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What is the best red dye in FFXIV?

What is the best red dye in FFXIV?

As an FFXIV player looking to customize your character’s appearance, choosing the right red dye can be an important decision. With multiple red dye options available, it’s worth comparing factors like color intensity, rarity, and cost to find the best choice for your needs. In this article, we’ll break down the top red dyes in FFXIV to help you pick the perfect one.

Comparing Main Red Dye Options

There are three main red dye options that stand out in FFXIV:

Dye Source Rarity Intensity Cost
Rolanberry Red Dye Crafted Common Medium Cheap
Coral Pink Dye Crafted Uncommon Light Moderate
Rose Pink Dye Quest reward Rare Vibrant Expensive

Rolanberry Red Dye is a common crafted dye with a medium red tone. It’s inexpensive and easy to obtain. The red is rich but can look slightly muted on some gear.

Coral Pink Dye is an uncommon crafted dye with a light pinkish tone. It’s a moderate investment for the dye materials. The red leans towards pink rather than a bold red.

Rose Pink Dye is a rare dye obtained through a high level quest reward. It produces a vivid, striking red with a strong pink undertone. The dye is very expensive due to its rarity.

So if you want a cost-effective yet still rich red, Rolanberry Red is a solid choice. For a subtler pink-red tone, opt for Coral Pink. And for a eye-catching deep pinkish red despite the high cost, go with Rose Pink.

Comparing Alternate Red Dye Options

Beyond the main three red dyes, there are some other alternates to consider:

Dye Source Rarity Intensity Cost
Wine Red Dye Crafted Common Dark Cheap
Rhotano Blue Dye Crafted Common Deep Cheap
Dark Red Dye Vendor Uncommon Rich Moderate

Wine Red Dye is a common crafted dye with a very deep, dark red tone. It can look almost black on some gear. It’s inexpensive like Rolanberry Red.

Rhotano Blue Dye is another common crafted dye producing a deep bluish red tone. It’s also cheap but the color may not be pure enough red for some.

Dark Red Dye is an uncommon vendor purchased dye with a nicely saturated red color. It costs more than the common dyes but is still reasonably priced.

The darkness of Wine Red limits its versatility for red elements you want to stand out. Rhotano Blue’s red-blue tone also makes it more niche. Dark Red is a good option if you want something between Rolanberry Red and Rose Pink.

Special Source Red Dyes

A couple other red dyes have unique sources separate from crafting, vendors, and quests:

Dye Source Rarity Intensity
Apple Green Dye Achievement reward Uncommon Vibrant
Metallic Red Dye Cash shop Rare Deep

Apple Green Dye comes from a fun achievement for sampling apple juices. Like Rose Pink, it produces a vivid, strong shade of red.

Metallic Red Dye is purchased through the FFXIV cash shop. It results in a beautifully deep red color with a metallic sheen.

For achievement hunters or those wanting a pure red without farming rare dyes, Apple Green is a great pick. Metallic Red produces a stunning red for those willing to pay real money for premium dyes.

Most Vibrant Red Dye

When focusing solely on depth and vibrancy of red, two dyes stand out as the most intense:

Rose Pink Dye – This rare quest reward dye produces a beautiful pink-hued red that really pops on gear. It’s expensive but worth it for the striking color.

Metallic Red Dye – For the boldest, deepest pure red, the cash shop Metallic Red Dye is hard to beat. The color is rich and the metallic effect makes it extra eye-catching.

So for maximum red impact on your character gear, Rose Pink and Metallic Red are your top options based on accessibility vs cash shop purchase. Apple Green is also vibrant but leans slightly more towards pink tones.

Most Cost Effective Red Dye

When prioritizing bargain red dyes, three stand out as delivering solid red tones on a budget:

Rolanberry Red Dye – As a common crafted dye, it’s easy to find and inexpensive but still provides a nice red color.

Wine Red Dye – With a deep, darker red tone, this cheap crafted dye works well if you want a bold red.

Rhotano Blue Dye – Though technically a red-blue dye, it can pass for red at a low cost.

These three dyes can save you gil while still giving you red color options for your gear sets. Rolanberry Red offers the easiest to acquire balanced red.

