroom to have when selecting a purple paint color.

– Light purples like lavender and lilac represent spring and femininity. They create a soft, peaceful ambiance.

– Medium purples like wisteria and mulberry feel romantic, sophisticated and magical.

– Darker eggplant and plum purples are more luxurious and opulent. They make a bold statement.

– Cool-toned purples with blue undertones are more calming and peaceful.

– Warm, reddish purples are cozier and encourage socialization.

So think about the emotions and atmosphere you want your purple bedroom to elicit. This can help narrow down the exact shade of purple that’s right for you.

Factors for Choosing a Purple Bedroom Color

Here are some key considerations when selecting the best purple paint color for your sleeping space:

Personal Preference
First, think about the shade of purple you are naturally drawn to. Consider the purples and lavenders you love to wear or already use elsewhere in your home decor. Finding a purple hue that you genuinely like is key.

Amount of Natural Light
The amount of sunlight your bedroom gets can impact which purple looks best. Darker shades like eggplant may feel too overpowering in a room with abundant light. Pale purples can get washed out in low light. Select a purple adapted to your room’s lighting.

Size of Room
Deep or bright purples can feel overwhelming in a small space. Opt for softer lavender or lilac if your bedroom is on the petite side. Save bolder purples for spacious rooms.

Adjacent Colors
The colors that will go alongside the purple walls play a role too. Look for an adjacent color that enhances rather than competes with the purple. Cool blue-toned purples pair nicely with grays or greens. Warm purples complement peach, yellow or terracotta.

Furniture and Decor
Make sure your purple choice complements your existing furniture finishes and decor selections. You want the purple to tie your bedroom elements together, not clash with them.

By considering these factors, you can select a purple shade that fits both your space and preferences.

Best Purple Paint Colors for Bedrooms

Here are 10 great purple paint color ideas for bedrooms:

Pale Purples:

– Behr Lilac Fields – A very soft, airy lilac shade.

– Benjamin Moore Lavender Wisp – A barely-there pale lavender.

– Sherwin-Williams Sea Salt – A gorgeous blend of gray, purple and blue green for a beachy feel.

Medium Purples:

– Behr Ripe Plum – A perfect muted, grayish purple.

– Benjamin Moore Wisteria – A lively, bright medium purple with blue undertones.

– Sherwin-Williams Passionate Plum – A romantic, vivid purple with red undertones.

Deep Purples:

– Behr Spiced Plum – A rich, darker purple with red undertones.

– Benjamin Moore Blackberry – An elegant deep purple, nearing an eggplant shade.

– Sherwin-Williams Reflective – A bright violet that adds drama to a bedroom.

Any of these hues are excellent purple choices for modern, elegant bedroom retreats. Visit your local paint store to see swatches.

Complementary Colors for Purple Bedrooms

Certain colors pair especially beautifully with different shades of purple on walls. Complementary colors lend themselves well to accent pieces, bedding, furnishings and decor.

– Pale purples like lilac and lavender look stunning with peach, yellow, sage green and light blues.

– Medium purples complement robin’s egg blue, teal, chartreuse and mint green.

– Deep purple shades are enhanced by pairings like bronze, gold, magenta and pink.

Here are examples of excellent color schemes for purple bedrooms:

– Lilac walls with peach bedding and rattan furniture

– Wisteria purple with teal and yellow pillows and lamps

– Eggplant walls with metallic gold nightstands and pink fur throw

Mix and match complementary hues to find a palette you love around your choice of purple paint.

Purple Bedroom Decor Ideas

Incorporate purple into a bedroom through more than just painted walls. Try complementing your purple walls with:

– A plush purple area rug in a floor shade like gray or tan

– Purple patterned window treatments like roman shades or curtains

– Vibrant purple accent pillows, throws and blankets on the bed

– Fresh purple flowers like lilacs, orchids or hydrangeas

– Purple candles that fill the room with calming aromas

– Abstract purple wall art, prints and photography

– Metallic purple lamps, vases, frames and table decor

– A purple upholstered headboard, bench or chair

Mix different purple hues and textures for a layered look. Add pops of purple throughout for a cohesive theme.


The perfect purple shade for a bedroom creates an environment that is stylish yet soothing. Light purples like lilac work beautifully in small, bright rooms. Vivid medium purples like wisteria or mulberry make a vibrant splash in larger spaces. Deep purples like eggplant can feel indulgent and elegant. Consider the mood you want as well as factors like room size, lighting and furnishings when selecting a purple paint color. Complement it with decor in hues like peach, teal, chartreuse or gold. With so many stunning shades to choose from, there is a beautiful purple paint color perfect for any bedroom retreat.