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What is the best Colour to wear with teal?

What is the best Colour to wear with teal?

Teal is a gorgeous shade that can be paired with a variety of colors for a stylish look. When choosing colors to wear with teal, it helps to understand the undertones and characteristics of the shade. Here are some tips on picking the best colors to complement teal clothing or accessories.

What is Teal?

Teal is a medium blue-green color that takes its name from the common teal bird. It sits between blue and green on the color wheel and has both cool blue undertones as well as earthy green tones. This makes it a highly versatile color that allows for many different color pairings.

True teal has a hexadecimal code of #008080. However, many variations of teal exist, from brighter aqua shades to darker teal hues. The main characteristic is its blend of blue and green into a cool, calming color.

Cool Undertones

When pairing colors with teal, it’s important to consider its cooler blue undertones. This makes teal work best with other cool-toned colors across the color spectrum.

Some examples of cool shade pairings include:

  • Light blues
  • Purples
  • Emerald greens
  • Cool pinks
  • Silver
  • Gray

These cooler shades complement the blue undertones of teal, creating a cohesive and soothing look. Adding teal with other cool colors like these is an easy way to pull an outfit together.

Warm Accents

While teal looks best with other cool colors, adding in warm accents can give outfits a nice contrast. When done right, this color combination is very eye-catching.

Some warm shades that pair well with teal include:

  • Coral
  • Peach
  • Mustard
  • Terracotta
  • Gold
  • Cream

Pairing teal with warm neutrals like cream, gold, or terracotta can create a soothing, earthy look. Combining it with bold oranges, corals or pinks provides higher contrast for a vibrant, tropical vibe. Use these colors sparingly to make teal pop.

Avoid Brown and Olive Green

Although teal has some green tones, avoid pairing it with brown or olive green. These earth tones have a lot of yellow undertones that can clash with teal’s cool blue tones.

If you want to add an earthy element, go for an emerald or sage green instead. These cooler greens will complement teal beautifully.

Metallic Shades

Metallic shoes, jewelry and bags can allow you to add some shine and interest to a teal outfit. Good metallics to pair with teal include:

  • Silver
  • Steel gray
  • Mercury
  • Pewter

These cool-toned metallics work nicely with teal’s undertones. Avoid warm gold jewelry and stick to silver and gray metallics for a more cohesive look.

Teal Color Combinations

Here are some recommended color combinations that look great with teal:

Color Palette Pairings
Teal and Light Blue Baby blue, sky blue, icy blue
Teal and Purple Lavender, lilac, orchid, eggplant
Teal and Pink Blush pink, mauve, rose pink
Teal and Gray Charcoal gray, silver gray, slate gray
Teal and Cream Off-white, ivory, cream, ecru
Teal and Coral Salmon, peach, orange-red

Tips for Wearing Teal

Here are some top tips for wearing teal effortlessly:

  • Use teal as a statement color on one key item, like a top, dress or handbag
  • Pair teal bottoms with neutral tops to let the color pop
  • Add teal shoes or jewelry to pull a neutral outfit together
  • Mix multiple shades of teal together for extra interest
  • Add warmth with coral or peach; add coolness with light purple or blue
  • Stick to silver or pewter metallics rather than gold

Teal Clothing Ideas

Here are some chic ways to incorporate teal into your outfits:

  • A teal pencil skirt with a white blouse and nude heels
  • A sleeveless teal shift dress worn with silver sandals
  • Teal skinny jeans paired with a gray sweater and booties
  • A teal coat over a black dress and tights
  • An emerald green dress with teal heels and clutch

Teal can be dressed up or down easily. Use it to add a touch of color to casual looks or make it the focal point with formal dresses and evening wear.

Home Decor With Teal

Incorporating teal into home decor is an easy way to add a burst of color. Here are some ideas:

  • Paint an accent wall in a teal hue
  • Choose teal and cream bedding for a soothing bedroom
  • Use teal vases and candles as statement pieces
  • Add teal throw pillows to a neutral couch
  • Display teal glassware and dishes in the kitchen

Since it is relaxing color, teal works nicely in bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms. Accent with cool purples, grays and metallics for a coordinated look.


Teal is a versatile shade that pairs beautifully with many colors. Stick with cool-toned colors like light blues, purples, pinks, grays, and silver to complement teal’s blue undertones. Adding in warm shades like peach, coral and cream creates attractive contrast. Avoid brown and olive green, which can clash. With so many flattering options, you can easily build stylish teal outfits and decor.