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What is beige color palette with hex code?

Beige is a neutral and calming color that can work in almost any room. While often thought of as boring, the right beige color palette can create a sophisticated, timeless look. Beige encompasses a wide range of light brown shades, from very light tan to darker sandy hues. When decorating with beige, it’s important to choose the right tones to create the look and feel you want.

The Meaning of Beige

Beige is associated with neutrality, calmness, and simplicity. It’s considered a safe color palette that’s easy to decorate with. Some of the psychological meanings associated with beige include:

  • Practicality
  • Understated elegance
  • Dignified
  • Calming
  • Modest

Beige works well in almost any room of the home. It can create a soothing oasis in bedrooms, a muted backdrop in living spaces, and a calming feel in office areas. Beige is commonly used in commercial spaces like offices and hotels because of its neutrality.

Shades of Beige Color Palette

There are many shades of beige ranging from very pale tan to darker brown. Some of the most popular beige color shades include:

  • Cream – #FFFDD0
  • Eggshell – #F0EAD6
  • Champagne – #F7E7CE
  • Blonde – #F8F5E4
  • Burlap – #EBE4D6
  • Natural – #D5C8AA
  • Sable – #C2B59B
  • Sandstone – #C9AE8B
  • Khaki – #C3B091

Lighter beige colors like cream and eggshell have a softened look, while darker beiges like sandstone and khaki come across as more neutral. Blending different shades of beige together can create depth and interest.

Beige Color Palette Hex Codes

Each shade of beige has a specific hex code that represents the precise hue. Here are some popular beige shades with their color codes:

Beige Shade Hex Code
Cream #FFFDD0
Eggshell #F0EAD6
Champagne #F7E7CE
Blonde #F8F5E4
Burlap #EBE4D6
Natural #D5C8AA
Sable #C2B59B
Sandstone #C9AE8B
Khaki #C3B091

Hex codes are 6-digit codes that represent the specific RGB color values. They allow for accurate color matching across different programs and devices. When selecting a beige palette, having the exact hex codes on hand helps ensure colors translate true to screen and print.

Decorating with a Beige Color Palette

Beige can be used as a neutral base or as an accent in home decor. Here are some tips for effectively decorating with beige:

  • Use layers of beige – Add visual interest by using light, medium and dark beige tones together. Vary textures too.
  • mix with other neutrals – Pair beige with whites, browns, tans, and blacks for a soothing neutral room.
  • Add pops of color – Use bright accent colors like turquoise, yellow or red to keep beige palettes from feeling boring.
  • Natural materials – Wood, rattan, jute and linen bring warmth and texture to beige color schemes.
  • Metallic accents – Brushed gold, silver and copper elements tie beige palettes together with a hint of glam.

Beige works in all design styles. Light airy beiges suit boho spaces, while deep natural tones work well in modern and contemporary rooms. For traditional spaces, cream and eggshell beiges create an elegant base.

Beige Room Color Schemes

Beige can be paired with almost any color for a soothing and relaxing room palette. Here are some popular beige color schemes:

  • Beige and blue – Blonde beige with soft sky blue creates a calming oasis
  • Beige and green – Khaki and sage green gives an earthy, natural look
  • Beige and yellow – Champagne beige and mustard yellow is bright and cheerful
  • Beige and red – Cream beige with burgundy red for an elegant study or library
  • Beige and purple – Eggshell beige and lilac purple makes a soothing bedroom

Beige can also be paired with warm wood tones, black for contrast, and crisp whites for a light airy scheme. Use adjoining rooms to experiment with different beige color combinations.

Beige in Different Rooms

Beige is versatile enough to work in any room of the home. Here are some ways to use beige color palettes in different rooms:

Living Room

In living rooms, beige creates a welcoming neutral backdrop. Use lighter beiges on walls and pair with walnut floors and white trim for a relaxing feel. Add pops of color with pillows, throws and accessories.


Create a peaceful sleeping space with beige walls and lighter beige bedding. Layer in textures like wool blankets and linen drapery. Accent with black and white photography and greenery.


For a spa-like bathroom opt for beige walls with white wainscoting and sandstone beige tiles. Add gold accents and plenty of fluffy white towels for a serene look.


Use deeper beige cabinetry paired with marble or quartz countertops and backsplash for a timeless kitchen. Contrast with black hardware and light beige walls.

Dining Room

Create an elegant dining space with beige walls, olive painted chairs, and a natural wood dining table. Cream beige drapes and metallic accents finish the refined look.

Home Office

Blonde beige walls make the perfect muted backdrop for focusing in a home office. Add warm wood desk and shelving along with pops of green from plants.


Beige is a versatile neutral that can lend any space a sophisticated and calming look. From light creams to deep khakis, beige color palettes range from airy to earthy. Use the beige shade hex codes provided to identify the perfect neutral beige for your design needs. Layer beige with other soothing colors and natural textures for a relaxed aesthetic. With proper implementation, a beige color scheme can feel anything but boring.