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What is maroon out texas a&m?

Maroon out is an annual tradition at Texas A&M University where fans are encouraged to wear maroon clothing to show their Aggie pride. It takes place during a designated football game each season, usually a big matchup against a major rival or conference opponent.

The tradition started in the 1980s as a way to create an intimidating atmosphere for visiting teams playing at Kyle Field in College Station. Since then, it has grown into one of the Aggies’ most popular events, with over 100,000 fans packing the stadium while decked out head to toe in maroon and white.

Maroon outs showcase the passion and school spirit of the Aggie fan base. By coordinating outfits and colors, A&M supporters aim to amplify their presence in the stands and give their team a home field advantage. For one game each year, this mobilization of Aggie Nation transforms Kyle Field into a massive sea of maroon that is both visually striking and deafening for opponents.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the origins and evolution of the maroon out tradition at Texas A&M. We’ll explore when it began, how it has grown over the years, and some of the most memorable maroon outs in Aggies football history.

History and Origins

The precise origins of the first organized maroon out are unclear, but the tradition likely began organically in the early 1980s. During this era, the 12th Man and other A&M student organizations began encouraging fans to coordinate wearing maroon for certain games to create a more imposing atmosphere for opponents.

In the 1984 season, a maroon out was organized for the annual rivalry game against the University of Texas. While A&M lost the game 37-12, the coordinated crowd color made an impression. The student newspaper The Battalion reported that Longhorns players had “never seen that much maroon before.”

Building on these early efforts, maroon outs started becoming annual traditions in their own right during the late 80s and early 90s. The student groupsKeyIden Acts, the Yell Leaders, and the 12th Man began actively promoting and organizing maroon outs each season.

By the mid 90s, the maroon outs had evolved into major events with formal coordination across A&M’s student groups and fan base. They were designated for big games against conference foes and rivals like Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Texas Tech.

Recent Traditions and Memorable Games

In the modern era, maroon outs have become treasured Texas A&M traditions carefully planned out months in advance. They are typically designated for one significant conference home game each season.

Recent memorable maroon out games include:

– 2012 vs Alabama – The first SEC conference game for A&M after moving leagues saw the Aggies beat powerhouse Alabama 29-24 in a stunning upset. Over 87,000 fans wearing maroon created an electric atmosphere.

– 2014 vs Ole Miss – With ESPN’s College GameDay on campus, Kyle Field set an attendance record of 106,311 fans wearing maroon. The Aggies won that thriller in overtime 35-20.

– 2018 vs Clemson – In a titanic clash of top 10 teams, 89,664 maroon-clad fans saw A&M lose a close one 28-26 to the eventual national champions.

– 2022 vs Miami – For A&M’s first ever matchup against Miami, over 106,000 fans wore maroon as the 12th Man propelled the Aggies to a 17-9 win over the Hurricanes.

Traditions and Coordination

Each maroon out requires months of careful coordination well in advance of the game.

The 12th Man student organization works closely with the university to designate one conference home game each season as the maroon out event. This decision is based on the opponent and expected attention for that matchup.

Once the game is set, the 12th Man and other student groups heavily promote the maroon out across campus and social media. The university assists with marketing efforts to encourage fans of all ages to participate.

In the weeks leading up, maroon-themed events and paraphernalia distribution helps galvanize support. Fans are repeatedly reminded to don their maroon shirts, pants, dresses, ties, and other garb.

For the special game itself, campus groups further set the tone with maroon tailgating events and coordination. Fans usually arrive hours before kickoff to tailgate in maroon attire. The stadium parking lots become seas of maroon in the build up to kickoff.

Atmosphere and Impact

When executed successfully, maroon outs create a memorable visual spectacle and home field advantage.

With 100,000+ fans coordinated in the same color, the environment overwhelms opponents and energizes the Aggies team. The deafening noise and ocean of maroon generates an intimidating atmosphere for visitors.

The maroon out allows Aggies fans of all types to come together and have their presence felt as the legendary 12th Man. Students, former students, parents, and casual fans all unite behind the maroon banner.

Ultimately, the maroon out tradition exemplifies the spirit and community of Texas A&M. The coordinated crowd showcase the dedication fans have to creating an unforgettable experience and doing their part to propel their team to victory. It demonstrates the Aggies’ belief in the power of the 12th man.

The Future

Maroon outs will continue being a hallmark of the Texas A&M football experience for years to come.

As the Aggies take on new opponents by joining the SEC conference, maroon outs offer a way to bring the 12th Man atmosphere to new rivalries and games. The tradition remains as relevant as ever even against unfamiliar foes.

Supporters can look forward to more iconic maroon out games in the future as the Aggies take on powerhouses like Alabama, LSU, and Auburn. Already classic games like the 2012 win over Alabama have created maroon out memories that will persist for generations.

No matter the opponent, Aggies fans will continue wearing their maroon proudly and creating a home field advantage year after year. The maroon out endures as one of the greatest traditions involved in being the 12th Man.

Key Facts and Statistics

Earliest recorded maroon out 1984 vs University of Texas
All-time maroon out attendance record 106,311 in 2014 vs Ole Miss
First maroon out after joining SEC 2012 vs Alabama
Total maroon outs since 2000 23


The maroon out has become an iconic tradition for Texas A&M football. It allows Aggies fans to come together as the 12th Man and create an intimidating atmosphere for opponents. Though originally starting organically decades ago, maroon outs are now full-scale collaborative events planned months in advance. They generate spectacle, school spirit, and memories for A&M fans of all types. As the Aggies write new chapters in their SEC journey, maroon outs will continue being a storied part of the experience. The coordination of tens of thousands of fans in maroon represents everything special about being part of Aggie Nation.