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What is most gorgeous cat breed?

What is most gorgeous cat breed?

Cats make wonderful pets. There are dozens of cat breeds to choose from, each with their own unique personality traits and physical features. When it comes to judging cat beauty, there are many factors to consider – sleek coats, vibrant eyes, elegant builds and more. But what cat breed truly stands out as the most gorgeous?

Most Popular Cat Breeds

To begin determining the most gorgeous cat breeds, it helps to start by looking at the most popular ones that tend to top lists for their beauty. Here are some of the most popular cat breeds according to the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA):

Breed Description
Persian Long-haired, flat faced, popular for their luxurious coats
Maine Coon Large, rugged coated bred for the cold weather
Ragdoll Large, silky coated, laidback personality
Abyssinian Athletic build, ticked coat, curious personalities
Sphynx Hairless, wrinkled, feels like velvet

As you can see, popular breeds run the gamut from being long-haired to hairless, large to small. Now let’s dive deeper into some of the most gorgeous choices.

Long-Haired Beauties

When it comes to being sheer eye candy, long-haired cat breeds are hard to top. Their luscious locks, plume-like tails, and built-in ruffs give them an air of luxury and elegance. Here are some of the most gorgeous long-haired breeds:

  • Persian: These cats are practically synonymous with beauty and grace. Their long, silky coat comes in a rainbow of colors like white, blue, black, red and cream. Smooshed faces give them a sweet expression.
  • Maine Coon: As the official state cat of Maine, these gentle giants have an impressive look. Long and dense water resistant coats come in bold tabby patterns or luxurious solid colors.
  • Norwegian Forest Cat: This natural breed has a beautiful double coat well-suited for the cold. They come in dreamy colors like golden, cream and light brown.
  • Siberian: Hailing from Russia, these sturdy cats have a triple coat able to withstand harsh winters. Variations of tabby patterns abound.
  • Turkish Angora: Regal and elegant sums up this breed with its long, silky white coat and colorful eyes.

When groomed to perfection, the coats of these breeds shine like silk. The shimmering layers make them appear even fluffier and accentuate their gorgeous eyes. There’s no denying long-haired breeds have incredible beauty.

Short-Haired Lookers

Short-haired breeds may not have the same eye-catching volume of fur, but they make up for it with their striking colors, patterns and alert expressions. Some of the most gorgeous short-haired breeds include:

  • Abyssinian: Resembling miniature cougars, these cats are absolutely striking with their ticked coats of ruddy browns, silvers and blues.
  • Burmese: With sleek, satiny coats like velvet and chatty personalities, it’s hard not to find these cats attractive.
  • Bengal: Rosettes and bold stripes resemble their Asian leopard cat heritage – wild beauty at its finest.
  • Bombay: The patented black satin coat gives these cats their nickname as “mini-panthers.”
  • Sphynx: Lacking fur reveals this breed’s stately posture and wrinkles – exotic in an adorable way.

Don’t let the lack of long fur fool you – these breeds have striking appearances. Rich colors and patterns combined with athletic builds give short-haired breeds a special allure.

Most Colorful Cat Breeds

Another mark of true cat breed beauty is a gorgeous and vibrant coat color. While many breeds display a mix of muted browns, greys and blacks, others stand out with more exciting hues. Here are some of the most colorful cat breeds:

  • Turkish Van: These “swimming cats” have striking coats in hues like red, cream and black set off nicely by their colored tails and paws.
  • Ragamuffin: Producing over 100 color and pattern variations from chocolate to flame-tipped, they have fur as vivid as their personalities.
  • American Curl: Ear-curling mutations reveal coats colored like ripe fruit in lemon, apricot and mandarin orange.
  • Havana Brown: A stunning coat the color of chocolate milk – these cats truly live up to their breed name.
  • Egyptian Mau: Prized for their wild spots, this breed comes in colors like silver, bronze and smoke.

Vibrant colors give these breeds an exotic, eye-catching look. Their lush coats appear rich and luminous – enough to make anyone look twice.

Most Unique Looking Cats

Some breeds gain their gorgeous status simply by looking unlike any other. Distinguished by their rare features and traits, these unusual breeds capture your attention with their uniqueness:

  • Munchkin: Short, stocky legs give them a cute, hugged appearance resembling tiny panthers.
  • LaPerm: A curly gene gives this breed untamed ringlets resembling poodle-like dreadlocks.
  • Oriental: Extremely long, tubular bodies plus oversized ears and eyes make quite the impression.
  • Pixiebob: Looking part wildcat with a spotted, marbled coat and bobbed tail sets them apart.
  • Lykoi: A partial hairlessness resembling a werewolf’s coat makes this breed stand out as truly unique.

