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What is aura energy?

What is aura energy?

Aura energy refers to the invisible field of energy that surrounds all living things. It is believed that this subtle energy field reflects our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states. The concept of an aura has existed for thousands of years across many cultures and spiritual traditions. In recent decades, the ability to see auras through psychic abilities or other techniques has gained more mainstream acceptance. Understanding and working with your aura can provide powerful insights into your inner world.

What is an aura?

An aura is an oval-shaped, colored field of energy that surrounds a person’s body. According to ancient esoteric texts, the aura consists of multiple layers, each associated with a different facet of the individual. The main layers are:

Aura Layer Meaning
Etheric Aura Closest to the body, it reflects physical health and vitality
Emotional Aura Reflects emotions, relationships and emotional health
Mental Aura Reflects thoughts, beliefs, mental focus and learning style
Spiritual Aura Reflects spiritual health, soul energy and psychic abilities

The colors, patterns and clarity of these layers provide information about a person’s inner landscape. A bright, smooth aura indicates health and vitality, while distortions or dark colors signify energy imbalances.

History of the aura concept

The notion of a human aura has existed in many Eastern traditions for thousands of years. Ancient Indian Vedic texts describe Prana – the vital energy that permeates all living things. In traditional Chinese medicine, this energy is called Chi or Qi. The Kabbalah, a Jewish mystical tradition, refers to the human aura as a light body. Christian art has long depicted saints and spiritual figures with halos above their heads.

The modern concept of the aura originated with Charles Webster Leadbeater, a former priest of the Church of England. In his book Man Visible and Invisible published in 1903, he illustrated and described the aura’s appearance at different stages of human spiritual development. His work went on to influence the famous Theosophist Annie Besant and artist Charles W. Leadbeater.

Seeing the aura

Most people are not able to perceive auras with their physical eyes alone. However, some naturally gifted clairvoyants and psychics report seeing colors and lights around people’s bodies, often with surprising accuracy. The human aura can also be detected through Kirlian photography – a technique that uses high voltage to produce photographic images of corona discharges.

With practice, it is possible for anyone to learn to sense and eventually see the aura. Methods for developing auric sight include:

  • Meditation – calms the mind allowing aura perception
  • Using peripheral vision – lets you detect faint energy fields
  • Training with a friend – have them stand against a plain background while you practice seeing their aura colors and changes
  • Getting plenty of rest – aura viewing takes focus which diminishes when you’re tired

Interpreting aura colors

Different colors in the aura convey information about a person’s thoughts, emotions, health and spirituality. Here is a guide to the most common aura colors and their meanings:

Aura Color Meaning
Red Vitality, passion, sexuality, anger
Orange Creativity, confidence, artistic flair
Yellow Optimism, joy, mental focus
Green Healing, peace, nurturing tendencies
Blue Spirituality, tranquility, intuitive
Violet Psychic abilities, mystical, wise
White Purity, truth, angelic qualities
Gray Depression, exhaustion, energy depletion
Brown Grounded, practical, stable
Black Hatred, negativity, illness

Auras contain many color gradations and combinations. For instance, a bright yellow-orange aura indicates creative inspiration. Deep violet with flecks of silver suggests someone with strong psychic gifts. Learning to interpret the nuances takes practice.

How to read your own aura

You can learn a lot about your energy, thoughts and overall well-being by regularly observing your own aura. Find a quiet space and stand against a neutral background, like a white wall. Loosen any tight clothing that may constrict your energy field. Relax your gaze and focus softly around your body – avoid looking directly at yourself.

Notice any colors, patches, movement or unusual patterns. Murky brown indicates you may need more rest. Shimmering green can mean your heart chakra is opening. After practice, you’ll learn your own aura patterns and what they mean for you. Keeping an aura journal is helpful for tracking shifts over time. Also observe how your aura changes in response to thoughts, moods or physical health.

Cleansing the aura

Like taking a shower, it feels great to regularly cleanse your aura of any built up energetic debris. This can improve both your physical and emotional health. Methods for aura cleansing include:

  • Spending time in nature – connecting with the earth’s healing energy.
  • Smudging – waving sage or palo santo smoke around your aura.
  • Visualization – imagine a beam of light clearing your aura field.
  • Aura sprays – premade energetic clearing sprays.
  • Salt bath – soaking away heavy energies.

Notice how light and refreshed you feel after clearing and resetting your aura! Make it a habit to cleanse your energy whenever you feel run down or emotionally congested.

