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What is stick on eye shadow?

Stick on eye shadow is a type of cosmetic product that allows you to apply eye shadow easily and quickly. It comes in the form of a sticker that contains the eye shadow. You simply peel off the sticker backing and stick it onto your eyelid for an instant pop of color.

How stick on eye shadow works

Stick on eye shadow is very easy to use. The eye shadow comes pre-loaded onto an adhesive sticker. The sticker is usually shaped like an eyelid, though some brands make round or square shaped stickers. The underside of the sticker has an adhesive that allows you to stick it directly onto your eyelid. Once applied, the sticker holds the eye shadow in place so you don’t have to worry about any mess or fallout during wear. The eye shadow on the sticker can include shimmer, matte, or glitter finishes. It allows you to add a pop of color or drama to your eyes in just seconds!

Benefits of using stick on eye shadow

There are many benefits to using stick on eye shadow:

  • It’s incredibly easy and quick to apply – just peel and stick!
  • Mess-free application with no fallout.
  • Great for travel since there are no brushes needed.
  • Allows you to experiment with eye looks and colors easily.
  • Stays put all day without creasing or smudging.
  • Available in a wide range of colors and finishes.
  • Can be worn alone for a quick pop of color or layered with powder shadows.
  • Makes doing a perfect winged liner easy even for makeup beginners.
  • Affordable and often available in sets to try a variety of colors.
  • Works well and holds pigment even on oily eyelids.

How to apply stick on eye shadow

Applying stick on eye shadow is very straightforward:

  1. Make sure your eyelids are clean and dry first. Use an oil-controlling eye primer if needed.
  2. Select the stick on shadow color you want to use. Peel off the backing.
  3. Look down at a mirror and use your fingers to gently smooth the sticker onto your eyelid. Press down on the edges to make sure it adheres properly.
  4. Blink a few times to help set it. Make any adjustments and press down on any lifted edges.
  5. Apply liner and mascara as desired to complete the eye look.
  6. To remove, gently peel off the sticker starting from the outer corner. Use eye makeup remover to take off any residue.

Tips for applying and wearing stick on eye shadow

Here are some top tips for working with stick on shadow:

  • Use eye primer first to maximize wear time.
  • Try applying the stickers before face makeup to avoid smudging.
  • Gently pat down the edges with your finger to get full adhesion.
  • Layer powder shadow on top for a more complex look.
  • Use glitter glue if applying glitter stickers to avoid fallout.
  • Keep stickers away from watery eyes or tears to prevent lifting.
  • Take stickers off gently at the end of the day to avoid pulling on delicate eyelid skin.
  • Consider using lash glue to get stubborn stickers to stay put.

Troubleshooting stick on eye shadow application

Issue Solution
Sticker won’t adhere properly Make sure your eyelid is dry first and press firmly on the edges. If you have oily lids, try an eye primer.
Sticker edges lifting up Use lash glue or eyeliner to seal down the edges.
Eye shadow creasing Use less product, don’t open your eyes until it sets, and avoid oily primers.
glitter fallout under eyes Use glitter glue underneath and apply carefully. Do your face makeup first.
Sticker residue left behind Take off slowly and gently, then use eye makeup remover to clean up.

How to remove stick on eye shadow

Removing stick on eye shadow takes a little care to avoid pulling at the delicate eye area skin:

  1. Gently peel up the outer corner of the sticker first.
  2. Slowly peel inward bit by bit, rather than pulling the sticker straight off.
  3. Hold skin taut while peeling sticker away.
  4. Use eye makeup remover or oil on a cotton pad to remove any leftover shadow or adhesive.
  5. Never pull roughly or rub at eyes to get residual makeup off.
  6. Follow with a gentle facial cleanser to remove all traces.

Pros and cons of stick on eye shadow

Like any makeup product, stick on shadow has both good and bad points:

Pros Cons
Super quick, easy application Can be challenging to get precise shaping
Great way to try new colors Formula can be drying on lids
Stays in place all day Need to remove carefully at end of day
Very affordable Limited color selection from some brands
Minimal fallout Can emphasize lid texture or crepeiness
Easy to layer with other makeup Can irritate sensitive eyes
Great for traveling Not suitable for all eye shapes

How to make stick on eye shadow last

You can extend the wear time of stick on shadow with these tips:

  • Start with a primer designed for oily lids.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes or tugging at the stickers.
  • Set the shadow by pressing loose powder overtop.
  • Spritz makeup setting spray over your eyelids before applying stickers.
  • Use an oil-blotting paper over stickers to absorb excess oils.
  • Keep eyeshadow away from lashes to avoid transferring.
  • Layer a similar eyeshadow on top to reinforce color.
  • Seal edges with thin line of liquid liner if needed.