Rare mutations help make these breeds some of the most unique and gorgeous around. Their distinctive features give them an exotic, mystical allure.

Most Beautiful Blue-Eyed Breeds

It’s often said that eyes are the windows to the soul. For cat breeds gifted with stunning blue eyes, it’s easy to get lost in their soulful gaze. Here are some breeds blessed with gorgeous baby blues:

  • Ragdoll: Their signature blue eyes match their laidback personality perfectly.
  • Siamese: Showing off deep azure eyes and chocolate brown points – this classic combo oozes elegance.
  • Balinese: Long-haired sister breed to the Siamese with equally stunning blue eyes.
  • Birman: “Sacred cats of Burma” look regal in white coats accented by darker points and sapphire eyes.
  • British Shorthair: Add a British twist with their round eyes tinted a lovely shade of blue.

It’s been said that eyes are the windows to the soul – and for these breeds they reveal a downright gorgeous soul. Their brilliant blue eyes give an endless depth to their gaze.

Breeds with Striking Coat Patterns

From spots to stripes to exotic swirls, unique coat patterns can also contribute to a breed’s beauty. Some of the most gorgeously patterned breeds include:

  • Bengal: With exotic spotted and marbled markings, they resemble their leopard cat ancestors.
  • Egyptian Mau: Prized for their striking spotted coats in silver, bronze and smoke.
  • Ocicat: Tawny spots sprinkle their coats giving the look of an exotic wildcat.
  • Toyger: Careful breeding aims to mimic the bold striped pattern of a tiny tiger.
  • LaPerm: Tight curls create a textured, wavy coat pattern for this distinctive breed.

The gorgeous coat patterns on these breeds mimic patterns seen in the wild. As a result, their beauty has an exotic, untamed essence that feels straight out of nature.

Rarest & Most Exotic Breeds

Part of being gorgeous means being rare and not commonly found. These exotic breeds are hard to come by but are jewels in the cat lover’s world.

  • Korat: Hailing from Thailand, their light blue coats have been prized for centuries.
  • Turkish Angora: Believed transported by Vikings from Turkey, less than 200 are registered in the U.S.
  • Ocicat: Only breed genetically adapted to have spots – giving them an exotic, wild look.
  • Toyger: Careful breeding starting in the 1980s produced fewer than 2000 today.
  • Pixiebob: Their bobbed tails stems from rare natural mutation only discovered in the 1980s.

The limited numbers make these breeds a challenge to find. But their exotic origins and markings make them truly gorgeous finds for any cat lover.

Most Graceful Cat Breeds

Beauty doesn’t just depend on color or fur length – sometimes it’s all about attitude. These graceful breeds not only look gorgeous but move with elegance as well.

  • Balinese: Long-haired beauties who love to jump and climb while maintaing poise.
  • Siamese: Legendary for their chatty nature and sleek lines in motion.
  • Abyssinian: Quick and curious, they move like infatuated dancers.
  • Burmese: Known for their affection and ability to learn tricks and commands.
  • Birman: Sweet dispositions match their graceful movements.

With quick reflexes and lithe frames, these breeds epitomize grace and fluidity in motion. It’s easy to feel mesmerized just watching them go about their daily activities.

Most Affectionate Breeds

While looks clearly matter, a gorgeous cat breed also has inner beauty. The most affectionate breeds not only dazzle in the physical sense but also emotionally with their loving personalities. Some most affectionate breeds include:

  • Ragdoll: Bred to be docile and friendly, they love to snuggle with their families.
  • Maine Coon: As “gentle giants,” they often bond most strongly with one person.
  • Persian: Sweet, laidback companions that enjoy being petted.
  • Sphynx: Despite their bare appearance, they love to cozy up on laps.
  • Siamese: Form close bonds with owners and don’t like to be left alone.

For these breeds, nothing beats quality time with their favorite people. Their affectionate nature makes them lovable companions in addition to their striking looks.


When it comes to gorgeous cat breeds, there are many factors to consider from luxurious fur, striking colors, wild patterns, delicate builds and beautiful eyes. While beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, breeds like the Persian, Maine Coon, Abyssinian, Bengal, Ragdoll, Sphynx and more tend to draw the most acclaim for their gorgeous looks. However, inner beauty counts as well. Breeds like the Ragdoll, Maine Coon, Siamese and others win over hearts with their affectionate personalities in addition to their graceful appearance. At the end of the day, whichever breed’s beauty makes your heart skip a beat is the right one for you!