Protecting your aura

Once clean, you’ll want to keep your aura free of other people’s negative energy. Highly sensitive people are especially prone to absorbing heavy or draining auras around them. Useful techniques for protecting your personal energy include:

  • Shielding visualization – picture an envelope of light around your aura.
  • Black tourmaline – this crystal helps neutralize electromagnet frequencies.
  • Essential oils – cinnamon, frankincense and tea tree oil fortify the aura.
  • Aura sprays – premixed formulas create an energetic shield.
  • White light meditation – surround yourself in Divine white light.

Imagine your aura like a force field bubble – letting in positive energy but deflecting anything toxic or draining. Setting these energetic boundaries is critical for empaths and healers.

Balancing the aura

When certain parts of your aura feel blocked or your overall energy seems stuck, try these simple techniques to get back into flow:

  • Flower essences – take as directed or add to baths or mist sprays.
  • Crystals – place corresponding stones on chakra points.
  • Movement – get stagnant chi moving with yoga, dance or exercise.
  • Nature – take a forest bath or meditate by water.
  • Sound – use gongs, chimes, singing bowls or crystal bowls attuned to chakra frequencies.

Listen to your intuition on which methods would feel most nourishing or energizing. Regular aura balancing keeps your energy system humming in a healthy, harmonious state.

Aura readings

Professional aura readers and energy healers can provide profound insights into your state of being – physically, emotionally and spiritually. Look for reputable readers with experience detecting and interpreting auras. Be open to hearing any messages that will empower your growth. An accurate reading can reveal:

  • Energy leaks – holes or weaknesses in the aura that leave you drained.
  • Cords – emotional or psychic attachments to people or places.
  • Entity attachments – negative energies or thought forms that have latched on.
  • Past life influences – how karma and ancestral patterns affect you now.
  • Life purpose – clues about your soul gifts and best path.

A good aura reader will not just report what they see but will help guide you toward rebalancing and aligning your energy for optimal health and awareness.

Aura healing

In addition to reading auras, some intuitives practice aura healing or energy medicine. Sessions involve scanning your aura to detect areas of imbalance or depletion. They will then use light, color and frequency to repair aura leaks, clear blockages, reset chakras, release limiting beliefs, cords and entities, and seal your field with protection.

Benefits reported from this energy healing work include:

  • Feeling lighter and more energized
  • Gaining spiritual and intuitive insights
  • Releasing old emotional wounds
  • Improving sleep and digestion
  • Reducing anxiety or depression
  • Deepening connection with your purpose

If traditional medicine has not been able to identify the root cause of your health issues, consider booking an aura healing session with an experienced energy worker. Be patient with the process and drink plenty of water after to help flush out released energies.

Developing your ability

With time and practice, you can strengthen your own innate capacity to read and heal auras. Useful skills to cultivate include:

  • Clairvoyance – clear seeing of energy fields and imagery.
  • Clairsentience – sensing subtle vibrations and resonances.
  • Telepathy – tuning into thoughts, emotions and intentions.
  • Mediumship – communicating with spirits and guides.
  • Pranic healing – moving, repairing, sealing and protecting energy.

Study aura reading manuals, take workshops on aura vision and energy manipulation, practice daily to sharpen your perceptions. Your gifts will unfold with use.

Scientific research on auras

Despite widespread anecdotal evidence for auras, the scientific community has struggled to conclusively verify or measure this ephemeral energy. A 1939 study by psychiatrist Walter J. Kilner used special filters to observe that many subjects had three superimposed misty colored outlines around them. However, his research was criticized for potential design flaws.

More recently, the development of electrical gas discharge visualization (EGDV) technology has allowed researchers to photograph what appears to be the biomagnetic energy field around living things. Studies have shown EGD patterns shifting as a subject moves through different emotional states.

Some physicists theorize that the aura may relate to the body’s bioenergetic or bioelectric field. However, we have yet to identify the exact source and nature of aura energy through scientific means. There is still much to be learned about our energy anatomy and its connection to consciousness.


The concept of a subtle energetic body that mirrors our physical condition has persisted across cultures and eras. Developing the ability to perceive auras can provide a wealth of insight into your own patterns, challenges, gifts and soul path. With skill and practice, you may also assist others in balancing their energy through aura readings and energy work. From ancient scriptures to modern intuitives, the knowledge of our luminous aura energy continues to enlighten humanity.