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What is the best shade of blue for braces?

Having braces can be an exciting yet nerve-wracking experience. With so many decisions to make, from choosing the orthodontist to picking the ideal wire colors, it’s normal to feel a bit overwhelmed. One of the most fun parts of getting braces is selecting the color of the elastic bands that hold the wires in place. But with so many shades of blue to choose from, how do you pick the perfect hue?

Factors to Consider When Choosing Braces Colors

When deciding on brace colors, there are a few key factors to keep in mind:

  • Your personality and style
  • The occasion or season
  • How long you want the color to last
  • If you want the braces to stand out or blend in

Your orthodontist will likely have a wide selection of colors to choose from. The most popular shades tend to be bright, bold hues that make a statement. But subtler tones can also look great with braces. Think about what look you’re going for, and choose brace colors that reflect your personal taste.

Popular Shades of Blue for Braces

Blue is one of the most common and versatile brace colors. Here are some of the top shades of blue for braces:

  • Navy blue – A classic, deep blue that complements most skin tones.
  • Royal blue – A bright, eye-catching shade of blue.
  • Electric blue – A bold, neon blue that makes braces pop.
  • Baby blue – A light, pale blue with a soft, subtle look.
  • Aqua – A mix of blue and green for a cool, refreshing vibe.
  • Teal – A bluish-green shade that’s great for summer.

Best Blue Shades for Specific Situations

Certain blue hues may work better for specific situations. Here are some of the best blue shades to consider:

  • For school – Navy, royal, or baby blue
  • For sports – Electric or aqua blue
  • For summer – Aqua, teal, or baby blue
  • For photos – Royal or navy blue
  • For a subtle look – Baby blue or teal
  • For a bold look – Electric or royal blue

Darker blues like navy tend to be more subtle and versatile for school and photos. Vibrant shades make braces stand out, which can be great for sports. Light blues complement summer outfits. Consider when you’ll be most photographed to help guide your choice.

How Long Different Blue Shades Last

Some braces colors fade faster than others. Darker shades like navy and royal blue tend to last the longest. Light blues and neons fade more quickly. Here’s an overview of how long different blue shades typically last:

Blue Shade Lasts
Navy blue 4-8 weeks
Royal blue 3-6 weeks
Electric blue 2-4 weeks
Baby blue 2-4 weeks
Aqua 3-5 weeks
Teal 3-6 weeks

Keep this longevity in mind when selecting a hue. Bolder colors may need to be changed more frequently.

Choosing Blue for Your Skin Tone

Your skin tone can impact which shades of blue look best. Here are some recommendations for different complexions:

  • Fair skin – Baby blue, navy, aqua
  • Medium skin – Royal blue, teal, aqua
  • Olive skin – Navy, teal, electric blue
  • Dark skin – Royal blue, aqua, teal

Lighter blues tend to suit fair skin best. Medium to dark skin looks great with bolder royal blue and jewel tones like teal or electric blue. Aqua is a universal shade that complements most skin tones.

Best Blue Shades for Your Eye Color

You can also select brace colors to complement your eye color:

  • Blue eyes – Baby blue, navy, aqua
  • Green eyes – Teal, electric blue, aqua
  • Brown eyes – Royal blue, navy, teal
  • Hazel eyes – Electric blue, teal, navy

Matching cool blue tones like baby blue to blue eyes makes them pop. Warm blues like electric or teal intensify green eyes. For brown or hazel eyes, rich shades like royal blue and navy are most complementary.

Choosing a Blue Shade for Your Braces

When selecting that perfect blue for your braces, consider:

  • Your personality and the look you want
  • When you’ll be photographed most
  • How often you want to change the color
  • What blue shade flatters your complexion
  • A color that complements your eye color

While trends come and go, you can’t go wrong with versatile classics like navy blue or aqua. Have fun with bolder blues if you want your braces to make a statement. Mix and match different shades for a colorful smile.

At the end of the day, choose what makes you feel confident and happy. Braces can boost your confidence and mood when you customize them with hues you love. The right blue shade will have you smiling wider before you know it.


With so many shades of blue to pick from, it can be tricky choosing the ideal brace color. But considering factors like your style, skin tone, timing, and desired look can help narrow it down. Vibrant royal blue makes braces pop, while subtler navy blue offers a classic look. Aqua works for most complexions. Go with lighter blues for fair skin, and bolder jewels tones for darker skin. Ultimately choose what reflects your personality and gives you that bright, brace-faced grin.