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What is the best combination with turquoise?

What is the best combination with turquoise?

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Turquoise is a gorgeous blue-green colored gemstone that has been prized for millennia. With its striking color ranging from sky blue to a greenish robin’s egg blue, turquoise has a unique look that stands out in jewelry. But what colors pair best with this brilliant blue-green gem? There are many options that make beautiful combinations with turquoise to create stunning pieces. Keep reading to learn the top color pairings for turquoise jewelry.


One of the most classic pairings with turquoise is sterling silver. The cool tone of silver perfectly complements the blue-green turquoise, allowing the gemstone’s unique coloring to really pop. Silver also has a vintage, Southwestern look that brings to mind turquoise jewelry of the Native American style. Turquoise and silver pairings became popular when Native Americans began using the striking blue stones and crafting them into adornments. This Southwest style remains in vogue today.

Some options for gorgeous turquoise and silver combinations include:

  • Turquoise cocktail rings with intricate silverwork
  • Chunky turquoise statement necklaces layered with silver chains
  • Stacking turquoise and silver bangle bracelets
  • Turquoise stud earrings surrounded by silver beading or filigree

The look has an earthy yet elegant style perfect for everyday wear. While the turquoise gives the popping color, the sheen of the silver complements it beautifully.

Rose Gold

For a more feminine and romantic take on turquoise jewelry, pair the charming blue-green stones with the warm glow of rose gold. The pretty pink undertones in rose gold add a softness that contrasts nicely with the cool turquoise. And since rose gold is on trend, this combo creates a stylish look.

Some gorgeous ways to wear turquoise with rose gold include:

  • Delicate turquoise pendants on rose gold chains
  • Stacking rose gold and turquoise bead bracelets
  • Rose gold rings with oval or marquise cut turquoise center stones
  • Turquoise drop earrings surrounded by rose gold

This pairing has a glamorous yet boho vibe perfect for date nights or special occasions. The lush pinks of the rose gold bring out the hints of blue in the turquoise for a unique color combination.

Yellow Gold

For traditional pairing with a classic elegance, yellow gold is a timeless match for vibrant turquoise. The warm, rich tone of yellow gold accentuates the blue tones in turquoise, creating a striking combo. And since yellow gold has an inherent radiance, it makes the turquoise pop even more.

Stylish ways to wear turquoise with yellow gold include:

Jewelry Type Examples
Rings Cocktail rings, midi rings, statement rings with large turquoise cabochons
Earrings Chandelier earrings, hoops with turquoise accents, studs
Bracelets Tennis bracelets with turquoise stones, cuffs
Necklaces Beaded turquoise bib necklaces, long pendants on gold chains

This classic pairing is perfect for daytime business wear but still has an elegance for evenings out. The look is traditional and sophisticated.

White Gold

For a more modern and sleek look, white gold paired with turquoise is striking. The bright whiteness of white gold really makes the turquoise stand out. White gold has a crisp, contemporary feel that pairs nicely with the earthy turquoise tones.

Great ways to wear turquoise and white gold combinations include:

  • Turquoise cocktail rings with white gold band
  • Turquoise pendant surrounded by white gold beads
  • White gold infinity bracelets with turquoise accents
  • Turquoise teardrop earrings in white gold settings

This crisp pairing is perfect for everyday pieces that pop with style. The vibrant turquoise against the white gold creates impact.


For dramatic contrast, pairing turquoise with black creates an intense color combo. Whether worn as black clothing, leather or onyx stones, the deep black makes the blue-green turquoise glow even more. This high-impact pairing is bold and edgy.

Stylish turquoise and black combinations include:

  • Turquoise cocktail rings against a black dress
  • Chunky turquoise necklaces layered over black tops
  • Black leather bracelets with turquoise stone accents
  • Dramatic turquoise drop earrings with black onyx borders

With its show-stopping contrast, this look packs a punch. The turquoise dazzles against the jet black backdrop.


For a pairing that enhancing the blue tones, coral is a perfect match with turquoise. The vibrant orangey pink of coral complements the green-blue shades of turquoise beautifully. And since turquoise and coral are both watery gemstones, they work synergistically together.

Pretty ways to wear turquoise and coral together include:

  • Alternating turquoise and coral bead bracelets
  • Layered turquoise and coral statement necklaces
  • Cocktail rings with both turquoise and coral stones
  • Dangle earrings with turquoise and coral drops

The lively combo brings to mind the colors of the ocean with the coral reefs and turquoise waters. Upbeat and fun, this pairing is ideal for summer.


For an elegant and refined look, pairing creamy pearls with turquoise is a sophisticated combo. The luminescent sheen of pearls plays beautifully against the opaque turquoise. And since pearls have an inherent vintage vibe, they complement turquoise’s history beautifully.

Some gorgeous ways to wear turquoise with pearls include:

  • Pearl necklaces with a turquoise pendant
  • Pearl stud earrings with small turquoise stones at the center
  • Delicate pearl and turquoise bracelets
  • Pearl cocktail rings with turquoise accents

This refined pairing has a nod to old Hollywood glamour, perfect for special occasions. The pearls lend an elegance that enhances the turquoise’s striking color.

Lapis Lazuli

For an intriguing color combination, turquoise paired with lapis lazuli is a winning combo. Since lapis is also a blue stone, it harmonizes beautifully with turquoise. But since lapis has notes of deep blue with golden flecks, it creates lovely contrast with turquoise’s blue-green tones.

Stylish ways to wear turquoise and lapis lazuli together include:

  • Stacking bracelets of turquoise and lapis beads
  • Pendants with lapis and turquoise stones entwined
  • Cocktail rings combining lapis and turquoise
  • Mismatched lapis and turquoise earrings

The blend of similar cool tones is eye-catching and pretty. Lapis and turquoise complement each other for a stylish contrast.


Turquoise is a timeless and versatile gemstone that pairs beautifully with many colors. Whether you prefer the vintage look of turquoise with silver or gold, the feminine aesthetic of rose gold and turquoise, or the dramatic contrast of turquoise with black, there are endless possibilities. Complementary colors like coral and lapis lazuli also create gorgeous combinations to make the turquoise stand out. With its striking blue-green tones, turquoise jazzes up any outfit.