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What is Makima’s hairstyle?

Makima is a popular character from the manga and anime series Chainsaw Man. She has a very distinctive hairstyle that many fans try to recreate. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at Makima’s iconic hairstyle.

Makima’s Hair Color

Makima has long, straight black hair that goes past her shoulders. Her hair color is a very dark black that almost looks blue or green in certain lighting. This dark color makes her hair look very sleek and stylish.

Her natural hair color appears to be black. She has not been shown to dye or change her hair color throughout the series. The consistently dark color contributes to her mysterious aura.

Makima’s Hair Length

Makima’s hair reaches about mid-back length when worn straight down. However, she often wears it up in different styles that make it appear shorter.

In estimates, her hair length is probably around 24-30 inches long from top to bottom. This gives her enough length to create different looks by putting it up.

Her long, straight hair flatters her height. Makima has a tall, slender build standing at 5’7″. The long length of her hair complements her body type well.

Makima’s Hair Texture

Makima’s hair is pin-straight and sleek. It has a very smooth, shiny texture.

Her hair appears to be on the thick side based on the way it falls and moves. Although it has volume, it still looks very soft and manageable.

The straight, silky texture of Makima’s hair allows her to style it in various ways. It can be worn straight down, pulled back, or woven into braids cleanly.

Makima’s Signature Hair Accessory

The most iconic part of Makima’s hairstyle is her signature hair accessory. She is almost always seen wearing a bright red hair tie in her hair.

This thick, red scrunchie holds back her bangs and some of the hair framing her face. It helps keep her hair back in a practical way while also adding a pop of color.

Makima wears the eye-catching red scrunchie on her wrist when her hair is worn fully down. But most of the time, it pulls back the front top section as her trademark look.

Makima’s Hairstyles

While Makima wears her hair down a lot, she does switch up her style on occasion. Some of her notable hairstyles include:

  • High ponytail – Makima pulls all her hair up into a slick, high ponytail.
  • Low braided ponytail – Her hair is loosely braided and gathered into a low ponytail.
  • Half-up – The top section is pulled back with the scrunchie, and the rest is left down.
  • Low bun – Her hair is twisted into a neat, low bun at the nape of her neck.

She tends to choose practical hairstyles that keep her hair out of her face. But they still maintain her elegant, put-together image.

How to Get Makima’s Hair

Here are some tips for recreating Makima’s signature straight, sleek hairstyle:

  • Grow out your hair very long if it isn’t already. Extensions can add length if needed.
  • Use a hair oil or serum to eliminate frizz and flyaways.
  • Blow dry hair using a paddle brush for ultra straight, smooth styling.
  • Part your hair neatly down the middle for Makima’s exact look.
  • Invest in a high-quality flat iron. Go over small sections carefully.
  • Finish with a shine spray to reflect light like Makima’s hair.
  • Add a red scrunchie or hair tie around your head to imitate her accessory.

Achieving this look requires patience and practice. But with the right styling products and techniques, you can mimic her trademark style.

Why Makima’s Hairstyle Suits Her

There are several reasons why Makima’s sleek, straight hairstyle is perfect for her:

  • Frames her face shape – The middle part and straight locks flatter and complement her oval face shape.
  • Matches her outfits – Her hairstyle works well with the professional, formal clothing Makima wears.
  • Emphasizes authority – The severity of the slick style highlights her powerful, commanding personality.
  • Shows off healthy hair – Keeping hair long and avoiding damage displays strength and discipline.

In many ways, Makima’s beauty and fashion support her role in the story as an authoritative, no-nonsense character. Her hairstyle is carefully crafted to project her image.

The Significance of Makima’s Red Scrunchie

Makima is rarely seen without her trademark red scrunchie holding back her hair. This hair accessory actually holds more meaning than simply a fashion statement.

Some possible symbolic meanings behind the red scrunchie include:

  • Shows she is playful and youthful deep down despite her serious nature
  • Hint she has a fiery, passionate side beneath her cool exterior
  • Representative of the bloodshed and violence she causes behind the scenes
  • Reminder that she is not ordinary and has strange abilities

So while the scrunchie may seem like a cute, insignificant detail, it could actually reveal a lot about Makima’s true nature and hidden character traits.

Makima’s Hairstyle Impact on Cosplay

Makima has emerged as a popular character for cosplay and costume play. Her distinct hairstyle is one of the key elements that cosplayers try to recreate to pull off the perfect Makima look.

Some tips for cosplaying Makima’s hair include:

  • Use a quality black wig that is smooth and shiny
  • Trim and style the wig into a precision straight shape
  • Add bangs and face framing layers if needed
  • Invest in red hair ties, scrunchies, and ribbons to match her accessory
  • Use wig tape, clips or hairspray to keep the wig securely in place
  • Practice styling the wig into her signature half-updo

Taking the time to find the right wig and properly style it makes a big difference in capturing Makima’s essence. The hair can make or break the accuracy of the costume impersonation.


Makima’s sleek, straight black hair is an integral part of her iconic look and mystery. Her signature high ponytail, immaculate middle part, and flashy red scrunchie create a hairstyle that is both stylish and utilitarian.

While recreating the details of Makima’s hair requires some specific styling techniques, the rewarding finished result is unmistakably her. Fans strive to copy her hair not just for cosplay accuracy, but also to harness the powerful confidence it represents.