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What is the best color code in gorilla tag?

Gorilla Tag has quickly become one of the most popular VR games. In Gorilla Tag, players take on the role of a gorilla and compete in fast-paced games of tag. One of the most customizable parts of the game is the variety of color codes players can use to customize their gorilla’s fur. But with so many color options available, what is the best gorilla color code in Gorilla Tag?

An Overview of Gorilla Tag

For those unfamiliar, Gorilla Tag is a virtual reality game developed by Another Axiom and released on Steam in 2021. Players wear a VR headset and control their gorilla using the motion controllers. The goal is to chase down other players and tag them while avoiding being tagged yourself.

The game takes place in a whimsical forest environment with platforms, trees, and rocks to navigate. Players can jump, climb, swing, and sprint through this interactive world. Part of the challenge is learning to maneuver your gorilla body using the VR motion controls.

Customizing your gorilla is one of the fun parts of the game. Players can select different fur colors, costumes like top hats and sunglasses, and name tags. The color codes allow you to make your fur any color you like. But with so many options, how do you choose the best one?

Factors for Choosing a Gorilla Color

Here are some of the main factors to consider when selecting a gorilla color code in the game:

  • Visibility – You want a color that will make you easy to see.
  • Personal preference – Pick a color you simply think looks cool.
  • Coordinating with friends – Choose matching or complementary colors.
  • Standing out – Make yourself more visible with a unique color.
  • Camouflage – Blend into the forest environment more with earthy greens.

Ultimately there is no single “best” gorilla color code for everyone. The right color depends on your personal taste and gameplay style. Next, let’s look at some of the most popular color options.

Most Visible Gorilla Color Codes

When considering visibility, these tend to be some of the best gorilla color codes in the game:

Bright Pink

Color Code: 255, 20, 147

Nothing makes you stand out like a bright pink fur coat. This hot pink shade is extremely easy to spot at a distance. Just beware it might make you a target.

Neon Green

Color Code: 57, 255, 20

The neon green is another highly visible shade. The vibrant green will make you recognizable and easy to keep track of during hectic matches.

Sunshine Yellow

Color Code: 255, 242, 0

A bright sunshine yellow is easy to see and has a playful look. This golden shade stands out well against the forest colors.

Azure Blue

Color Code: 3, 155, 229

For a cooler tone, try azure blue. This brilliant blue will make you pop. It’s a unique color that pairs well with the green forest.

Coolest Looking Gorilla Color Codes

If just looking cool is your priority, some of the best color options include:

Purple Rain

Color Code: 125, 60, 153

A deep purple with blue undertones looks awesome on a gorilla. The regal color has a nice contrast with the green wilderness map.

Forest Camo

Color Code: 120, 190, 50

What’s better camouflage for a gorilla than forest camo? The earthy tones blend into the woods for a more stealthy look.

Orange Tiger

Color Code: 255, 155, 10

Channel your inner animal with an orange tiger print pattern. The bright orange and black colors have a cool jungle vibe.


Color Code: 190, 190, 190

Pay homage to the mighty silverback gorilla with this bold grey fur. The unique color will make you look imposing.

Most Popular Gorilla Color Codes

Based on what you see most often in the game, the most popular gorilla color codes appear to be:

  • Pink (255, 192, 203) – A soft pink that’s highly visible and charming.
  • Red (255, 0 ,0) – A bright cherry red that really stands out.
  • Blue (0, 0, 255) – Can’t go wrong with basic blue as a crowd favorite.
  • Green (0, 128, 0) – A pleasant green that matches the forest.
  • Orange (255, 165, 0) – A tropical orange that energizes any game.
  • White (255, 255, 255) – Crisp and clean white to really shine.

You’re most likely to encounter gorillas wearing these popular shades when playing public matches. They manage to be easy to see while still looking cool.

Camouflage Color Codes

On the opposite end of the visibility spectrum, these colors can help you blend into the surroundings:

Mossy Green

Color Code: 140, 190, 100

Disappear into the lush forest background with a mossy green fur. Makes you harder to tag.

Birch Tree

Color Code: 229, 217, 196

Hide in plain sight mimicking a birch tree with this beige brown and white color scheme.


Color Code: 150, 150, 150

Use a dark grey to become a stealthy shadow in the wilderness. You’ll be harder to spot at night.

Coordinating Gorilla Colors

Matching your gorilla color with friends or choosing complementary colors can look really cool. Here are some of the best coordinating color combinations:

Purple and Orange

Colors: Orange (255, 165, 0) + Purple (138, 43, 226)

This is a vibrant combo where the warm orange pops against the cool purple. You’ll stand out while matching.

Red and Green

Colors: Red (255, 0, 0) + Green (50, 205, 50)

Nothing represents the holidays more than pairing bold red with forest green. A colorful duo.

Blue and Yellow

Colors: Blue (65, 105, 225) + Yellow (255, 255, 0)

This is a sunny pairing of primary colors that provides high visibility. The blue and yellow complement each other perfectly.

How to Enter Color Codes

So you’ve picked the perfect gorilla color, but how do you actually use the color codes in the game?

Entering custom color codes is easy. Simply:

  1. Open up the gorilla customization menu.
  2. Select the fur color option.
  3. Choose the custom color section.
  4. Input your 3 number RGB color code.
  5. The fur will update instantly to preview your color.
  6. Confirm to apply the new color code.

And that’s it! You’ll now have a uniquely colored and styled gorilla to take into your next games of tag.

Best Overall Gorilla Color

So what’s the verdict for the single best gorilla color code in Gorilla Tag?

Based on a combination of visibility, style, and popularity – the best overall color is:

Hot Pink

Color Code: 255, 105, 180

This particular shade of vibrant pink stands out extremely well against the green forest background. It’s light and easy to track in motion. The bright pink also has a fun, playful style. And it’s a fairly common color choice among experienced players. For combination visibility, personality, and crowd appeal, hot pink comes out on top.

Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Different players will argue passionately for why their personal favorite shade is the “best” color. It often just comes down to individual taste and gameplay style.

The most important thing is choosing a color code you personally love and think looks awesome on your gorilla. One of the best parts of Gorilla Tag is expressing your creativity through fur colors and costumes. Don’t be afraid to experiment with wild styles during your climbing, chasing, and banana collecting adventures.


Customizing your color code is one of the most fun ways to personalize your experience in the hit VR game Gorilla Tag. While there is no objectively “best” color, options like hot pink, neon green, and bright red tend to be popular choices for visibility and style. But ultimately you should choose colors that fit your own preferences and gameplay needs. Coordinating with friends can produce cool complementary combos. Just be sure to select shades that are easy for others to see in motion. With so many color possibilities, there’s plenty of room for creativity and self-expression as you swing your way through the forest world of Gorilla Tag.