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What is the app that invites people to parties?

Parties and social gatherings are an important part of life for many people. In today’s busy world, it can be challenging to organize and coordinate everything needed to host a successful party or event. Thankfully, there are now various apps and online platforms that can help with sending invitations, planning details, and bringing people together for memorable occasions.

Party Planning Apps

Party planning apps provide features that make arranging a party or event much easier. Here are some of the key things these apps can do:

  • Create and send digital invitations via email, text or social media
  • Allow guests to RSVP and view event details
  • Share party information like location, dates, times
  • Manage guest lists and track RSVPs
  • Coordinate potlucks or shared items like drinks and decor
  • Create polls or surveys to decide on a theme, menu, activities, etc.
  • Provide templates and ideas for invitations, decorations, menus, etc.
  • Allow collaborative planning for co-hosts or planners
  • Offer budgeting tools to track party costs and expenses

By centralizing these tasks in one place, party planning apps make coordinating any type of event or celebration much less stressful. Friends can easily collaborate and finalize details using their smartphones or computers.

Popular Party Planning Apps

If you’re looking to plan an upcoming special event, birthday, reunion or any type of gathering, here are some of the most popular party planning apps to consider:

App Name Key Features
Evite Free online invitations with RSVP tracking, polls, and guest management. Add-on features for premium templates, rewards, and email reminders.
Punchbowl Digital invitations with online RSVP and gift registries. Also offers stationery, ideas, and planning tools.
Social Tables Specializes in event management for meetings, conferences, weddings, and large-scale parties. Offers collaborative tools for planners.
Zola In addition to free wedding websites and registry, Zola offers guest list management, RSVPs, seating charts, and planning tools for all kinds of events.

Key Benefits of Party Planning Apps

Using a party planning app offers many advantages over traditional paper invitations and manual guest tracking. Here are some of the key benefits these apps provide:

  • Convenience – Easy to create and send invitations from anywhere, 24/7. Guests can RSVP on their own time.
  • Organization – All details, schedules, expenses, and guest info in one place. Easy to track and update everything.
  • Communication – Real-time coordination between co-hosts. Guests get updates and reminders.
  • Flexibility – Ability to update plans, menus, or other details even after sending invitations.
  • Cost Savings – No need for paper invites, postage, phone calls. Most apps offer free or affordable options.
  • Environmentally Friendly – No paper waste compared to mailed invites and printed RSVP cards.
  • Engagement – Polls, surveys, and comment features keep guests involved in planning.
  • Simplicity – Easy to reuse designs, templates, and features for future events.

In summary, online party planning apps allow hosts to create events that guests will look forward to. With everything in one place, it’s simpler for everyone involved and less stressful than doing everything manually.

Choosing the Best Party Planning App

With so many options for party planning apps now available, it can be tricky to determine which one will work best for your specific needs.

Here are some tips for evaluating party planning apps and choosing the right one:

  • Consider what features are most important – guest management, budgets, collaboration tools, etc.
  • Compare which apps your friends or family already use and like.
  • Look for apps that integrate with your mobile OS or existing social platforms.
  • Evaluate cost if considering paid or premium app versions.
  • Read reviews from real users about ease of use.
  • Test creating a sample invitation and managing guest list.
  • Make sure the app has sufficient templates and design options.
  • Consider if you’ll need capabilities for large events or co-planning access.
  • Think about other events you may want to use the app for in the future.

Taking the time to evaluate your specific hosting needs and compare app options will ensure you select the very best platform for seamlessly planning and coordinating any upcoming parties or events.

Top Party Planning Apps

Based on popularity, reviews and functionality, here is a comparison of 5 top apps for party planning and invitations:

App Price Key Features Ideal For
Evite Free – $22.99/year premium Customizable online invitations, RSVP tracking, reminder emails, photo galleries, guest management. Casual parties, showers, birthdays, reunions.
Punchbowl Free – $9.99/month premium Digital invitations and postcards, event planning tools, custom designs, RSVP tracking, email reminders. Weddings, sophisticated events, adult parties.
Social Tables Free – Custom quotes Space management, guest management, interactive seating charts, collaboration tools, reporting. Corporate events, fundraising galas, conferences, weddings.
Zola Free Guest list management, RSVPs, wedding websites, seating charts, vendor messaging, gift registry. Weddings, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, engagement parties.
Paperless Post Free – $7.99/month premium Online cards for all occasions, custom designs, animations, tracking, reminders, guest messaging. Birthdays, holidays, baby showers, graduation parties.

This comparison shows the range of features and pricing models of top apps. Consider event type, number of guests, budget, and required tools to select the best option.

How Party Planning Apps Benefit Hosts

Party planning apps provide many helpful features and benefits for anyone hosting a party or event. Here are some of the key advantages hosts can gain by using these apps:

  • Streamlined guest communication – Send invites, updates, reminders, and messages all in one place.
  • Organized planning – Keep track of RSVPs, food/drinks, activities, and other details.
  • Reduced workload – Apps automate time-consuming tasks like addressing envelopes.
  • Budget oversight – Manage party-related costs and balance expenses.
  • Hands-free RSVPs – Guests can submit responses 24/7 without phone calls.
  • Delegated tasks – Allow co-hosts to help with specific jobs.
  • Fun themes/designs – Choose from tons of stylish invitation templates and themes.
  • Purchase coordination – Share party supply lists and needs.
  • Future event reuse – Store all details to easily plan recurring events.
  • Post-party memories – Look back on photos, comments, and fun details.

With these advantages, party planning apps allow hosts to throw memorable and enjoyable events while feeling organized, reduced stress, and more time for guests.

Key Party Planning App Features

The most useful party planning apps include a wide variety of features that streamline the process of creating great events. Here are some of the most important features and tools the best apps offer:

  • Customizable invitations with RSVP collection
  • Easy guest management with contact importing
  • Tools for creating and sharing menus, supply lists, schedules, etc.
  • Guest messaging and comment capabilities
  • Photo galleries, music playlists, and other interactive options
  • Templates and designs for all occasion invitations
  • Budget trackers to manage party-related costs
  • Seating charts, vendors lists, and decor planners
  • Email, text and app notification reminders
  • Integration with social media platforms and contacts
  • Ability to collaborate with co-hosts
  • Detailed reporting on responses, expenses, tasks

The more robust the features, the easier it becomes to arrange foolproof parties from start to finish. Advanced tools like integrated payment processing, custom registration forms, and vendor contracts enable planning for more complex large-scale events as well.

How Party Apps Benefit Guests

While party planning apps offer many advantages for hosts, they also provide a number of benefits for party guests. Here are some of the key ways these apps can improve the party experience for invitees:

  • Receive invites instantly via their preferred medium
  • RSVP and view details in just a few clicks
  • Get updates, reminders, and messages about the event
  • Preview invite designs before responding
  • View directions, parking details, and location info
  • See guest list and who else is attending
  • Purchase suggested gifts right through the app
  • Collaborate on group gifts or potluck offerings
  • Learn about dress code, themes, and activities
  • Connect with hosts, co-hosts, and other attendees

Together these features keep guests informed, involved and excited about upcoming events. Party planning apps give them deeper insight and constant connection to all the fun details.


Party planning apps provide digital solutions that simplify coordinating all types of events for hosts and guests alike. Key benefits include streamlined communication, easy organization, creative designs, and helpful planning tools that reduce workload. Top apps like Evite, Punchbowl, Zola and Social Tables offer a range of features and pricing options to fit different party needs. Evaluating your specific event requirements makes it easy to select the perfect platform for hassle-free party planning from start to finish.