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What is red in Japanese name?

What is red in Japanese name?

Red is a color that holds great cultural significance in Japan. It’s used prominently in national symbols, festivals, traditional clothing, and names. Knowing the Japanese words for red and how they are incorporated into names can provide insight into Japanese culture and beliefs.

The Color Red in Japan

The color red represents many positive qualities in Japanese culture. It is associated with energy, passion, strength, and luck. Red is found on the Japanese flag, representing the rising sun. Many Japanese shrines and temples are painted red. During holidays and festivals like New Year’s, the color red is featured heavily as a symbol of joy and celebration.

Red is also strongly tied to love and romance in Japan. This is reflected in the prevalence of red strings, believed to connect soulmates. Giving red roses has a similar significance of expressing romantic interest or love. Additionally, red is considered lucky, which is why red paper is used for monetary gifts at weddings.

Japanese Words for Red

There are a few main words used to describe the color red in Japanese:

Kanji Hiragana Romaji Meaning
あか aka Red
べに beni Crimson red
えび ebi Pinkish red

Aka is the most common word for the color red. Beni refers to a deeper, richer shade of red. Ebi is used for lighter pinkish tones of red.

Red in Japanese Names

Japanese names often incorporate meaningful kanji characters related to qualities like strength, beauty, harmony, etc. Kanji with connections to the color red are commonly used in Japanese given names, especially female names.

Here are some examples of Japanese girl names containing kanji relating to red or pink:

  • 明子 (Akiko) – “bright child”
  • 赤芽 (Akane) – “brilliant red”
  • 紅葉 (Momiji) – “autumn leaves”
  • 紅艶 (Benien) – “crimson lustre”
  • 晴海 (Harumi) – “clear, sunny ocean”

And some Japanese boy names with red meanings:

  • 赤坂 (Akasaka) – “red hill”
  • 赤星 (Akaboshi) – “red star”
  • 健人 (Hayato) – “healthy/strong person”
  • 晴人 (Haruto) – “clear, sunny person”

As you can see, the kanji 赤 (aka) meaning red is common in both female and male names with positive connotations. Other characters indirectly relating to red, like 晴 (clear/sunny) are also used. The red imagery reflects hopes for a bright, vibrant, lucky child.

Other Color Names

While red holds cultural significance, other colors also have important symbolic meaning in Japanese names:

Kanji Romaji Color Meaning
ao Blue
shiro White
kuro Black
kin Gold
midori Green

Blue represents youth, peace, and constancy. White symbolizes purity, divinity, and clarity. Black means mystery, sophistication, and nobility. Gold signifies wealth and prosperity. Green represents nature, youth, vigor, and renewal.


Red holds deep cultural meaning in Japan, representing passion, energy, luck, joy, and love. Given names often incorporate kanji with connections to red, like “赤” (aka), “紅” (beni), and “晴” (clear/sunny). Red connotes positivity and brightness, especially for girls. While not as common, red kanji also appear in boy names. Understanding colors like red in names provides insight into Japanese culture and beliefs.