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What is the Behr equivalent to sea salt?

What is the Behr equivalent to sea salt?

Sea salt is a popular paint color that pairs well with coastal decors. If you’re looking for the Behr equivalent to sea salt, there are a few similar shades to consider. Behr is one of the most popular paint brands and offers a wide range of colors to choose from. Finding the right match can take some research and testing of swatches. Here are some tips for discovering the closest Behr colors to sea salt.

Characteristics of Sea Salt Paint

Before finding a match, it helps to understand the unique qualities of sea salt paint:

– It’s a pale gray-green hue that resembles the color of the ocean. Some describe it as a muted teal.

– The gray undertones give it a cooler, relaxed vibe compared to brighter greens.

– It’s slightly dusty looking but still reads as a cool, tranquil greenish-blue.

– Works well with white trim and pairs nicely with navy blue accents.

– Has enough gray in it to provide a cozy, coastal feel.

So when trying to match sea salt, look for Behr shades that have similar gray-green traits. The undertone should read as cool rather than warm. You want a soft, muted look rather than anything too jewel-toned.

Behr Equivalents in the Marquee Paint Line

Behr’s premium Marquee line offers some excellent sea salt lookalikes:

Behr Marquee Color Code
Silver Drop MQ3-31
Cove Blue MQ3-15
Rainwashed MQ3-36
Harbor Fog MQ3-13

Let’s look at how these colors compare to sea salt:

Silver Drop – A pale greenish-gray that is the closest direct match in the Marquee line. It has subtle hints of sage and celadon green mixed with light pewter gray. Of the options, this has the most similar green-gray balance as real sea salt. The MQ3-31 code comes in different finishes like matte, satin, and semi-gloss.

Cove Blue – Has a serene, tranquil look with a touch more green than Silver Drop. The blue cast is more evident. Some might find it has bolder ocean vibes than sea salt, so sample it first. But it could work nicely in a beach house if you want more green than gray in the palette.

Rainwashed – A relaxed bluish-gray sage that reads as slightly greener and brighter than sea salt. It has more prominent green notes so if you prefer a cooler, grayer look it may be too lively. But it has the dusty, hazy qualities of coastal colors.

Harbor Fog – The grayest of the options which helps give it a true seaside feel. However, it lacks the subtle green notes you see in sea salt. If you want more gray than green, it’s an excellent match. But the green cast in real sea salt sets it apart.

Overall, Silver Drop appears to be the spot-on Marquee equivalent, with Cove Blue as the next closest match if you prefer a touch more green. Be sure to order color swatches to test these paints in person before deciding.

Behr Equivalents in Premium Plus Ultra Paint

The Behr Premium Plus Ultra line also contains suitable sea salt matches to consider:

Behr Premium Plus Ultra Code
Gray Clouds PPU5-14
Silverstrand PPU3-14
Seagrass PPU8-12
Spa PPU2-12

Here’s an overview:

Gray Clouds – A light pewter gray with subtle sage undertones. It’s lighter than Silver Drop but has similar vibes. Could read as slightly more gray than green.

Silverstrand – Sits between gray and green with a bright, airy look. It may be lighter and brighter than the typical sea salt color. Sample to ensure the tone isn’t too bold.

Seagrass – Has a pronounced gray-green color comparable to sea salt. It’s duller and dustier than Silverstrand. Probably the closest sea salt match within this Behr premium line.

Spa – A pale grayish-aqua that is more blue than Sea Salt. However, the soft dusty color could mimic a weathered sea salt finish in the right lighting. Worth sampling to see if the undertone works.

The Premium Plus Ultra contender that appears most aligned with sea salt is Seagrass. The PPU8-12 code comes in all sheens from flat to semi-gloss.

Behr Equivalents in Select Paint Line

For a more budget-friendly option, Behr’s Select line also provides some decent sea salt doppelgangers:

Behr Select Paint Code
Celadon Glow N460-2
Spa Day S-G-050
Beachcomber S-G-070

Let’s analyze these Select shades:

Celadon Glow – A soothing, pale sage with barely noticeable gray tones. It’s lighter and more green than typical sea salt. Only choose this if you want a dominant green color rather than a blue-green.

Spa Day – A light bluish-gray with subtle green undertones. It’s fairly close to sea salt but may read as slightly more blue-based gray than green-gray. Still worth sampling.

Beachcomber – A weathered aqua-gray with a greenish cast. It’s dull and hazy like sea salt but could appear more blue than green. Could work well in coastal spaces if the undertone matches.

None of the Behr Select options are perfect matches, but Spa Day comes the closest to imitating the real sea salt color. Consider ordering samples to see if the tone works for your space.

Achieving the Sea Salt Look with Behr Paint

If no single Behr color is exactly like sea salt, you can still achieve a similar look by:

– Mixing Colors – Blend a gray like Silver Bullet with a subtle green like Seagrass to custom match the sea salt tone. Adjust ratios as needed.

– Layering Paints – Use a gray base coat then layer over it with a green glaze to produce a multi-dimensional sea salt finish.

– Distressing – After painting in a sea salt-like color, add white dry brush marks for a weathered, coastal look.

– Matching Accessories – Use sea salt colors on walls, then bring in home accents like pillows, rugs, and decor in analogous ocean tones.

With some custom mixing and creative layering, you can certainly develop a unique Behr color palette to mimic the essence of sea salt paint. Don’t be afraid to get inventive with samples and combinations until you discover something you love for your space.


When searching for the ideal Behr equivalent to sea salt paint, the foremost options are Silver Drop, Seagrass, and combinations of analogous cool grays and soft green-blues. Sample these colors in person and play with custom mixing to achieve the perfect sophisticated, coastal look and feel. With the right tools, techniques, and a little trial and error, you can recreate a beautiful sea salt design scheme with Behr’s extensive selection of paint colors.