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What is gisele’s diet?

Gisele Bündchen is one of the most famous supermodels in the world. She is known for her stunning looks, fit physique, and incredibly healthy lifestyle. At 42 years old, Gisele still looks as youthful and radiant as ever. So what are the secrets behind her age-defying beauty and enviable body? A major factor is undoubtedly her clean, whole foods diet. Gisele follows a primarily plant-based diet packed with fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats. She avoids processed foods, sugar, and excess carbs. This nutrient-dense diet provides her with glowing skin, endless energy, and a strong, toned physique. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what Gisele typically eats in a day, her diet philosophy, and how you can emulate her healthy eating habits.

Gisele’s Daily Meals

Gisele starts off each morning with hot water and lemon to hydrate and detoxify. She told Into the Gloss: “I start the day with warm lemon water and a cup of coffee. I’ll have a big glass of water before my coffee and then another before exercise.”

For breakfast, Gisele enjoys eggs, oatmeal topped with fruit, smoothies loaded with superfoods, or avocado toast. She told People magazine: “I love starting my day with a veggie omelet or a bowl of oatmeal with hazelnuts and fruit.”

Here is an example of what Gisele may eat for breakfast, based on her stated preferences:

Food Details
Oatmeal Steel cut oats cooked with almond milk, topped with berries, banana, chia seeds, and hazelnuts
Green smoothie Spinach, kale, banana, avocado, vegan protein powder, almond butter, and almond milk
Veggie omelet 3 egg whites or Just Egg, sautéed spinach and mushrooms, sliced avocado
Avocado toast Smashed avocado on Ezekiel bread, everything bagel seasoning, two sunny-side up eggs

For lunch and dinner, Gisele focuses on lean proteins, veggies, healthy fats, and complex carbs like quinoa or sweet potatoes. She chooses organic, locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible. In an interview with Elle France, Gisele shared: “Lunch is usually a protein with legumes and vegetables. For dinner it’s fish or chicken. Always lots of vegetables.”

Here are some lunch and dinner meals Gisele may eat based on her diet preferences:

Meal Foods
Lunch Kale salad with chicken or salmon, avocado, quinoa, lemon vinaigrette
Dinner Veggie stir fry with tofu, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, brown rice
Lunch Vegetable soup, mixed greens salad with chickpeas, olive oil and vinegar dressing
Dinner Grilled wild salmon, roasted Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes

Gisele’s Diet Philosophy

Gisele believes in keeping her diet simple by focusing on whole, nutrient-dense foods. She told People: “I feel best when I eat foods that are high in nutritional value. If you eat junk food, you feel like junk. You don’t feel good.” The supermodel minimizes processed foods, sugar, salt, and unhealthy fats in her diet.

Gisele also believes in listening to her body and eating intuitively based on how she feels. She explained to Into the Gloss: “If my body asks for more protein one day, I make sure I listen to that. I think it’s important to pay attention to what your body is asking for and then supply it with the food it needs.”

In addition to eating clean, Gisele stays active with exercises like yoga, strength training, cardio, and surfing. She emphasises balance, telling Vogue Australia: “It’s all about balance for me. One day I may eat more protein, while the next day I’ll eat lots more veggies. I also love dessert and have a little dark chocolate when I crave something sweet. And I drink wine occasionally.”

Health Benefits of Gisele’s Diet

There are many health advantages to following a diet similar to Gisele’s:

  • Increased energy – The vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant-rich foods Gisele eats fight fatigue and provide natural energy.
  • Weight maintenance – Gisele’s diet is low in processed carbs and sugars which helps keep weight under control.
  • Glowing skin – Her diet contains skin-loving foods like avocados, salmon, nuts, seeds, and vegetables rich in antioxidants.
  • Improved digestion – The fiber from the abundant fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans, lentils, etc. aids digestive health.
  • Reduced inflammation – Her anti-inflammatory foods can ease joint pain, allergy symptoms, headaches, and other inflammatory issues.
  • Better immunity – The nutrients in her diet help support immune function to fight illness and disease.
  • Disease prevention – Her diet protects against conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer in the long term.
  • Slowed aging – Antioxidants in her diet can combat free radical damage and slow signs of aging.

While Gisele’s diet is very clean most of the time, she also allows herself a treat meal here and there. Having an overall balanced approach is key for long term sustainability.

Tips to Eat Like Gisele

Here are some tips to adapt Gisele’s healthy diet and lifestyle habits:

  • Fill your plate with vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, whole grains, beans, lentils, nuts and seeds.
  • Choose organic, local, seasonal ingredients whenever possible.
  • Minimize processed foods, sugar, salt, saturated fat, refined carbs and junk food.
  • Stay hydrated with plenty of water throughout the day.
  • Start your day with hot water and lemon or green tea.
  • Eat an anti-inflammatory breakfast like a veggie omelet or oatmeal with fruit and nuts.
  • Make vegetables the star of your lunch and dinner.
  • Pick healthy fats like olive oil, avocado and salmon.
  • Enjoy desserts like dark chocolate in moderation.
  • Listen to your body’s signals and provide it with the nutrients it needs.
  • Incorporate exercise like yoga, strength training and cardio into your routine.

Sample Clean Eating Gisele-Inspired Day

Here is what a day on a Gisele-inspired clean eating diet might look like:


  • Hot lemon water
  • Overnight oats with chia seeds, almond milk, banana, and mixed berries


  • Apple with almond butter


  • Mixed greens salad with roasted beets, goat cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette
  • Salmon baked with herbs and lemon


  • Carrots and hummus


  • Vegetarian chili with sweet potato and kale
  • Baked Brussels sprouts with Parmesan


  • Dark chocolate brownie bite (1-2 bites)


Gisele Bündchen’s diet focuses on natural, whole foods that nourish her body, inside and out. She minimizes processed items and emphasizes plant-based proteins, healthy fats, complex carbs, and abundant veggies and fruits. This clean eating approach provides Gisele with glowing skin, endless energy, a lean physique, and overall great health. While her diet is very disciplined, she also allows herself small indulgences in moderation. With some adjustments, we can all take inspiration from Gisele’s healthy lifestyle and see the benefits ourselves.