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What is the 3 digit hex code for yellow?

What is the 3 digit hex code for yellow?

Yellow is a bright, cheerful color that evokes warmth, happiness, and sunshine. In web design, print, and digital applications, specific color codes are used to represent different shades of yellow. Hex codes are one way to specify colors, using a 6-digit code combining numbers 0-9 and letters A-F. So what is the 3-digit hex code specifically for the color yellow?

Understanding Hex Color Codes

Hex color codes are made up of 6 hexadecimal digits, divided into 3 pairs of 2 digits each. The first pair defines the amount of red, the second pair green, and the third pair blue. Each pair ranges from 00 (none of that color) to FF (full amount of that color).

By mixing different amounts of red, green, and blue, millions of distinct colors can be specified. When 6 digits are used, over 16 million color combinations are possible. The hex digits 0-9 and A-F correspond to the decimal values 0-255 for each color channel.

Shortened 3-digit hex codes are also sometimes used, condensing each 2-digit pair down to a single digit. This limits the possible color values to 4096 combinations instead of 16 million. The single digit is duplicated to convert to the full 6-digit form.

Hex Codes for Shades of Yellow

For yellow specifically, the mix of red and green channels produces the desired golden yellow hue. The blue channel is turned off, leaving zeros for the last two digits.

Here are some common hex codes for shades of yellow:

Color 6 Digit Hex 3 Digit Hex
Yellow FFFF00 FF0
Gold FFD700 FF7
Goldenrod DAA520 DA5
Khaki F0E68C F0E

As you can see, all of the 3-digit codes for yellow have 0 as the last digit, representing no blue component. The first two digits adjust the levels of red and green to create lighter or darker yellows.

The hex code FF0, condensed from FFFF00, is considered the default code for pure yellow. The full form FFFF00 sets the red and green components to their maximum values FF, creating an intense yellow color.

Converting Between 3 and 6 Digit Codes

Converting between the 3 and 6 digit formats is straightforward:

To expand a 3-digit code to 6 digits, simply double each digit:

FF0 -> FFF000

DA5 -> DAA500

To condense a 6-digit code to 3 digits, keep the first and third digits, and drop the second and fourth:

FFFF00 -> FF0

DAA520 -> DA5

This duplication or reduction limits the number of distinct colors to 4096 possibilities while keeping the color information intact.

Design programs and web development tools generally work with either format. Hex color pickers and selection menus will often show both variants side-by-side.

Advantages of Hex Codes

There are a few key advantages to using hexadecimal color codes like these:

– Precise control – With hexadecimal, developers can precisely define the shade needed from over 16 million options. Colors can be perfectly matched across platforms and applications.

– Shorthand notation – Hex codes are compact compared to decimal RGB values from 0 to 255. The base-16 number system maps neatly to binary color data.

– Universally recognized – Hex is a standard format across design programs, operating systems, web standards, and coding languages. Hex values work everywhere.

– Easy to modify – To tweak a color, only one or two digits need to be adjusted rather than changing three separate decimal values.

For yellow specifically, the 3-digit FF0 makes it easy to identify the color quickly while also allowing simple variations as needed.

Psychology and Symbolism of Yellow

Why is the specific yellow color so important? Yellow has some meaningful symbolism and psychology:

– Brightness – Yellow captures attention easily and stands out against darker backgrounds. Brands like McDonald’s and Best Buy use yellow in logos to be noticed.

– Warmth – Yellow reminds us of sunshine, flames, and cozy campfires. It provides feelings of warmth and comfort.

– Happiness – Cheerful, joyful energy is associated with yellow. It boosts moods and is playfully optimistic.

– Intellect – In many cultures, yellow represents the intellect. The color inspires original thought and inquisitiveness.

– Caution – Yellow is also connected to caution and warning. Traffic signs, hazards, and police tape use yellow as a signal.

– Cowardice – In some uses, yellow takes on a negative meaning of weakness and cowardice. The phrase “yellow bellied” refers to this.

This rich symbolism makes yellow an important versatile color. The hex code FF0 hits the sweet spot, giving us that bright, pure yellow full of life.


So in summary, the 3-digit hexadecimal code for yellow is FF0. This comes from the 6-digit form FFFF00, with the maximum amounts of red and green creating a vivid yellow when combined.

FF0 is an easily recognizable shorthand for the color yellow in digital applications, denoting a cheerful, warm shade. Hexadecimal codes in general provide many advantages for precise color control and modifications across all platforms and uses.

Understanding the meaning and psychology behind colors like yellow gives extra consideration when selecting a particular shade. The code FF0 gives us that perfect tone to convey the positive qualities associated with the color yellow.