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What is a good color to wear for mother’s Day?

What is a good color to wear for mother’s Day?

When choosing an outfit for Mother’s Day, the color you wear can convey certain meanings and sentiments. Selecting a color that complements the occasion shows thoughtfulness about honoring mom on her special day. The right color can also coordinate well with common Mother’s Day activities like brunch or time spent together as a family. This article will explore good color options to wear for Mother’s Day along with the symbolism and messaging behind each hue.

Traditional Mother’s Day Colors

Some traditional colors associated with Mother’s Day include:


Pink is one of the most popular color choices for Mother’s Day. It’s a feminine hue associated with love, warmth, and appreciation. Wearing different shades of pink on Mother’s Day shows admiration and gratitude towards mom. Light pinks are gentle, sweet options, while bolder pinks convey deep affection. Pink flowers are also commonly given, so wearing pink can complement a Mother’s Day bouquet.


Red signifies love, passion, and dedication. Gifted red roses have long been a Mother’s Day tradition as well. Wearing red demonstrates the strength of love for mom and appreciation for all she does. Bright reds are bold while softer reds like burgundy are elegant. Red is eye-catching and vibrant, making a heartfelt statement.


Purple has royal symbolism, representing wisdom, dignity, and devotion. As a blend of soothing blue and lively red, purple conveys both affection and respect for mom. Different purple shades have unique meanings – lighter lavenders show delicate admiration, deeper purples communicate esteem and honor.


Blue represents trust, reliability, and faithfulness – fitting qualities for motherhood. Soft powder blues are calm and gentle, great for showing care and reassurance. Navy blues are classic and traditional, perfect if coordinating with mom or other family members. Blue is also a soothing hue that inspires peace.

Coordinating Mother’s Day Colors

If you’ll be spending Mother’s Day together as a family, think about selecting coordinating colors. Here are some color combinations that work well:

Soft pink and white

For a springtime vibe, pair delicate pink with crisp white. This tandem conveys warmth and purity for a sweet Mother’s Day palette. Add white flowers or accessories to complement a light pink dress.

Red, pink and blue

Red, pink and blue are all classic Mother’s Day colors. Wearing them together blends traditional meaning. For example, don a navy blue dress with pink shoes and a red bracelet or scarf. This patriotic scheme shows love for mom and country.

Purple and yellow

Uplifting yellow infused with meaningful purple creates a bright, lively combo. The richness of purple balances sunny yellow for a thoughtful yet joyful pairing. Embrace this blend with a purple top and yellow skirt or accents.

Pink and green

For a spring-inspired vibe, blend soft pink with fresh green. Pink symbolizes admiration while green represents renewal and nature. Pair a pink blouse with an emerald skirt or wear pink with jade jewelry. This colorful duo honors mom while welcoming the season.

Colors to Avoid for Mother’s Day

Some colors are better to avoid when dressing for Mother’s Day. These shades don’t fit the cheerful, appreciative mood:


Black clothing is associated with darkness, gloom, and grief. While black accents are fine, wearing all black on Mother’s Day sends the wrong message. Save black for edgier occasions instead of mom’s special day.


Brown is a dull, down-to-earth color that doesn’t convey the lively joy of Mother’s Day. While brown works for fall, it’s too sedate a shade for the bright spring holiday honoring moms. Opt for more vivid, uplifting colors.


Crisp white looks lovely alongsideMother’s Day hues. However, wearing all white could come across overly casual for the sentimental occasion. White on its own is best for warmer climates, not as a standalone color.


Like brown, gray is a lifeless, gloomy color unfit for celebratory Mother’s Day. Gray is neutral at best, dreary at worst. Seek colors bursting with vitality when planning a Mother’s Day outfit.

More Colorful Options for Mother’s Day Outfits

Beyond traditional hues, any color conveying joy, affection, and positivity works for Mother’s Day. Here are more palette possibilities and appropriate shades:


Cheerful yellow oozes optimism and conveys honor. Both bright marigold and sunny lemon yellow styles express happiness. Yellow roses symbolize friendship between mom and daughter.


Bold orange communicates energy, enthusiasm, and pride. Softer peach and coral shades work for Mother’s Day too. Orange makes a lively statement while embodying the warm spirit of the occasion.


Green is a hopeful hue representing growth, harmony, and wellbeing. For Mother’s Day, select refreshing lime greens or elegant emerald shades. Green pairs perfectly with pink for a springtime motif.


The tranquil blue-green turquoise beautifully blends meaning. Turquoise conveys both healing calmness from blue and growth from green. Whether teal, aqua, or neon turquoise, the hue nicely honors mom.


In addition to traditional deeper purples, lighter lilac and lavender work well for Mother’s Day. These softer purples express feminine charm plus spiritual meaning. Pastel purple conveys sweet elegance.


Shimmering gold symbolizes prosperity, success, and luxury. Metallic gold dresses and accessories add glamorous style to Mother’s Day flair. Gold jewels like mother-daughter necklaces make meaningful gifts.

Color Meaning Shade Ideas
Pink Love, warmth, admiration Soft pink, rose pink, fuchsia
Red Love, passion, dedication True red, burgundy, crimson
Purple Wisdom, dignity, devotion Lavender, lilac, violet
Blue Trust, reliability, reassurance Sky blue, navy, robin’s egg
Yellow Joy, happiness, optimism Lemon, marigold, banana
Orange Excitement, enthusiasm, pride Peach, coral, tangerine
Green Growth, renewal, harmony Emerald, lime, sage
Turquoise Calmness, healing, growth Aqua, teal, robin’s egg
Gold Success, prosperity, luxury Metallic, shimmery

Factors for Picking Colors

Along with meaning, consider these factors when selecting Mother’s Day colors:

Skin Tone

Choose colors that flatter your skin tone. Look best in cool blues and purples? Avoid warm oranges and yellows. Know your most harmonious hues.

Hair Color

Match your hair color to shades that complement it. Brunettes shine in deeper tones while blondes suit airy pastels. Redheads pop in green and purple.

Eye Color

Certain colors make your eye color stand out. Greens accentuate browns, purples flatter blues. Don’t overmatch but do pick an enhancing hue.

Personal Style

Stay true to your personal style while working in Mother’s Day symbolism. Favor breezy pastels or bold brights? There are fitting options.

Venue & Activity

Consider the setting and activities planned. Soft pinks suit an elegant brunch, jewel tones work for garden parties. Dress accordingly.

Incorporating Mother’s Day Symbols

In addition to wearing colors with significance, incorporate meaningful Mother’s Day symbols into your look such as:

Floral Prints and Patterns

Flowers hold deep meaning related to moms. Choose dresses or accessories printed with roses, carnations, lilies, and other blooms.

Heart Motifs

Hearts represent the love between mother and child. Opt for heart-printed styles, jewelry and handbags.

Motherhood Charms

Charms that pay tribute to mom status like those with children’s initials, birthstones, or words like “mom” or “mother.”

Sentimental Accessories

Wear accessories gifted or belonging to mom for an extra special touch, like her necklace or bracelet.

Corsages and Boutonnieres

These floral pins and accessories can commemorate the day and match your outfit.


Selecting what color to wear for Mother’s Day takes thoughtfulness and care. Traditional options like pink, red, purple, and blue always convey appreciation of mom. Vibrant yellow, green, and orange communicate joy. Coordinating colors or a matching motif represent family togetherness. Avoid gloomy black, brown or dull gray. Consider factors like skin tone, hair color, and venue while dressing. Incorporate meaningful symbols like floral patterns, hearts, charms, and corsages. Most importantly, choose hues and styles that honor the loving maternal bond while expressing your own personality and style.