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What is my color palette app?

A color palette app is a software application that helps users create, manage and utilize color palettes for various design projects. With the rise in digital design tools and online platforms, color palette apps have become quite popular among graphic designers, web developers, artists and other creatives.

In this article, we will explore what a color palette app is, its key features and benefits, and some of the top options available today.

What is a color palette app?

A color palette app allows users to easily create color schemes that work well together for any visual design needs. Using preset palettes and color wheel tools, users can experiment with color combinations and save their favorite palettes for future projects.

Here are some of the main capabilities of a typical color palette app:

  • Create custom color palettes from scratch
  • Generate color schemes based on rules like complementary, triadic, analogous, monochromatic colors etc.
  • Browse and access preset, popular palettes curated by designers
  • Pick colors from images and photos to create palettes
  • Adjust colors in a palette using hue, saturation, brightness sliders
  • Rename, organize and save an unlimited number of palettes for later
  • Export palettes in various formats like PNG, PDF, CSS, JSON etc.

Advanced color palette apps also include features like real-time previews, color blindness simulation, palette themes, collaboration and sharing capabilities.

Key features and tools

Here are some of the most useful features and tools commonly found in color palette apps:

Intuitive color wheel

A color wheel tool lets you visualize color relationships and choose complementary, triadic and analogous schemes.

Color mixers

With color sliders and pickers, you can finesse each color in a palette by adjusting hue, saturation, brightness and opacity.

Color blindness previews

Simulate different types of color vision deficiency to ensure your palette works for people with color blindness.

Import options

Extract colors from photos, websites or color codes to build a palette.

Preset palettes

Browse professionally designed palettes for inspiration or use as a starting point.

Style themes

Get palettes tailored to specific design styles like bold, pastel, neon, vintage etc.

Harmony rules engine

Generates color schemes based on harmony principles like complementary, analogous etc.

Real-time previews

See how your palette looks on mockups, graphics or website themes.

Formats and integrations

Export palettes in formats like PNG, PDF, SCSS, CSS, JSON that you can use across design platforms.

Benefits of using a color palette app

Here are some of the key benefits of using a dedicated color palette app:

Simplifies color selection

Takes the guesswork out of choosing colors that work together harmoniously.

Saves time

No need to manually pick colors or define palettes from scratch each time.

Enables experimentation

Try out more color combinations faster and intuitively.

Allows precision

Fine-tune colors exactly using sliders until you get the desired shade.

Organizes inspiration

Save and access palettes anytime for various projects in one place.

Promotes consistency

Use saved palettes across different mediums to maintain brand consistency.

Enhances productivity

Get started faster with curated palettes instead of picking colors aimlessly.

Improves accessibility

Simulate color blindness to pick palettes that work for those with vision deficiencies.

Top color palette apps

Now let’s look at some of the popular and powerful color palette apps used by designers today:

Adobe Color

A free web-based tool from Adobe that syncs seamlessly with other CC apps like Illustrator or Photoshop. Packed with advanced features and thousands of premade palettes.


A simple but robust palette generator for designers. Lets you create, customize, save and export palettes effortlessly.


Veteran color scheme tool with advanced color theory options. Excellent for generating monochromatic, complementary and tetradic harmonies.

Uses AI to generate unique color palettes based on your inputs. Up to 5-color palettes available for free without signing up.

Color Hunt

Browse and share thousands of hand-crafted palettes created by the color-obsessed community. Has apps for iOS, Android, Chrome, Mac & Windows.


Boasts a huge library of predefined palettes from brands, movies, nature, art etc. Great for quick inspiration.


Minimalist web app with intuitive interface and useful tools like palette randomizer, color vision deficiency simulator etc.


Palette creation app with advanced sorting, tagging and collaboration features for teams. Integrates with Sketch and InVision.


In summary, a color palette app is an indispensable tool for any designer today. It empowers you to quickly generate, customize and manage color schemes tailored for your specific projects. With the wide range of excellent palette apps now available, both free and paid, finding one that fits your workflow is easy. The ability to grab colors from any source, preview harmony schemes, and export palettes in multiple formats makes these tools invaluable for boosting your productivity and creativity.