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What is a good wedding dress color?

What is a good wedding dress color?

Choosing the right wedding dress color is an important decision for brides-to-be. The color of your wedding dress sets the tone for your entire wedding day look and style. When selecting a wedding dress color, there are a few key factors to consider including season, venue, formality, and personal style. In this article, we’ll overview the most popular and versatile wedding dress colors to help you choose the perfect hue for your big day. We’ll also provide color pairing and styling tips to ensure you feel confident and beautiful walking down the aisle.

Most Popular Wedding Dress Colors

Here are some of the most popular wedding dress colors and when to wear them:


White is the most traditional and popular color choice for wedding dresses. It symbolizes purity and innocence. White flatters most skin tones and works for weddings in any season. There are many shades of white wedding dresses to choose from including stark bright white, warm creamy white, antique ivory, and more. White looks beautiful in both formal and casual wedding settings.


Ivory wedding dresses have a warm, creamy off-white hue. Ivory is a great alternative to stark white and pairs well with most skin tones. It has a soft romantic look perfect for summer and spring weddings. Ivory also suits more casual beach and backyard weddings.


Champagne wedding dresses have a golden undertone that adds a touch of warmth. This color looks gorgeous on tan and darker skin tones. It also has an elegant, upscale look perfect for formal affairs. Champagne dresses are ideal for fall and winter weddings.


Blush wedding gowns have a pinkish nude or rose gold hue. This ultra feminine color is perfect for whimsical, romantic weddings. Blush flatters most complexions and looks beautiful at spring and summer weddings, especially outdoor ceremonies. It’s also ideal for casual rustic or boho themes.


Silver wedding dresses make a glamorous style statement. This color has an eye-catching shimmery effect and pairs well with white for a two-tone look. Silver and metallic dresses match winter wonderland or black-tie themes. Silver suits cooler skin tones best.

Color Seasons Venues Themes
White All seasons All venues Classic, formal
Ivory Spring, Summer Outdoor, Casual Vintage, Romantic
Champagne Fall, Winter Indoor, Formal Elegant, Glamorous
Blush Spring, Summer Outdoor, Casual Whimsical, Boho
Silver Winter Indoor, Formal Black-tie, Metallic

Other Popular Colors

Here are some other wedding dress color options that are trending:

– Gold – perfect for luxurious formal weddings.

– Light blue – looks gorgeous on spring and summer brides.

– Pastels – mint, lavender, pink suit whimsical themes.

– Red – makes a bold statement for modern brides.

– Green – emerald is elegant, mint is playful and casual.

– Yellow – bright and cheerful color for outdoor weddings.

– Grey – has a sophisticated look for winter ceremonies.

– Black – dramatic option for gothic, black-tie affairs.

The options are endless when it comes to wedding dress colors! Choose a hue that flatters your complexion and fits the mood you want to convey on your big day.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Color

When narrowing down your wedding dress color, keep these factors in mind:

Season and Weather

Select a color suitable for the season and weather. For example, rich tones like burgundy suit winter weddings, while pastels complement spring and summer celebrations. Stick to breathable fabrics like chiffon for beach weddings.

Venue and Formality

The venue often dictates the formality of the event. Outdoor and rustic venues call for casual colors like blush or champagne, while ballrooms and hotels have an elegant vibe perfect for colors like silver or navy.

Wedding Theme and Style

If you have a color scheme or defined theme, choose a dress that fits in. For example, jewel tones align with rich color palettes, while metallics match glam Art Deco themes.

Skin Tone and Hair Color

Select a wedding dress color that complements your skin tone, eye color, and hair color. Cool-toned brides look lovely in icy colors like blues and purples, while warm skin pops in shades like champagne and rose.

Personal Style and Preference

Most importantly, pick a wedding dress color you adore! It should reflect your personal style and make you look and feel beautiful on your special day.

How to Style Different Wedding Dress Colors

Proper styling brings your wedding dress color to life. Follow these tips:

White Wedding Dresses

– Glowing skin and a subtle tan compliment a white wedding dress. Get spray tans or use bronzer 2-3 weeks before the wedding.

– Any color flowers and accessories work! Stick to white or greenery for very traditional affairs.

– Wear white or diamond jewelry to accent the dress. Silver, pearl or crystal also pairs nicely.

– Style your hair up in a chic updo to showcase a white dress. Waves, curls and braids also look beautiful.

Ivory Wedding Dresses

– Play up sun-kissed summer skin with an ivory gown. Bronzer and highlight can help mimic a warm tan.

– Ivory suits both bold blooms like red roses or peonies and softer flowers like baby’s breath.

– Metallic jewelry like rose gold, copper and bronze complement ivory dresses. Wood accents also work well.

– Wear hair half up/half down for a romantic feel. Loose curls and waves enhance the softness.

Champagne Wedding Dresses

– Opt for a champagne or brown smokey eye and neutral rosy lips with this dress color.

– Rich fall hues like burgundy, blush and plum flowers suit champagne gowns.

– Rose gold, copper and crystal jewelry is ideal. Diamonds add even more sparkle.

– Sleek low buns, intricate updos, and side-swept loose waves look elegant.

Blush Wedding Dresses

– Play up your natural flush with blush or bronzer across cheeks, eyes and lips.

– Pink, peach, and coral flowers complement the dress. Greenery adds freshness.

– Pearls, gold, or dainty floral jewelry keeps things feminine and light.

– Half up braided styles adorned with florals exude a woodsy boho vibe.

Silver Wedding Dresses

– Do a bold vampy lip with silver shadowed eyes for an edgy metallic look.

– White flowers pop against silver like roses, calla lilies, and carnations.

– Diamond jewelry is perfect for sparkling silver dresses. Crystals also enhance shine.

– Sleek high buns, french twists, and pixie cuts suit the modern glam style.


The color of your wedding dress is one of the most memorable style choices you’ll make as a bride. From timeless white to bold red, the options are endless. Consider the season, venue, wedding theme and your personal coloring when choosing a hue. And don’t be afraid to break tradition with a unique color that expresses your style. Endless styling possibilities allow you to bring any wedding dress color to life. Work with your bridal beauty team to customize your makeup, flowers and jewelry. On your wedding day, pull together a look that makes you feel confident, beautiful and absolutely joyful as you walk down the aisle in your dream dress.