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What is Cal’s lightsaber?

Cal Kestis, the protagonist of the video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, wields an iconic blue lightsaber throughout his journey. As a Padawan who survived Order 66, Cal’s lightsaber represents an important part of his identity as a Jedi. Let’s take a closer look at the history, design, and meaning behind Cal’s weapon.

The History of Cal’s Lightsaber

Cal originally constructed his lightsaber as a youngling under the tutelage of Master Yoda prior to the events of Fallen Order. After the execution of Order 66 and the Great Jedi Purge, Cal was forced into hiding and gave up his Jedi ways. As a result, he hid his lightsaber away to avoid being discovered.

Years later, at the urging of his new companion Cere Junda, Cal reclaimed his Jedi heritage and rebuilt his damaged lightsaber. This symbolic act marked Cal’s return to the Jedi path. Wielding his blade once more, Cal embarked on a quest to unlock his full potential in the Force and help rebuild the Jedi Order.

The Design of Cal’s Lightsaber

Cal’s lightsaber features a simple, elegant design befitting his Padawan status. The hilt is built from smooth metal pieces wrapped in brown leather straps for grip. The emitter shroud protecting the kyber crystal has a distinctive angled shape. Two blue energy channels flank the central blade emitter, giving the weapon a symmetric appearance.

When activated, Cal’s lightsaber produces a vibrant blue plasma blade, the distinctive weapon of the Jedi Order. The bright color indicates the blade’s immense power, comparable to lightsabers wielded by experienced Jedi Masters. Yet the unrestrained nature of the energy reflects Cal’s still-developing skills.

Key Details

  • Hilt material: Machined metal & leather wrappings
  • Blade color: Blue
  • Blade type: Plasma
  • Emitter shroud: Angled metal fins

The Meaning Behind Cal’s Lightsaber

As with any Jedi’s lightsaber, Cal’s weapon reflects key elements of his personality and journey. Some notable symbolic meanings include:

Connection to the Jedi Order

The kyber crystal powering Cal’s blade connects him to the light side of the Force and the ancient tradition of the Jedi Knights. This represents his heritage and training under Master Yoda.

Inner Conflict and Growth

Cracks formed in Cal’s kyber crystal when he severed his connection to the Force, representing the trauma of Order 66. As Cal repairs the crystal, he repairs his own damaged spirit and reforges his dedication to the Jedi path.

Youth and Potential

The simple design embodies Cal’s Padawan status. The unlimited power of the plasma blade represents his vast latent abilities in the Force that will continue to grow as Cal develops his skills and control.


As one of the few surviving Jedi after Order 66, Cal’s lightsaber represents hope for the future of the Jedi Order. His grasp of the Force and dedication to Jedi ideals could help rebuild what was lost.

In summary, Cal Kestis’ lightsaber is an elegant weapon reflecting a troubled past and promising future. It symbolizes his connection to the living Force, his ongoing growth, and his role as a beacon of hope for the Jedi. As Cal wields this blade on his journeys, it continues to take on new meaning reflecting the young hero’s ever-evolving story.


Cal Kestis’ lightsaber is more than just a powerful weapon – it is an extension of his identity as a Jedi. The history of the blade traces Cal’s trajectory from wary survivor to rising hero embracing his destiny. Its sleek, energetic design encapsulates Cal’s youth and burgeoning skill. And its symbolism reveals deeper insights into Cal’s psyche as he struggles with trauma, seeks to rebuild the Jedi, and comes to terms with his strength. By understanding Cal’s lightsaber, we can better appreciate the development of this compelling new character within the rich lore of Star Wars.