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What is color friend vs 100?

Color friend vs 100 is a comparison of two popular color palette tools – Color Friend and Adobe Color CC. Both tools allow users to create, customize and explore color palettes for design projects. In this article, we will examine the key features and differences between Color Friend and Adobe Color CC to help you determine which tool may be better suited for your needs.

Introducing Color Friend and Adobe Color CC

First, let’s briefly introduce both tools:

Color Friend

Color Friend is a free online color palette generator created by game designer Philippe Lang. It allows users to create color palettes from scratch or browse thousands of premade palettes created by other users. Features include:

  • Intuitive palette creator with color picker and hue slider
  • Large collection of premade palettes to browse
  • Options to sort, tag and search palettes
  • Tools to extract colors from images
  • Social features like favoriting and following other users

Adobe Color CC

Adobe Color CC (formerly Adobe Kuler) is a free color wheel tool provided by Adobe as part of their Creative Cloud suite. Key features include:

  • Color wheel for visually exploring color harmonies
  • Library of premade color themes to browse
  • Ability to upload images to extract color palettes
  • Social connectivity with commenting and favoriting
  • Integration with other Adobe Creative Cloud apps

Color Selection Tools

The most fundamental part of any color tool is how users can create and customize palettes. Let’s compare the color selection tools in Color Friend and Adobe Color CC:

Color Friend Adobe Color CC
Color picker
Color wheel
Color harmony rules
Hue slider
Image color extraction

Color Friend features an intuitive palette creator with a color picker and hue slider for modifying colors. Adobe Color CC is built around a color wheel with preset color harmony rules like complementary, analagous, triadic, etc. Both tools allow extracting colors from uploaded images.

Browsing and Discovering Palettes

In addition to creating new palettes, browsing premade palettes can provide inspiration. Here is how Color Friend and Adobe Color CC compare in this regard:

Color Friend Adobe Color CC
Library size Over 300,000 palettes Over 2 million themes
Sorting/filtering Sort by popular, recent, random, etc. Filter by color harmony, most used, newest, etc.
Search/tags Search palettes by name and tags Search by keyword

Adobe Color CC has a significantly larger library of premade palettes to browse, but Color Friend provides more options to sort, filter and search through palettes. Color Friend also uses tags and recommends related palettes.

Social Features

The social aspects of sharing and engaging with color palettes is another area of comparison:

Color Friend Adobe Color CC
Likes/favorites ❤️ Favorite palettes ❤️ Like palettes
Comments ✅ Comment on palettes ✅ Comment on themes
Sharing Share palettes by link Share themes by link
Profiles ✅ User profiles showing favorites and uploads ❌ No user profiles

Both Color Friend and Adobe Color CC allow users to like/favorite, comment on, and share palettes by link. However, Color Friend also has user profiles where you can see favorited palettes and followers.

Platforms and Apps

Here is an overview of platforms, apps and integrations for the two tools:

Color Friend Adobe Color CC
Web app
Mobile apps iOS and Android apps iOS only
Desktop apps Integrated into Creative Cloud desktop apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.
Integrations Integrated with various Adobe Creative Cloud tools

Color Friend offers web, iOS and Android apps. Adobe Color CC is web-based but also accessible through Creative Cloud desktop tools. It has tighter integration with other Adobe products.


Making color palettes accessible to those with visual impairments is also an important consideration:

Color Friend Adobe Color CC
Color blindness simulation ✅ Simulate different types of color blindness ❌ No color blindness simulator
Text contrast checker ✅ Check text contrast ratios ❌ No contrast checker
Accessible color ratings ✅ Colors rated by accessibility ❌ No accessibility ratings

Color Friend has more built-in accessibility features like color blindness simulation, text contrast checking, and accessible color ratings. Adobe Color CC currently lacks these tools.

Additional Features

There are also some additional features to note:

Color Friend Adobe Color CC
Gradients ✅ Linear and radial gradient generator ❌ No gradient tools
Palettes from Images Multiple tools to extract color palettes from images Upload single image to extract palette
Browser extension ✅ Extract colors from sites ❌ No browser extension

Some unique features of Color Friend include gradient generation, robust image palette extraction, and a browser extension for grabbing colors from websites.


In summary, here are some key differences between Color Friend and Adobe Color CC:

  • Color Friend offers more flexibility and options for customizing palettes, while Adobe Color CC provides color wheel-based harmonies.
  • Adobe Color CC has a larger library of premade palettes to browse, but Color Friend gives you more ways to filter and search.
  • Color Friend has more robust social features like user profiles.
  • Adobe Color CC is integrated into Creative Cloud apps and workflows.
  • Color Friend has better accessibility features and options.
  • Color Friend includes some additional tools like gradients and browser extension.

For most users, Color Friend provides a richer free palette creation experience with its customizable workspace, accessibility checks, and community engagement features. However, designers who already subscribe to Creative Cloud may find deeper integration and convenience with Adobe Color CC.

The best way to decide is to try both tools hands-on. Their online interfaces make it easy to explore the features and find which color palette tool fits your personal needs and workflow best.