Rarest Red Dye

Two red dyes stand out as the rarest and most exclusive to obtain:

Rose Pink Dye – Coming from a high level quest reward, Rose Pink is very rare compared to crafted dyes.

Metallic Red Dye – Since it’s only available via the cash shop and not obtainable in-game, Metallic Red is quite exclusive.

These dyes have prestige attached to them from their difficult acquisition methods. They also produce lovely vibrant reds, making them valuable both status-wise and color-wise.

Easiest Red Dye to Craft

Looking at effort required, the easiest red dye to craft is:

Rolanberry Red Dye – It only requires 1 Rolanberry, available from botanists, and 1 Clear Water, purchasable from vendors.

– Compared to other crafted red dyes, these materials are cheap and don’t require farming rare resources.

– The recipe can be obtained easily since it’s a level 15 weaver recipe.

– You can even ask a friend to craft it for you if your crafters aren’t leveled.

Rolanberry Red is hands-down the most beginner friendly red dye to craft in FFXIV. It takes little time, money, or effort to make yourself.

Easiest Red Dye to Obtain

Factoring in all acquisition methods, the easiest red dye to obtain overall is:

Rolanberry Red Dye – As covered already, it’s simple to craft yourself or buy from the market board because supply is plentiful.

Dark Red Dye can also be easy since it’s sold by dye vendors in major cities, removing crafting or farming.

Wine Red Dye is another contender, being cheaply crafted though darker red than Rolanberry.

Making Rolanberry Red yourself or buying it requires little effort. Dark Red and Wine Red are close runner-ups based on vendor availability or cheap crafting.

Best Red Dye for Dragoon Gear

Evaluating red dyes specifically for use on Dragoon gear:

Rose Pink Dye – The vivid pink-hued red pops beautifully on Dragoon armor and weapons.

Metallic Red Dye – The bold and deep metallic red complements a Dragoon’s dignified appearance.

Rolanberry Red Dye – A rich balanced red that aligns well with the Dragoon’s passion. Cheaper than the alternatives.

Dark Red Dye – Slightly muted red works for a more mature Dragoon look. Reasonably priced.

Rose Pink and Metallic Red make the biggest impact if you don’t mind the difficulty and cost. Rolanberry Red and Dark Red offer cheaper alternatives that still dye Dragoon gear nicely.

Best Red Dye for Casting Gear

For casters like Red Mage and Summoner, recommended red dyes include:

Apple Green Dye – The vibrant, striking red complements the flashiness of caster jobs.

Rolanberry Red Dye – A balanced, rich red mimics the potency of spells casters wield.

Coral Pink Dye – The pinkish red softens the look of cloth caster armor in an appealing way.

Wine Red Dye – The deep color gives a sense of mystery and power to a caster’s attire.

Apple Green’s vivid hue and Rolanberry Red’s general fitness for any gear make them great choices. Coral Pink and Wine Red provide appealing alternatives depending on if you want a softer or darker red magical look.

Best Dye for Red Mage Gear

Specifically for Red Mages, top red dye options include:

Rose Pink Dye – Matches the pink and red tones in the Red Mage job gear for a seamless and stylish look.

Apple Green Dye – Vibrant red with a hint of pink perfectly complements the mix of white and black on Red Mage armor.

Rolanberry Red Dye – An easy to acquire richer red if you don’t have access to the rarer dye options.

Rhotano Blue Dye – The red-blue tone found in Rhotano Blue aligns with the Red Mage aesthetic.

Rose Pink and Apple Green are ideal matches for Red Mage gear due to their pink-hued reds. Rolanberry Red works well as an accessible alternative. Rhotano Blue’s red and blue mix also fits the job.


The best red dye depends on your priorities, whether that’s rarity, cost, vibrancy, or ease of access. Top options include:

– Rose Pink and Metallic Red for most vibrant and rare red dyes.

– Rolanberry Red, Wine Red, and Dark Red for cost effective red dye choices.

– Apple Green for a vibrant red from achievement reward dyeing.

– Rolanberry Red for how easy it is to craft and acquire.

Compare the various red dyes to what matters most to you. Keep job specificity in mind too, like Red Mage synergy with certain pinkish red tones. This provides a great starting point to choose the ideal red dye for your FFXIV character.