DIY stick on eye shadow hacks

You can create your own stick on shadows at home too. Try these DIY hacks:

  • Use eyelash glue to adhere loose pigments or glitter onto your lids.
  • Make glitter liners by mixing glitter with clear eyelash adhesive.
  • Cut crepe paper or foil into sticker shapes and adhere with lash glue.
  • Crush up eyeshadows and mix with petroleum jelly to make creamy crayon-like shadows.
  • Mix loose pigments with rubbing alcohol ormixing medium to make custom liquid shadows.
  • Brush liquid lipstick onto sticker vinyl sheets and cut into shapes.
  • Reuse empty makeup palettes and pans to press custom powder shadows.

Stick on eye shadow vs traditional eye shadow

Stick on Shadow Traditional Shadow
Application Peel off sticker and press onto lid Requires brushes, blending, skill
Removal Peel off gently Makeup remover needed
Customization Limited options Endless colors and finishes
Looks Achievable Bold pops of color Any eye look imaginable
Ingredients Often acrylate adhesives Powders, waxes, silicones
Cost Very affordable Varies greatly in price

Types of stick on eye shadows

There are a few main types of stick on shadows:

  • Shimmer/glitter shadows – These add dramatic sparkly pops of color. They often have chunkier glitter particles.
  • Matte shadows – These provide intense matte pigment for solid blocks of color. Good for graphic liner looks.
  • Metallic shadows – These have a reflective, foiled finish. The color payoff is intense and opaque.
  • Duo chrome shadows – These have a two-toned shift, like purple to gold. The effect is mesmerizing.
  • Color shifting shadows – These change color depending on the viewing angle, like green to violet.

The formulas can range from drier, glue-like textures to more creamy and emollient. The wear time ranges from 4-12 hours before starting to peel off or fade.

How to choose the best stick on eye shadow

Keep these tips in mind when selecting stick on shadows:

  • Pay attention to ingredients if you have sensitivities. Many use strong acrylate adhesives.
  • Check reviews to see if the formula is very drying or comfortable on lids.
  • Look at the size, shape and thickness. Half-lash shapes are easiest to apply.
  • Sample sets are great for trying out colors and finishes.
  • Swatch before buying to ensure you like the color payoff.
  • Check wear time – some only last a few hours before needing to be reapplied.
  • Look for brands that offer lots of colors and finishes to choose from.
  • Make sure the adhesive is latex-free if you have allergies.

Are stick on eye shadows safe to use?

Stick on shadows are considered generally safe, but there are a few precautions to keep in mind:

  • Do a patch test first, especially if you have sensitive skin.
  • Avoid getting adhesive in your eyes or tear ducts.
  • Read labels carefully for ingredients you may be allergic to, like latex.
  • Remove properly at the end of the day to avoid pulling on eyelid skin.
  • Discontinue use if you experience any redness, itching, or other reactions.
  • Keep out of reach of children to prevent accidental ingestion.

As with any eye makeup, stick to reputable brands and avoid using expired product. Always remove eye makeup thoroughly before bedtime. If you have any concerns, do a patch test on your arm before applying to eyes.

Who should use stick on eye shadow?

Stick on eye shadows can be great for:

  • Makeup beginners – Easy to just peel, stick and go!
  • People short on time – Speedy makeup application.
  • Contact lens wearers – No powdery fallout to irritate eyes.
  • Beauty lovers – Fun way to experiment with eye looks.
  • Travelers – Convenient for on-the-go touch ups.
  • Party-goers – Quick way to create a dramatic eye.
  • Brides and prom-goers – Easily applies bold pops of color.
  • Performers and costume wearers – Stays put through activities and wear.
  • Athletes – Won’t melt off or run like traditional shadows.
  • Oily eyelids – Stickers won’t budge or crease.

The mess-free application makes stick on shadows ideal for anyone who wants vivid eye looks without the skill required for loose pigments. Just take care when removing them to avoid tugging on delicate eye skin.

Stick on eye shadow styles for different eye shapes

You can flatter your eye shape with stick on shadow styles like:

  • Round eyes – Angled, winged out shapes to elongate round eyes.
  • Almond eyes – Bold blocks of color on the lid.
  • Hooded eyes – Bright shades swept above the crease.
  • Close-set eyes – Stickers applied to outer corners to widen eyes.
  • Wide-set eyes – Inner corner liner to pull eyes inward.
  • Deep-set eyes – Shimmery shades on lid to bring eyes forward.
  • Monolids – Solid glitter or color across lid.

You can also use stick on shadows just below bottom lashes for a fun pop of color.


Stick on eye shadow is an ingenious product that allows anyone to quickly apply beautiful pops of color and shimmer. The mess-free, error-proof application is perfect for makeup minimalists and busy people alike. While not quite as customizable as loose pigments, stick on shadows offer eye-catching effects in seconds. Just take care when removing them to avoid irritating the delicate eye area. Overall, stick on shadows are a fun, affordable way to experiment with makeup and eyelid art!