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What is SW color of the year?

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Each year, paint company Sherwin-Williams announces their “Color of the Year” – a shade predicted to be popular for the next 12 months. Their extensive color forecasting team analyzes trends across industries like fashion, design, travel, and more to select a hue that will feel fresh and exciting. The SW color of the year sets the tone for decor, becoming widely incorporated in everything from interior design to product development. Knowing the color of the year can help you make informed decisions about redecorating, renovations, or new launches. Read on as we break down what SW’s color of the year is, how it’s selected, and how it impacts design.

What is the Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year?

For 2023, Sherwin-Williams has announced “Vinedresser” as their Color of the Year. Here are the key details on this rich green shade:

  • Hex code: #3C401C
  • RGB values: R:60 G:64 B:28
  • Description: A warm, earthy green with brown undertones

Vinedresser is a natural, organic color inspired by the beauty of the outdoors. Its rich green hue evokes thoughts of lush forests, rolling vineyards, and the coming of spring. At the same time, brown undertones ground the color and give it a subtle vintage vibe. This versatile shade layers well with other earth tones like tans, browns, and terracotta.

How Sherwin-Williams Selects the Color of the Year

Selecting a color of the year is no small task. It requires extensive research, discussion, and analysis by Sherwin-Williams’ color forecasters. Here is an overview of their selection process:

  1. Monitor color trends across industries – The team tracks emerging color trends in fashion, interior design, product design, graphic design, and more throughout the year. They analyze colors gaining popularity in order to predict future trends.
  2. Compile mood boards and color palettes – Mood boards display images, fabrics, and materials in potential color of the year hues. Color palettes propose coordinated color combinations.
  3. Consider cultural influences – Factors like economic conditions, social movements, travel destinations, and global events impact color preferences. The team studies cultural shifts that may inspire certain hues.
  4. Make final recommendations – Each color forecaster proposes a color of the year recommendation supported by their research. The group discusses the options to decide on a final 2023 shade.

By weighing all these factors, Sherwin-Williams lands on a color that feels fresh yet relatable enough for mass appeal across industries and design styles.

SW Colors of the Year from Previous Years

To understand Vinedresser’s place in the larger context, let’s look back at some recent colors of the year:

Year Color Hex Code
2022 Evergreen Fog #CFDBD6
2021 Urbane Bronze #76514B
2020 Naval #36454F
2019 Cavern Clay #999893

Vinedresser marks a transition from the cooler, grayer tones of recent years to a warmer, nature-inspired green. While Naval and Evergreen Fog reflected desires for sanctuary and tranquility, Vinedresser feels more lively and hopeful. It proves color of the year selections echo larger social sentiments and mindsets.

How the Color of the Year Impacts Design

Being named color of the year sparks massive exposure for a hue. The announcement alone results in press coverage and social media buzz. This influences how the shade gets adopted across industries:

  • Interior design – Expect to see more home furnishings, accessories, textiles, and paint colors in Vinedresser. It will be worked into color schemes for bedrooms, living rooms, home offices, and more.
  • Fashion – Green hues may take prominence on the runway. Apparel and footwear in earthy, natural shades will be on trend.
  • Commercial design – Look for Vinedresser in environments like hotels, restaurants, and retail spaces. It can help create an organic yet modern ambience.
  • Product design – Appliances, electronics, housewares and more may integrate the color through finishes or packaging.

Usage spreads organically beyond these fields too. The color of the year soon pops up in graphics, promotions, events and more. Adopting it becomes an easy way for brands to feel fresh and relevant.

Complementary Colors for Vinedresser

A hallmark of great color selection is understanding how to coordinate shades for maximum impact. Here are some recommendations for pairing with Vinedresser:


Natural green inherently pairs beautifully with neutral tones. Try sand, camel, gray, black or white to let Vinedresser shine.

Other Earth Tones

Browns, tans, taupes, and terracottas complement Vinedresser’s earthiness. Mixing earth tones can create nature-inspired, organic palettes.

Pale Yellow

For an upbeat spring vibe, soft yellow acts as a bright yet soothing partner for the green. Use sunflower, buttercream or daffodil shades.

Deep Blue

Vinedresser’s warmth and vibrance pops against rich, dramatic blues. Navy, denim, or cobalt work well in small doses.

Vivid Red

For high-contrast drama, pair Vinedresser with a bold cherry, fire engine or crimson red. Use this combination sparingly.

Interior Design Inspiration with Vinedresser

Ready to incorporate Vinedresser into your home? Here are some inspiring interior design ideas:


Greet guests with a Vinedresser front door for an inviting first impression. Carry the green onto walls or furniture like benches or console tables.

Home Office

Boost focus and creativity with Vinedresser walls or an accent wall. Coordinate with wood office furniture and neutral rug and decor.


Relax in a spa-like bathroom with Vinedresser green tiles or fixtures. Soothing white architectural elements will provide balance.


Create a restful retreat with Vinedresser headboard or painted accent wall. Layer in fluffy white bedding and natural wood nightstands.

Living Room

Entertain in style with Vinedresser velvet pillows and drapes. Anchor the space with brown leather seating and wood coffee tables.

Incorporating Vinedresser into Your Brand

Are you convinced it’s time to embrace Vinedresser? Here are tips for integrating color of the year into your business:

  • Repaint office interiors like reception areas, meeting rooms and breakrooms
  • Use Vinedresser in logos, graphics, website design and branding
  • Develop marketing materials like business cards, banners, and signage
  • Add the hue to product packaging, displays, and merchandising
  • Host a Vinedresser-themed event for media buzz

You’ll want to find opportunities that feel natural rather than forced. Aim to use Vinedresser in ways that reinforce your brand identity rather than overpower it. Partner with your marketing, communications and design teams to brainstorm possibilities.


There you have a detailed look at SW’s 2023 color of the year, Vinedresser! This rich green hue was strategically selected to reflect emerging preferences for natural, organic design. Expect to see the color make its mark across the spheres of fashion, interiors, commercial spaces and product development in the coming year. Will you incorporate Vinedresser into any renovations, redesigns or launches in 2023? With its versatility and likability, this shade makes it easier than ever to stay relevant. Feel free to get in touch if you need any assistance leveraging color trends in your branding or designs!