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What is Dr Pepper Red?

Dr Pepper Red is a new limited edition flavor of the popular Dr Pepper soft drink. It was first released in 2022 as a seasonal summer flavor available for a limited time only. Dr Pepper Red has quickly become a fan favorite due to its unique cherry flavored taste.

What Does Dr Pepper Red Taste Like?

The new Dr Pepper Red drink tastes similar to regular Dr Pepper but with a sweet and tangy cherry flavor. It contains the original 23 signature flavors of regular Dr Pepper along with added cherry flavoring. The cherry taste comes through strongly but does not overpower the other flavors. Fans have described the taste as reminiscent of cherry pie or cherry cola. The overall flavor profile is complex yet balanced.

When was Dr Pepper Red Released?

Dr Pepper Red was first released in May 2022 for a limited summer run. It is available for purchase between May and August 2022 while supplies last. This follows Dr Pepper’s strategy of releasing unique flavor editions for short periods to generate excitement and interest. Previous limited editions have included Dr Pepper Dark Berry and Dr Pepper Zero Sugar.

Where Can You Buy Dr Pepper Red?

Since its release, Dr Pepper Red has seen widespread national distribution across the United States. It is available at most major grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations, and retailers that normally carry Dr Pepper products. To find Dr Pepper Red near you, check your local supermarket soda aisle or beverage coolers at convenience stores. You can also order it online from retailers like Amazon or Walmart.

Dr Pepper Red Nutrition Facts

Here are the basic nutrition facts for Dr Pepper Red:

Serving Size 12 fl oz
Calories 150
Total Fat 0g
Sodium 55mg
Total Carbohydrates 41g
Sugars 41g

As you can see, Dr Pepper Red has 150 calories, 41g of sugar, and 0g of fat per 12oz can. It has a nearly identical nutritional profile to regular Dr Pepper.

What Type of Sweetener is Used?

The main sweetener used in Dr Pepper Red is high fructose corn syrup, which is commonly used in sodas. According to the ingredient list, the drink contains no artificial sweeteners. The high fructose corn syrup provides the sweetness needed to balance the added cherry flavors.

Is Dr Pepper Red Caffeinated?

Yes, like the original Dr Pepper soda, Dr Pepper Red is caffeinated. It contains 41mg of caffeine per 12oz can. This provides a moderate caffeine boost equivalent to a can of regular cola.

Are There Diet Versions Available?

So far Dr Pepper has not released any low-calorie or zero sugar versions of Dr Pepper Red. The drink is only available in regular full-sugar form during its limited release. Fans of diet sodas can still enjoy the original Dr Pepper Diet as a zero calorie option with cherry flavoring.

What Type of Packaging is Available?

Dr Pepper Red is sold in standard 12oz aluminum cans, 20oz plastic bottles, and 20oz glass bottles. The signature Dr Pepper logo on the packaging is changed to red coloration to match the new flavor. Multi-packs with 6, 12, or 24 cans are available for purchase at grocery stores, warehouse clubs, and online retailers.

Is this the First New Dr Pepper Flavor?

No, Dr Pepper Red is not the first new flavor for the brand. Dr Pepper has previously released unique flavors for limited times such as:

  • Dr Pepper Cherry – First launched in 2009
  • Dr Pepper & Cream Soda – Released in 2011
  • Dr Pepper “Made with Real Sugar” – Introduced in 2011 using pure cane sugar instead of HFCS
  • Dr Pepper Ten – A low-calorie Dr Pepper launched in 2011
  • Diet Dr Pepper Cherry – Introduced in 2016 as a diet version of Cherry Dr Pepper
  • Dr Pepper Dark Berry – Launched in 2018 for a limited time

Dr Pepper Red continues the brand’s strategy of offering specialty flavors to generate seasonal excitement around the classic Dr Pepper taste.

What is Dr Pepper Made Of?

The exact formula for Dr Pepper is a closely guarded trade secret, but it does contain some key ingredients:

  • Carbonated water – Provides the bubbly, fizzy texture
  • High fructose corn syrup – A sweetener that provides sweetness without overpowering other flavors
  • Phosphoric acid – Sharpens and balances the flavors
  • Natural and artificial flavors – Provides the signature taste with flavors like cherry, vanilla, prunes, and spices
  • Caramel color – Adds richer coloration
  • Caffeine – Added for a pick-me-up effect

The unique 23 flavors in Dr Pepper create its distinctive spicy and complex taste profile that fans love. Dr Pepper Red uses the same base formula with added natural cherry flavors.

Who Makes Dr Pepper Red?

