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What is magical Colour?

What is magical Colour?

Colour has a profound effect on human psychology and behaviour. The colours we surround ourselves with can influence our moods, emotions, and productivity. Some colours are believed to have mystical, supernatural, or magical properties and meanings. Let’s explore the concept of magical colour and how different hues are thought to impact us energetically and spiritually.

The Meaning of Colour

Since ancient times, cultures around the world have associated various colours with symbolic meaning. For example, red is connected to passion, danger, and excitement. Blue evokes feelings of calmness, tranquility, and spirituality. Yellow represents sunshine, happiness, and optimism. Throughout history, colour has been used deliberately to convey ideas, emotions, and associations.

Colour Psychology

Research has shown that colour can genuinely influence the human mind and body in measurable ways. Warm colours like red and yellow stimulate faster breathing and heartbeat. Cool colours like blue and green tend to have a calming, relaxing effect. Bright vivid hues grab our attention, while muted shades recede into the background. Colour psychology examines how different wavelengths of light affect us mentally and physically.

The Magic of Colour

Beyond just psychology, some believe colours have an energetic or supernatural influence. In magic, spells and rituals often rely on specific colours to focus intention and energy. Candles of certain colours may be used to align with a desired goal. In healing arts like aura reading, colour indicates spiritual and emotional states. Many practices and belief systems ascribe mystical properties to colour used with awareness and purpose.

Colour Meanings in Spirituality

Here are some of the most common magical colour associations found in spiritual contexts:

Colour Meaning
Red Passion, strength, danger, lust, ambition
Orange Excitement, creativity, success, encouragement
Yellow Happiness, hope, intellect, harmony
Green Growth, health, prosperity, balance, resilience
Blue Tranquility, calmness, loyalty, spirituality
Indigo Insight, intuition, perception, mysticism
Violet Magic, mystery, spirituality, imagination
Pink Love, compassion, nurture, tenderness
Black Power, elegance, mystery, shadow
White Purity, cleanliness, peace, innocence

These are common symbolic associations found in magic, spiritual systems, colour healing, and more. The meanings connect to emotions, goals, states of being, and archetypal energies.

Using Colour Magic

There are many ways colour magic or symbolism can be incorporated into spiritual practices:

  • Candles of specific colours burned to radiate certain energies
  • Colourful gemstones used in divination or rituals
  • Coloured oils and dyes used to anoint objects
  • Visualization meditations using vivid hues
  • Colour-infused foods, beverages, or tinctures
  • Coloured silks and fabrics in magical clothing or décor
  • Coloured baths, soaps, or cosmetics to attract desires
  • Colour-coded magical tools like wands, altar cloths, etc.

Purposefully surrounding oneself with meaningful colours is a simple way to tap into magical energy.

Colour Healing and Auras

In alternative healing modalities, colour is vital. Colour therapy uses coloured light and visualization to heal the body, mind, and spirit. Practitioners of aura reading claim that the colours in one’s aura indicate emotional, physical, and spiritual states.

Chakra Colours

The seven chakras, or energy centres in the human body, are each associated with a colour:

Chakra Location Colour
Root Base of spine Red
Sacral Lower abdomen Orange
Solar Plexus Upper abdomen Yellow
Heart Center of chest Green or pink
Throat Throat and neck Blue
Third Eye Forehead Indigo
Crown Top of head Violet

Chakra healing uses colour visualization, stones, candles, and more. Colour saturation indicates how open and balanced each chakra is.

Reading Auras

Energy workers who can perceive auras describe seeing rainbow-coloured bands around people. The colours present reveal information about someone’s thoughts, feelings, dreams, stresses, spiritual gifts, and more. For example, a purple aura signifies higher consciousness, while black flecks may signal negativity or imbalance.

Colour Magic in Different Cultures

Colour magic appears in cultures and traditions globally, with some interesting cultural variations:

  • In China, red symbolizes luck, joy, and celebration. White is the colour of death and mourning.
  • Ancient Egyptians used lapis lazuli (blue) to represent the heavens, and turquoise to evoke fertility.
  • Celtic druids associated the colour green with nature’s magic and the faerie realm.
  • In Hindu culture, red indicates marriage, fertility, and prosperity, while yellow symbolizes merchants.
  • Purple robes were reserved for royalty and high officials in Biblical times as a symbol of status.
  • In Mozambique, the colour white is connected to mothers, femininity, and the spirit world.

Interestingly, while colour meanings vary slightly, common symbolic themes uniting them are seen globally.

Magical Uses for Colour

Here are some examples of how colour magic can be incorporated into intention setting, manifestation, rituals, and everyday life:

Healing Spells

Create green healing potions charged with emeralds under the full moon to promote vitality. Drink while visualizing healthy energy flooding the body.

Romantic Spells

Burn pink candles carved with runes and anointed with rose oil to draw new love. Scatter rose petals around pink candles while focusing on ideal partner attributes.

Prosperity Magic

Place citrine, gold, and jade crystals on green and gold cloths. Light golden candles and visualize thriving finances while chanting prosperity mantras.

Success Magic

Anoint orange candles dressed with cinnamon oil and inscribe with runes for success, to ignite competitive drive and creative flow.

Meditation & Aura Cleansing

Envision each chakra as its corresponding colour, bright and saturated. Visualize coloured light cleansing away stale energy for renewed vibrancy.

Banish Negativity

Burn sage, visualizing the smoke as brilliant white light cleansing a space. White candles can further lift and purify energy.


Draw colored tarot cards for insight on situations. Note which hues appear for clues into energies present. Are vibrant or muted shades drawn?

Everyday Color Magic

Wear colors matching desired goals. Decorate spaces with colored candles, tablecloths, pillows, etc. Drink herbal teas in intention-setting hues. Use colored dishes, cutlery, and linens.


Colour is a simple yet powerful conduit for magic. Throughout history and across cultures, humans have recognized the mystical energy transmitted through colour. With intention and purpose, the colors around us and within us can profoundly shift our inner and outer worlds. Experiment with colour magic by harnessing the universal energies encoded in the visible spectrum.