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What is a deep red purplish color?

What is a deep red purplish color?

A deep red purplish color refers to a shade that combines deep tones of both red and purple. This type of color evokes richness, passion and intensity. In the color spectrum, it falls between red and purple, drawing from the depth of both. There are a few ways to create a deep red purplish tone – by combining complementary colors, mixing paint pigments, using computer color codes or finding it in nature. Exploring this hue gives insight into color theory, visual arts and the psychology of color.

Defining Deep Red Purple

To understand this color blend, it helps to first look at red and purple separately.

Red is known as a warm, bold and stimulating color. It is associated with energy, passion, love, anger and danger. In design and marketing, red grabs attention, conjures excitement and motivates action. Red has the longest wavelength visible to the human eye, making it a powerful, commanding color. Pure red is exemplified by the color of fresh blood or a fire engine.

Purple is a cooler, calmer color that bridges the warm and cool sides of the color wheel. It represents royalty, spirituality, mystery and sophistication. Shades of purple range from light lavender to deep violet. Purple is associated with ambition, creativity, independence and magic.

Deep red purple combines the bold, lively nature of red with the calmer, more introspective qualities of purple. It provides a bridge between the two. This blend brings out passionate, brooding tones. It has an air of prestige yet with an undercurrent of intensity. Deep red purple is sometimes described as wine, burgundy or maroon. But it can span a wide range of shades.

Creating a Deep Red Purple

There are a few different ways to mix up a deep red purple color:

Combining Complementary Colors

In color theory, purple and red are complementary colors that sit opposite each other on the color wheel. When combined, they neutralize each other while bringing out a strong blend.

To make a red purple, start with a bold red like crimson. Add small amounts of its complementary color – in this case, violet. The more violet used, the cooler the tone becomes. Back off on the violet to retain more red warmth. Blending even amounts creates an intense shade. Varying the ratios results in different shades of deep red purple.

Mixing Paint Pigments

Another way to achieve a deep red purple is by mixing red and purple paint pigments. Start with a warm red paint, such as cadmium red. Mix in small amounts of purple until reaching the desired tone. Alizarin crimson and carbazole violet are pigments that combine well. Increase the ratio of purple to tone down the red. Add more red to retain vibrancy. Mixing paints by hand allows for control in achieving just the right shade.

Computer Color Codes

For digital design, deep red purple can be produced using computer color codes. The hex code #990066, for example, generates a vivid reddish purple. Adjusting the first two digits affects the red tones – higher values boost the red. The last four digits modify the purple hues – increasing those values adds more purple. Hex codes provide precision when manipulating a color’s RGB values digitally.

Natural Examples

Deep red purplish tones also appear in nature. The pigment of some flowers, fruits and minerals exhibit shades of red purple. Amaranth, a grain cultivated in ancient Greece, shows a deep reddish purple hue. Black raspberries reveal a similar color when ripe. Rhodochrosite, a rose-red mineral, includes subtle purple undertones. Exploring natural examples is a way to appreciate the nuances of this rich color blend.

Psychology of Deep Red Purple

The psychology of color imbues deep red purple with meaning:

  • Passion – The vibrant red tones evoke love, intimacy and intense emotion.
  • Refinement – Purple’s cool regality balances out red’s heat for a cultured feel.
  • Energy – As a stimulating, powerful blend, this color conveys strength and vigor.
  • Luxury – Deep red purple suggests elegance, royalty and prestige.
  • Mystery – The pairing seems magical, mystical and introspective.

Red purple embodies passion and energy with a sense of luxury and introspection. It provides a dynamic blend of warmth and coolness. This makes it both stimulating and thoughtful, able to grab attention while conveying sophistication. The hue evokes a controlled intensity.

Uses and Meaning of Deep Red Purple

Deep red purple has many applications that draw on its psychological connotations:


In marketing and branding, deep red purple grabs attention while conveying prestige. Cadbury uses this hue in packaging and branding to capture indulgence and luxury. The color pops on shelves yet maintains an air of distinction.


For clothing and accessories, deep red purple expresses vibrancy, originality and charm. It provides high visual contrast when paired with black for a gothic feel. Combined with grays or browns, it delivers a more refined look. The color makes a bold statement in fashion.

Interior Design

In interior spaces, using deep red purple can create an elegant, intimate setting. As an accent wall or accessory color, it lends a sense of character and charm. Too much risks overwhelming a room, so balanced use retains sophisticated appeal.


Artists mix custom deep red purples to evoke mood in their paintings. The tone captures passion and introspection for emotive impact. When blended smoothly, it conveys tranquility and spirituality. Rough, thick applications express vibrant energy. Either way, it makes a dramatic artistic statement.


Deep red purple appears appetizing on foods like grapes, plums and rare beef. It signals ripe fruit and rich taste, often indicating antioxidant properties. Using purple foods in cooking provides visual flair while potentially boosting nutritional value.

In all applications, this color blend brings out a cultivated, lively appeal that catches the eye and conjures intrigue.

Notable Examples of Deep Red Purple

To better understand deep red purple in context, here are some real-world cases where it is featured prominently:

Example Where It’s Used Effects & Meaning
Cadbury Branding Product packaging and marketing materials Conveys indulgence and prestige for a beloved chocolate brand
Byzantine Robes Royal garments in the Byzantine Empire Represents nobility, exclusivity and devotion
Amsterdam’s Red Light District Red neon signage marking adult venues Suggests vivid passion and taboo intrigue
Paisley Prints Textile patterns popular in the 1960s Captures psychedelic energy and counterculture vibrancy
Eggplant Skin of popular vegetable when ripe Signals prime freshness and antioxidant content

These examples showcase the rich symbolism and versatility of deep red purple across different contexts.


Deep red purple is a striking blend that combines the strength of red with the intrigue of purple. It can span from wine hues to maroon. Mixing complementary colors, blending paint pigments, using color codes or finding natural examples are ways to produce this tone. Psychologically, the color evokes passion, refinement, mystery and prestige. It has versatile applications in branding, fashion, design, art and food. When used effectively, deep red purple makes a bold yet cultivated visual statement.