Dr Pepper Red is manufactured and distributed by the Dr Pepper Snapple Group, headquartered in Plano, Texas. The company has ownership of key Dr Pepper brands and products. Dr Pepper Snapple Group is a business unit inside the larger Keurig Dr Pepper conglomerate formed in 2018.

Where is Dr Pepper Manufactured?

While the exact manufacturing locations are kept confidential, Dr Pepper uses a network of licensed bottling plants throughout the United States. The soda is produced through a franchised model where bottlers have rights to bottle and distribute Dr Pepper in their regions. This includes bottling Dr Pepper Red during its limited release.

Does Dr Pepper Red Have Limited Availability?

Yes, Dr Pepper Red is only available for a limited time as a seasonal summer flavor. It first launched in May 2022 and will likely be discontinued by the end of August 2022. Fans should stock up on it while they can because supplies are limited.

Dr Pepper brings back popular limited editions occasionally based on consumer demand, but there are no guarantees. After Dr Pepper Red’s limited run ends, the only way to enjoy its unique cherry flavor will be in remaining inventory.

Will Dr Pepper Red Become a Permanent Flavor?

At this point there are no plans for Dr Pepper to add Red as a permanent new flavor. The company considers it a limited edition release designed to generate interest during the key summer selling season. However, if Dr Pepper Red proves popular enough, the company may reconsider extending it as an ongoing flavor option alongside regular Dr Pepper, Diet Dr Pepper, and other specialty flavors.

How Successful Has the Launch of Dr Pepper Red Been?

By most accounts, the launch of Dr Pepper Red in summer 2022 has been a success. It has garnered significant attention on social media and strong sales during its limited release window. Fans seem excited by the new cherry-flavored offering and interest in trying it while supplies last.

One key indicator of success is that stores are struggling to keep Dr Pepper Red in stock to meet consumer demand. This suggests it is selling fast and may be on track to outperform previous limited flavor launches like Dark Berry. The company is likely satisfied with the buzz and sales boost the new flavor is providing.

What Dr Pepper Products Does the Company Make?

In addition to Dr Pepper Red, other Dr Pepper branded products include:

  • Dr Pepper – The original and flagship carbonated soft drink
  • Diet Dr Pepper – Zero calorie, sugar-free version
  • Dr Pepper Zero Sugar – New zero sugar formula launched in 2020
  • Caffeine Free Dr Pepper – For people who want Dr Pepper without the caffeine
  • Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper – Combining cherry and vanilla flavors
  • Dr Pepper & Cream Soda – Mixing Dr Pepper and cream soda
  • Dr Pepper Ten – A lower-calorie Dr Pepper option
  • Diet Cherry Chocolate Dr Pepper – Cherry chocolate diet soda

The company also bottles various other brands through licensing agreements including 7UP, Sunkist soda, A&W Root Beer, and more.

Does Dr Pepper Red Have Any Promotional Partnerships?

For the launch of Dr Pepper Red in summer 2022, Dr Pepper partnered with popular restaurant chain SONIC Drive-In. For a limited time, SONIC locations across the country featured a new “Cherry Limeade Blast” freeze drink made with Dr Pepper Red. This cross-promotion helped showcase Dr Pepper’s exciting new flavor.

Dr Pepper frequently partners with restaurants, convenience stores, and other brands to run joint promotions around major flavor launches. These partnerships give added exposure and consumer access to try new Dr Pepper products.

What is Dr Pepper’s Brand Slogan?

Dr Pepper’s long running brand slogan and positioning is “Dr Pepper – Always One of a Kind.” This highlights how Dr Pepper has a uniquely flavored taste unlike major cola brands. The “Always One of a Kind” tagline fits well with Dr Pepper Red as a new, unusual flavor offering that stands out.

When was Dr Pepper Invented?

The first Dr Pepper soda was invented by Charles Alderton, a young pharmacist in Waco, Texas in 1885. Alderton worked at Wade Morrison’s Old Corner Drug Store where he began experimenting with unique flavor combinations. He created the formula for Dr Pepper with 23 distinct flavors, naming it after the drug store owner.

Dr Pepper soon became popular at the pharmacy’s soda fountain. The first bottling franchise was awarded in 1904, allowing Dr Pepper to be enjoyed beyond the pharmacy. The drink grew in popularity across Texas and the U.S. through the early 1900s. Today it is one of the most popular soda brands in America over 130 years after its invention.


Dr Pepper Red brings the classic Dr Pepper taste to life with a delicious new cherry flavor. The sweet and tangy taste profile has been a big hit with fans during its limited release in summer 2022. While originally launched as a seasonal flavor, there is hope Dr Pepper Red may return in the future or even become a permanent addition to store shelves. Be sure to grab some Dr Pepper Red while you still can to enjoy its unique and memorable cherry kiss flavor.