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What is a BLANCO sink?

A BLANCO sink is a high-quality kitchen sink made by the German company BLANCO. Founded in 1925, BLANCO is one of the leading manufacturers of premium sinks and faucets worldwide. Their sinks are known for excellent craftsmanship, innovative designs, and durable materials.

What are the key features of BLANCO sinks?

Here are some of the standout features of BLANCO sinks:

  • Premium materials like stainless steel, Silgranit, and ceramic
  • Durable and long-lasting construction
  • Variety of stylish and modern designs
  • Optional accessories like cutting boards, colanders, drain covers
  • Noise-dampening features for a quieter kitchen
  • Ergonomic designs for comfort and functionality
  • Stain, scratch, chip, and heat resistant
  • Easy to clean and maintain

BLANCO uses high-end materials like brushed stainless steel, Silgranit, and ceramic in their sinks. Silgranit is their patented granite composite material that is highly resilient. Their sinks feature thoughtful designs that make kitchen tasks easier on the body through depth, width, and curvature. They also utilize noise-reducing insulation and rubber pads to minimize noise from running water and cleaning.

What are the different styles of BLANCO sinks?

BLANCO offers a vast selection of sink styles to match any kitchen decor and needs. Here are some of their most popular styles:

Undermount Sinks

Undermount sinks mount below the countertop for a seamless, clean look. BLANCO undermount models come in stainless steel, Silgranit, and ceramic.

Topmount Sinks

Topmount sinks drop into pre-cut holes in the counter. They have a visible rim around the countertop opening. Great for DIY installs.

Farmhouse/Apron Front Sinks

Farmhouse sinks have a front-facing exposed front. This style works with rustic, country, or modern kitchens.

Workstation Sinks

Workstation sinks integrate accessories like sliding cutting boards, colanders, and drainboards into the overall design.

Prep Sinks

For small prep tasks, BLANCO offers prep sinks that can mount to countertops or islands beside the main sink.

Bar and Entertainment Sinks

BLANCO has many bar and entertainment sink options for wet bars, kitchen islands, and entertaining areas.

What materials are BLANCO sinks made from?

BLANCO crafts their sinks from quality materials to ensure longevity and performance:

Stainless Steel

Their stainless steel sinks come in various gauges, with a minimum of 16 gauge steel. More durable 18 or even 10 gauge steel is used on higher-end models. The steel grants durability, dent-resistance, and easy cleaning.


Silgranit is BLANCO’s patented granite composite material made from 80% natural granite bound with acrylic resin. The smooth non-porous surface is highly scratch, chip, stain, and heat-resistant. It also dampens noise. Available in many colors.


For a classic luxurious look, BLANCO uses ceramic in select sinks. The ceramic is coated with their patented SILGRANIT finish for protection and easy cleaning.


Some BLANCO models use a combination of materials like stainless steel and Silgranit together for optimal performance. Usually a stainless steel base is combined with Silgranit walls.

What are the benefits of a BLANCO sink?

Here are some of the notable benefits of choosing a BLANCO sink:

  • Premium Quality – Made from high-end materials with outstanding craftsmanship and attention to detail.
  • Functionality – Thoughtful designs provide ergonomic benefits and helpful features for kitchen tasks.
  • Durability – Long-lasting construction that can withstand years of regular use.
  • Easy Maintenance – Materials like stainless steel and Silgranit are easy to clean and keep looking new.
  • Noise Reduction – Combination of materials, insulation, and mounting minimize noise from sink use.
  • Stylish Aesthetic – Sleek, modern styling complements contemporary kitchen designs.
  • Wide Selection – Extensive sink options for design, size, color, and configuration.
  • Trusted Brand – Decades of experience and German craftsmanship you can depend on.

In essence, BLANCO sinks are an investment that grant beauty, convenience, reliability, and lasting performance for the heart of the kitchen. The combination of thoughtful functionality, innovative materials, noise reduction, low-maintenance, and stylish form makes them a top choice for premium modern kitchens.

How much do BLANCO sinks cost?

BLANCO sinks range in price from around $300 – $2,500 depending on the material, size, features, and accessories. Their sinks are premium-priced but reflect the quality construction and enduring performance. Here are some general BLANCO sink price ranges:

BLANCO Sink Type Price Range
Stainless Steel Undermount $300 – $700
Silgranit Undermount or Topmount $500 – $1,200
Ceramic Undermount $600 – $1,500
Specialty Sinks like Farmhouse or Workstation $1,000 – $2,500

The configuration, size, features, and accessories can push the price higher for more elaborate models. However, the investment is well worth it for a premium sink that can serve as a functional centerpiece for years to come.

Where to buy BLANCO sinks?

There are several options when shopping for a BLANCO sink:

  • Online – BLANCO’s website allows you to browse and buy sinks direct. Amazon, eBay, Overstock, and appliance websites also sell BLANCO sinks online.
  • Kitchen and Bath Showrooms – Many local or national showrooms will have a selection of BLANCO sinks on display to view.
  • Home Improvement Stores – Some BLANCO models can be found at major retailers like The Home Depot or Lowes.
  • Kitchen and Bath Providers – Check with local kitchen design/remodeling companies or plumbing supply stores.

Be sure to visit authorized BLANCO dealers to ensure you receive valid warranties and customer support. Avoid unauthorized discount websites that may sell fake or defective products. For the widest selection, buying directly from BLANCO online is recommended.

How to choose the best BLANCO sink?

Here are tips for selecting the ideal BLANCO sink for your kitchen:

  • Consider the sink size needed for your space and usage.
  • Decide on the mount type: undermount, top mount, or farmhouse.
  • Choose your preferred material and color – stainless, Silgranit, ceramic.
  • Look at accessories – cutting boards, grids, drain covers.
  • Read reviews and check ratings for quality feedback.
  • Make sure the sink fits with your faucet, cabinet, and countertop choices.
  • Compare pricing between models with the features you need.
  • Consider noise-reduction if sensitive to sink sounds.
  • Choose depth and configurations to reduce back strain.

Take precise sink cabinet and countertop measurements. Browse BLANCO’s website to view all options and narrow down your favorites. Be sure to coordinate your sink purchase with the faucet, cabinetry, and countertops to ensure seamless integration and optimal function within your kitchen. Investing in a quality BLANCO sink will provide daily enjoyment and durable service for many years.


BLANCO is a leading manufacturer of exceptional kitchen sinks that are built to last. Made from premium materials like stainless steel and Silgranit, their sinks feature innovative designs that are both stylish and highly functional. Key benefits include low-maintenance, noise-reduction, durability, and ergonomics. With numerous styles and configurations available, you are sure to discover the perfect BLANCO sink to upgrade your kitchen. Just be prepared to make a significant investment for the unmatched quality. But for a sink that can serve as the beautiful, hardworking centerpiece of your kitchen for years to come, a BLANCO sink is certainly worth the price.