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What is so special about Unicorn SPiT?

Unicorn SPiT is a unique line of paint products known for their vibrant colors, magical finishes, and versatility. From stains and glazes to chalky finishes and metallic paints, Unicorn SPiT offers a rainbow of possibilities for DIY projects, crafts, and home decor.

Unicorn SPiT was founded in 2002 by artist Amy Anderson, who was inspired to create her own line of paints that went beyond the ordinary. Based in Texas, Unicorn SPiT has grown from humble beginnings in Amy’s garage to a popular brand used by crafters and DIYers across the United States and beyond.

So what exactly makes Unicorn SPiT so special? There are several key factors that set these paint products apart:

Vibrant, Magical Colors

Unicorn SPiT is known for its wide range of vibrant, fanciful colors that add a whimsical, magical touch to any project. With names like Dragon’s Breath, Pixie Powder, and Shooting Star, the paint colors evoke a sense of childlike wonder and imagination.

The colors are highly pigmented, providing intense, saturated coverage. Popular shades include shimmering metallics, iridescent interfernce colors, rich deep hues, neon brights, and “unicorn-approved” pastels. The colorful paints make it easy to create any magical, mythical look you can dream up.

Variety of Unique Finishes

Unicorn SPiT offers much more than standard flat paint. Their products include a wide variety of finishes that add interest, texture, and magical effects:

  • Chalky finishes: Velvety matte chalk paint that adheres to almost any surface without priming. The flat, porous finish easily creates a trendy chalk-painted look.
  • Pearlescent paints: Shimmering translucent paints that give a soft iridescent glow. Flows smoothly to create ethereal effects on furniture, crafts, and home decor.
  • Color-shifting finishes: Specialty finishes like interference, thermochromic, photochromatic, and glow-in-the-dark paint that shift color based on view angle, temperature, UV light, or glow factors. Adds unique dynamism and magic.
  • Crackle medium: Clear topcoat that dries to create an aged, cracked finish. Mimics coveted antique painted patinas.
  • Tinted glazes: Used to alter existing colors or antique furniture with a sheer tint. Build up layers for custom toned and patinated effects.
  • Metallic paints: Highly reflective metallic paints infused with real metal particles. Available in precious metals, sparkling chromes, and more for show-stopping shine.

Versatile for Many Surfaces and Uses

From furniture to canvas art, wood signs, terracotta pots, glassware, and more, Unicorn SPiT can transform almost any surface. Their paints bond to a wide variety of materials including wood, metal, glass, ceramic, canvas, plastic, concrete, wicker, and fabric.

Some key benefits and uses of Unicorn SPiT paints:

  • Adheres to surfaces without priming or sanding for most DIY projects
  • Easy to customize cheap thrift store finds and upcycle furniture
  • Stain and enhance natural materials like wood signs and terra cotta pots
  • Create faux finishes like marble, stone, patina, rust, and more
  • Craft beautiful wall art, decorative boxes, trays, and home decor items
  • Paint kids toys, nurseries, dressers, lamps, and other children’s items
  • Add pops of color to mason jars, vases, candles, and glassware
  • Makeover wicker baskets, buckets, crates, and outdoor pots

Water-Based Formula

Unicorn SPiT paints have a water-based formula that makes them easy to use, clean up, and work with. The water-based acrylic polymer formula means the paints are low odor and quick drying. The paints easily wash up with just soap and water.

Benefits of the water-based formula:

  • Low-odor and fume-free
  • Non-toxic and safe for DIY use
  • Quick cleanup with just soap and water
  • Fast drying times
  • Thins easily with water
  • Mixable to create custom colors
  • Environmentally friendly compared to oil-based paints

High-Quality Ingredients

Unicorn SPiT uses only premium quality pigments and ingredients that provide beautiful, durable results. Some key quality features:

  • Rich, highly pigmented colors
  • Saturated one-coat coverage
  • Fade resistant UV protection
  • Non-yellowing acrylic polymer base
  • Durable finishes resistant to chips and cracks
  • Archival, lightfast pigments that won’t bleed or transfer
  • Premium pearlescent mica pigments for dazzling shimmer
  • Real metal flakes in metallic paints

The professional-grade paints are crafted to provide vivid, lasting results on par with top art brands but at affordable prices for crafters and DIYers.

Creative Inspiration

Unicorn SPiT isn’t just about the products – it’s about cultivating creativity, fun, and a sense of childlike wonder. The brand provides abundant inspiration to spark imaginative projects through:

  • Detailed tutorials and project idea guides
  • Creative workshops and retreats
  • An online art community forum
  • Collaborations with top makers, faux finishers, and craft artists
  • An artful, magical brand aesthetic

Unicorn SPiT’s message is all about embracing your inner artist, unlocking creativity, and never losing your sense of fun and lightheartedness. This inspirational mindset is a core part of their colorful brand.

Popular Unicorn SPiT Products

With so many whimsical paint colors and finishes to choose from, where do you start? Here are some of Unicorn SPiT’s most popular products crafters love:

Product Details
Stain Chalk style stain in 50 colors to transform wood, terra cotta, wicker, and more
Velvet Chalk Paint Silky matte chalk paint for a soft finish without sanding
All Purpose Paint Vibrant acrylic paint with primer built-in for most surfaces
Pearlescents Translucent iridescent paints with high shine metallic pearl pigments
Interference Paint Magic color shifting paint that changes hue based on view angle
Patina Medium Tinted glazes to create authentic aged patina finishes
Crackle Lacquer Clear topcoat that dries with an aged cracked finish
Metallic Paint Mirror-like metal paint made with real precious metals

Tips for Using Unicorn SPiT

Ready to try Unicorn SPiT’s magical paints for yourself? Here are some top tips for using them successfully:

  • Always test on a sample board first: To ensure you get the look you want, test out the paint on a small sample before diving into a big project.
  • Thin multiple coats: Unicorn SPiT is highly pigmented, so you’ll get best results with 2-3 thinned coats rather than one thick coat.
  • Mix and layer for custom colors: Get creative mixing paints and layering washes of color to achieve totally custom unicorn hues.
  • Use proper prep and primers: For long-lasting adhesion, use recommended prep methods and primer when needed.
  • Seal when finished: Once you achieve your desired look, seal the paint with a clear finish sealer for protection and durability.
  • Have fun! Approach your projects with a playful, creative mindset and don’t be afraid to get whimsical with the magical colors.


With its rainbow of vibrant colors, wide variety of finishes, versatile use cases, water-based formula, quality ingredients, and creative inspiration, it’s easy to see why Unicorn SPiT has become a favorite of DIYers, crafters, and artists alike.

These are professional-grade paints made accessible at affordable prices, so anyone can unlock their creativity. The magical, whimsical paint colors transform ordinary surfaces and items into something extraordinary.

Next time you need an eye-catching paint for a DIY or upcycling project, reach for Unicorn SPiT to add some color and magic. With the right imaginative spirit, you can create stunning unicorn-approved works of art.