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What is level 7 hair color?

Level 7 is the lightest shade on the hair color spectrum. It is characterized by pale, platinum blonde tones that can verge on being white or silver in appearance. Reaching a level 7 often requires extensive lightening of the natural hair pigment using bleaching products. This lightens hair from its natural underlying pigment to a very light blonde. Those with naturally lighter hair may be able to achieve level 7 more easily than those with darker hair.

What does level 7 hair look like?

Level 7 hair has an icy, pale tone that borders on gray or white. When light reflects off level 7 hair, it can take on a metallic silver-ish cast. This is because all underlying warmth from natural hair pigment has been removed to reach this ultra-light shade.

At a level 7, hair is stripped of almost all pigment. What remains are undertones of blue, violet, and silver. There is an absence of yellow, gold, or red pigments that provide warmth to darker blondes and brunettes. As such, level 7 has a distinctly cool, icy appearance.

When done correctly on the right person, level 7 hair can look striking and edgy. However, it also verges on an unnatural appearance. If the hair is not sufficiently lightened, darker underlying pigment can make level 7 shades veer dull, muddy, or brassy in cast.

What natural hair colors can reach level 7?

Naturally, level 7 hair is only found in those with the fairest hair and complexions. The lightest natural blonde hair color is usually a level 8 or 9. To reach the pale hues of a level 7 platinum requires intensive lightening and bleaching of hair.

Those with naturally light blonde, pale blonde, gray, or white hair have the best chance of achieving a level 7 platinum blonde tone. Medium blonde hair can reach level 7 in most cases with concerted lightening efforts. It is highly challenging for those with naturally dark blonde, brown, or black hair to reach a level 7.

Natural Hair Color Likelihood of Reaching Level 7
Pale blonde High
Light blonde Moderate
Medium blonde Low
Dark blonde Very low
Light brown Extremely low
Dark brown Extremely low
Black Extremely low

As the table illustrates, pale blondes have the easiest time reaching level 7 because they do not have to remove as much underlying pigment. Brunettes and those with black hair have the hardest time as they must undo a lot of pigment to get to the lightest level.

Is it damaging to reach a level 7 blonde?

Reaching level 7 requires intensive bleaching and lightening of hair, which always carries a degree of damage. However, the amount of damage done depends on several factors:

  • Condition of hair before lightening. Porous or damaged hair is at more risk.
  • Lightening method used. Bleach is most damaging, while foam lighteners are gentler.
  • Developer volume. Higher volumes like 30 or 40 amplify lightening but cause more damage.
  • Time spent lightening. Quick sessions of 20-30 mins are best to avoid over-processing.
  • Use of Olaplex or bond-building treatments to protect hair.
  • Deep conditioning and hair masks after lightening.
  • Avoidance of heat tools like curling irons or flat irons.

Going slowly, using lower developer volumes, minimizing overlapping lightener, and caring for hair after can allow level 7 to be reached with less damage. However, those with fine, fragile, or severely damaged hair may want to avoid trying for this pale shade.

How is level 7 hair colored and maintained?

Level 7 hair must be toned immediately after lightening to reduce brassiness and achieve an icy tone. Violet-based toners canceled out yellow tones. Blue-based toners target orange. Green-toned products will tone out red tones.

After toning, level 7 hair should be deeply conditioned. Bond repair treatments with Olaplex and moisture masks will help rebuild and hydrate damaged hair.

To maintain level 7 hair:

  • Use purple or blue toned shampoos to fight brassiness between appointments.
  • Get a toner gloss or glaze every 4-6 weeks to keep the color crisp.
  • Use leave-in conditioning treatments to keep hair soft.
  • Rinse with cool water and avoid heat styling when possible.
  • Get trims every 6-8 weeks to snip damaged ends.
  • Use silk pillowcases and avoid tight hairstyles that can damage fragile hair.

With the proper maintenance regimen, level 7 hair can retain its striking appearance and minimize further damage over time.

What skin tones suit level 7 blonde hair?

Because level 7 hair provides high contrast against the skin, it best suits those with very fair complexions. Porcelain, ivory, or light beige skin tones with pink or neutral undertones are most complementary. Olive, medium, or darker skin tones often do not pair as well with platinum and icy blondes.

Those with pale skin, light eyes, and naturally light hair tend to look most natural and harmonious with level 7 blonde shades. It suits those with cooler undertones far better than warm golden undertones. Pairing icy blonde hair with very dark skin runs the risk of looking washed out.

How to ask your colorist for level 7 blonde

Getting to level 7 platinum is time-intensive and requires skill, so you want an experienced colorist. Do your research and look for colorists who specialize in dramatic blonde transformations. Look for examples of their work at an icy blonde level 7.

When consulting, be clear on your desire to achieve an icy, platinum blonde. Bring inspiration photos of looks you want to emulate. Express your willingness to gradually go lighter over multiple sessions if needed. Also, convey your understanding that compromising the integrity of your hair is a risk of reaching level 7.

Your colorist may advise against level 7, especially if your hair is already damaged. If you have fine hair, ask about balayage or babylights to lighten more gently. Request Olaplex to support your hair during the process.

Maintenance is key for upkeep, so consult with your colorist about at-home toning and conditioning products. Be patient, as several sessions over months may be needed to healthily transition your hair to a level 7 blonde.


Level 7 hair is the palest stage of blonde – more of an icy white or silver than golden blonde. Its striking, bold look suits those with naturally very light hair and fair complexions. Achieving a level 7 requires removal of the hair’s natural pigment through intensive lightening and bleaching. When done gradually and properly level 7 blonde is an edgy option, but the process carries risks of damage that should be carefully considered.

With a thoughtful approach, diligent upkeep, and skilled technique, level 7 platinum blonde offers a unique and eye-catching hair color result for the right candidate. While challenging to achieve, level 7 blonde makes a dramatic statement for those seeking an ultra-light hair color.