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What is considered medium brown?

What is considered medium brown?

There are a few key factors that define what shade is considered “medium brown” for hair color.

The Color Spectrum

In the spectrum of brown hair colors, medium brown generally falls somewhere between light brown and dark brown. It’s a versatile shade that is rich but not too dark. Here’s an overview of the color spectrum:

Lighter Browns Medium Browns Darker Browns
Beige blonde Chestnut Espresso
Golden brown Chocolate Dark chocolate
Light ash brown Mocha Coffee brown
Taupe Caramel Dark bay brown

As you can see, medium brown encompasses natural-looking warm brown tones like chestnut, chocolate, mocha, and caramel.

Level System

Hair colorists often use a level system from 1 to 10 to classify shades of brown. In this system:

  • Level 1 is black
  • Levels 2-3 are dark brown
  • Levels 4-5 are medium brown
  • Levels 6-7 are light brown
  • Level 8 is dark blonde
  • Levels 9-10 are lightest blonde

So medium brown corresponds to levels 4 and 5 on this scale. Level 4 is a rich medium brown, while level 5 is lighter but still a medium shade.

Numeric Scales

Some hair color brands use numeric systems to quantify shade intensity. Numbers usually range from 1 to 10, with higher numbers denoting darker colors. Here’s an example from Clairol:

Clairol Number Hair Color Level
5 Medium brown
4 Light brown
6 Dark brown

So a Clairol number of 5 corresponds to a medium brown shade.

Descriptive Terms

In addition to numeric scales, descriptive terms can identify medium brown shades:

  • Chestnut – Rich reddish-brown color like the chestnut nut
  • Chocolate – Darker warm shade reminiscent of milk chocolate
  • Mocha – Warm tone evoking the coffee drink made with chocolate
  • Caramel – Golden brown with subtle warm red undertones
  • Cocoa – Darker brown with hints of gray like powdered cocoa mix
  • Taupe – Grayish shade of medium brown

These terms paint a sensory picture of the color’s appearance. Names like chestnut, chocolate and caramel convey warm, rich medium brown tones.

Celebrity Examples

We can also look to celebrity hair colors as real-life examples of medium brown shades:

  • Jessica Alba – Rich chestnut brown locks
  • Megan Fox – Deep chocolate brown hair
  • Anne Hathaway – Milk chocolate brown tone
  • Olivia Munn – Dark mocha brown shade
  • Sarah Hyland – Warm caramel brown hair

These stars help capture the versatility of medium brown, from Jessica Alba’s reddish chestnut to Olivia Munn’s dark mocha brown.

Hair Color Charts

Hair color shade charts provide visual examples of different brown shades. Here’s an example chart showing medium browns:

Chestnut brown hair example Chocolate brown hair example
Mocha brown hair example Caramel brown hair example

These real-life photos demonstrate the range of warm, rich shades that qualify as medium brown.

Technical Specifications

We can also reference scientific specifications to pinpoint what qualifies as medium brown hair dye. Professional permanent hair color lines use standardized technical language on their packaging. For example:

  • 5N = Level 5 neutral brown
  • 4R = Level 4 warm reddish brown
  • 5G = Level 5 cool beige brown

So a professional demi-permanent hair color with a level 4 or 5 would deliver a medium brown shade.

The Takeaway

In summary, medium brown hair color is characterized by:

  • Falling between light and dark brown on the spectrum
  • Corresponding to levels 4-5 on the hair color level system
  • Being denoted by numbers 4-5 on brand-specific numeric scales
  • Having descriptive names like chestnut, chocolate, mocha
  • Appearing in shades worn by celebrities like Jessica Alba and Anne Hathaway
  • Being shown in hair color shade charts as rich, warm brunette tones
  • Having technical permanent hair color specifications at levels 4 and 5

With this multidimensional understanding of medium brown, you can select your ideal rich brunette shade with confidence. Whether you want a chocolate brown reminiscent of Megan Fox or a chestnut tone like Jessica Alba, medium brown has a flattering option to match your style.