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What is a colorless aura?

What is a colorless aura?

An aura is an energetic field that surrounds living things. It is invisible to most people, but some claim to be able to see auras as colorful light around a person. A colorless aura is when someone’s aura lacks color and vibrancy. There are a few potential causes and meanings behind a colorless aura.

What Is An Aura?

An aura is a subtle energy field that surrounds the body. It emanates from the chakra system, which are centers of energy in the body according to ancient traditions. The aura extends outward from the body for several feet. It is comprised of electromagnetic energy as well as more subtle energy vibrations.

Since auras are made of energy wavelengths along the light spectrum, some people are able to see them. The most common colors associated with auras are the colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Each color has a particular meaning and signifies something about the person. For example, red auras symbolize passion, energy and vitality. Blue auras are linked to calmness, tranquility and spirituality.

Most people are unable to physically see auras with their eyes. However, aura photography and Kirlian photography can capture energized particles that reveal aura colors around living things. With practice, some people can start to see auras by looking at the air around a person’s body.

Causes of a Colorless Aura

So what does it mean if someone’s aura is transparent, colorless or appears grey? There are a few potential causes:

– Fatigue – When someone is physically or emotionally drained, it can dim their aura and make it appear colorless temporarily. The aura may flicker back with rest.

– Poor Health – A serious illness or chronic disease may lead to reduced energy flow in the body. This disruption can strip the aura of vibrancy.

– Depression – Long-term sadness and depression often manifest as a colorless aura. The gloomy emotional state mutes the person’s natural energy field.

– Trauma – Past emotional or physical trauma may damage the aura and cause dullness or gaps where the energy flow has been interrupted.

– Lack of Spirituality – Those who lack spiritual grounding or connection to a higher purpose often have auras that are fainter and more colorless.

– Blocked Chakras – When one or more chakras are blocked, it prevents the full flow of energy throughout the aura leading to less vibrancy.

– Psychic Attack – Some believe the aura can be intentionally penetrated and damaged through the psychic attack of another person sending negative energy.

– Aura Shielding – If someone is intentionally shielding their aura for privacy reasons, it may appear colorless and opaque.

Meanings of a Colorless Aura

Besides the potential causes, a colorless aura can also reflect certain states of being:

– Fatigue – As mentioned, fatigue will show up in the aura by making it appear washed out and colorless. This may reflect physical exhaustion.

– Depression – A long-term depressed mood often manifests in the aura becoming a colorless grey. This reflects the internal gloomy state.

– Lack of Energy – When the body is lacking in vitality, the aura loses its vibrancy and appears transparent or pale. This reflects the diminished energetic state.

– Disconnection – A colorless aura may reflect inner disconnection from self, life’s meaning or spirituality in general. The aura is subtler due to this lack of connection.

– Protection – Some purposefully shield their auras to protect their energies. This can make the aura appear almost invisible or non-vibrant.

– Transitioning – During major life changes and transitions, the aura often loses color and clarity temporarily. This reflects the “in between” state.

How to See Your Own Aura

While a small percentage of people can see auras naturally, anyone can develop the ability with practice. Here are some tips for seeing your own aura:

– Get in front of a plain, light background – this makes it easier to see. A mirror, white wall or nature background works well.

– Position your hands in front of you. Spread your fingers apart. Gaze gently at the area around your fingers and hand edges.

– Let your eyes relax and gaze softly without straining. Avoid focusing on one spot.

– Be patient and relaxed. Scanning your peripheral vision can help detect subtle shifts.

– Look for a very faint glow or transparent outline radiating from your skin. This may appear and disappear.

– Once an aura is detected, trace its shape. Note any colors, changes or gaps.

– Practice daily by gazing at your hands, arms and head area. Consistency will build aura viewing skill.

Interpreting the Meaning of Aura Colors

If you are able to see auras, the color provides insight into the person. Here are common aura color meanings:

Aura Color Meaning
Red Energy, vitality, passion, aggression
Orange Creativity, joy, confidence
Yellow Optimism, intelligence, inspiration
Green Peacefulness, healing, balance, growth
Blue Calm, intuitive, sensitive, spiritual
Indigo Insight, mysticism, wisdom, discernment
Violet Imagination, psychic ability, artistic
White Purity, angelic, heightened energy
Black Absorbing or blocking energy
Grey Depression, sadness, low energy

How to Clear a Colorless Aura

If your aura appears blocked, muted or colorless, there are things you can do to restore vibrancy and flow:

– Daily meditation – A regular meditation practice calms the mind, reduces stress and opens energetic blockages.

– Energy healing – Seeking therapies like reiki, acupuncture or colorpuncture can clear imbalances.

– Yoga and exercise – Physical activity and stretching stimulates energy flow in the body and aura.

– Healthy diet – Eating fresh, whole foods nourishes the body and vibrant aura.

– Chakra clearing – Performing chakra meditations can open clogged areas.

– Changing negative thought patterns – Releasing limiting beliefs, anger and fear restores positive energy.

– Spending time in nature – Nature naturally raises vibration and energizes the aura.

– Avoiding synthetic chemicals – Reducing exposure to synthetic materials, foods and chemicals minimizes energetic interference.

– Protective stones – Carrying or wearing stones like black tourmaline, obsidian and onyx may help strengthen the aura.

– Essential oils – Some oils like juniper, frankincense and lemongrass promote cleansing.

Professional Aura Clearing

In some cases, it may require help from an energy practitioner to fully clear and restore your aura. Professional aura and chakra services may include:

– Aura scanning – Scanners like the Bio-Well device or Aura Camera give visual insight into the aura.

– Aura photography – Photos capture the aura’s appearance, colors and distortions.

– Chakra balancing – The healer clears and aligns the chakra system using hands-on healing or guided meditation.

– Energy clearing – Techniques like reiki and Qigong help release stuck energies.

– Psychic healing – Psychics utilize intention and channeling to mend aura holes or damage.

– Crystal healing – A healer places crystals on and around the body to revitalize the aura.

– Colorpuncture – Colored light therapy aims to repair and balance the subtle energy body.

– Hypnotherapy – Hypnosis reprograms subconscious beliefs that may impact the aura.

If you have concerns about a colorless or disturbed aura, consider consulting a reputable energy practitioner for cleansing support. Be patient with yourself throughout the process. Aura and chakra work takes time, but the investment offers lasting benefits.


The human aura is a fascinating phenomenon that reveals insights about our physical, mental and spiritual states. When the aura appears colorless, it often reflects reduced vibrancy and energy flow in our lives. Fatigue, trauma, mental states and energetic interference are some potential causes. However, with a dedicated aura clearing practice and professional support if needed, one can restore their natural energetic radiance.