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What is Sagittarius lucky color?

What is Sagittarius lucky color?

Sagittarius is the zodiac sign represented by the archer symbol. Sagittarians are known for their adventurousness, optimism, and passion. As fire signs, Sagittarians are associated with the color red. However, Sagittarius has several lucky colors that can bring good fortune and amplify positive traits.


Purple is considered one of the luckiest colors for Sagittarius. Purple is associated with wisdom, creativity, independence and magic. As natural risk-takers who rely on intuition, purple can help enhance a Sagittarian’s visionary capabilities. The shade brings out their innovative side and stimulates the imagination. Wearing different hues of purple can attract good energy to a Sagittarius’ endeavors and decisions.

Shade Meaning
Lighter purples Spirituality, imagination
Darker purples Luxury, ambition
Lavender Calmness, balance
Violet Wisdom, dignity

In healing crystal therapy, the recommended purple stones for Sagittarius are amethyst, iolite, sugilite and charoite. Wearing purple gemstone jewelry can help strengthen Sagittarius’ connection to their spiritual side. Meanwhile, decorating with purple candles, bedding and wall art can encourage free thinking and enhance mood.


Blue is another lucky color for Sagittarius. As the zodiac’s wanderers, blue evokes feelings of trust, loyalty and confidence. Different shades of blue can cool hot-headed Sagittarians and provide a calming, stabilizing influence. Blue also amplifies Sagittarius’ diplomatic capabilities. By harmonizing the mind, blue can help Sagittarius communicate ideas effectively and foster strong relationships.

Shade Meaning
Light blue Peace, understanding
Royal blue Power, dignity
Navy Stability, classic
Turquoise Calmness, balance

Good blue crystals for Sagittarius are sapphire, lapis lazuli, blue calcite and blue lace agate. Displaying blue artwork, accessories and home furnishings can also invite positive energy. Light blue walls create a peaceful environment, while navy blue pillows and throws add a touch of luxury.


Pink is a third lucky color for Sagittarius. Pink represents romance, charm and fun—all qualities that appeal to the playful, optimistic archer. More subdued dusty and blush pinks are especially fortuitous, promoting kindness, warmth and understanding. Surrounding themselves with pink reminds Sagittarians to keep an open heart despite sometimes coming off too blunt.

Shade Meaning
Hot pink Energy, youth
Light pink Innocence, joy
Dusty pink Gentleness, grace
Rose Love, gratitude

Good pink crystals for Sagittarius are kunzite, rhodochrosite, rhodonite and pink tourmaline. Small touches of pink décor, like pillows, candles or vases can stir feelings of affection, tenderness and hope. Pink is especially rejuvenating in bedrooms, promoting relaxation and contentment.


Yellow is another color that attracts luck for Sagittarius. Yellow ignites their enthusiasm, joy and wit. Different yellow hues awaken Sagittarius’ inner optimism, stimulate mental clarity and boost confidence. Yellow reminds Sagittarius to retain their signature optimism and humor even when faced with challenges.

Shade Meaning
Pale yellow Freshness, joy
Gold Success, prosperity
Mustard Confidence, energy
Amber Wisdom, stability

Good yellow crystals for Sagittarius are citrine, yellow calcite and golden healer quartz. Displaying marigold flowers, lemon prints and sunbursts can lift spirits. Yellow makes an stimulating accent color in any room. Place yellow pillows in living spaces to encourage creativity and clear thinking.


Green is considered a lucky color for many zodiac signs, Sagittarius included. Green represents prosperity, generosity, balance and growth. Surrounding themselves with shades of green helps remind free-spirited Sagittarians to manage priorities and stay focused on goals. Dark forest greens provide stabilizing energy, while pale mint greens evoke fresh optimism.

Shade Meaning
Pale green Serenity, hope
Emerald Abundance, prosperity
Forest green Stability, resilience
Lime Renewal, vibrancy

Good green crystals for Sagittarius are emerald, jade, malachite and green aventurine. Adding green accents through wall art, candles, vases or throws attracts good fortune to any space. Green is also recommended in spaces where focus is needed, like home offices.


Sagittarius is the lucky sign represented by the color red. However, Sagittarians can also amplify good fortune by incorporating shades of purple, blue, pink, yellow and green. Light purples and blues cultivate wisdom and tranquility. Pink shades foster affection. Yellows ignite joy and clarity, while greens bring prosperity and focus. With an affinity for freedom and righteousness, Sagittarians can attract luck wherever they go.