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What hp ink is discontinued?

Ink cartridges are essential consumables for any HP printer. However, as technology advances and new printers are released, HP occasionally discontinues production of older ink cartridge models. This can make it challenging to find replacement ink for older printers. In this article, we’ll look at which HP ink cartridges have been discontinued over the years and some alternative options for replacing expired HP ink.

HP Ink Cartridge Numbering System

To understand discontinued HP ink cartridges, it helps to first look at how HP labels and numbers their cartridges. HP ink cartridges are identified with a combination of letters and numbers, such as “HP 61XL” or “HP 950XL.”

Here is a brief overview of what the letters and numbers signify:

  • Letters (e.g. HP 61XL) – This refers to the cartridge series. Each series is designed for specific printer models.
  • Numbers (e.g. 950XL) – This indicates the specific cartridge within the series. Higher numbers are newer models.
  • XL – Stands for “extra large.” XL cartridges contain more ink than standard size cartridges.

So by learning how to decipher HP ink codes, you can determine which printer models and cartridge generations the ink is for. Discontinued cartridges are usually older series that have been replaced by newer options.

How to Identify Discontinued HP Ink

There are a few ways to determine if an HP ink cartridge has been discontinued:

  • Check HP’s website – HP provides information on discontinued cartridges and recommends replacements.
  • Search online stores – If a cartridge is no longer being manufactured, most major retailers will list it as discontinued, obsolete, or out of stock.
  • Contact HP customer support – HP representatives can look up the status of a specific ink cartridge and suggest alternatives.
  • Refer to third-party ink seller websites – Many ink retailers keep track of HP’s discontinued cartridges.

Additionally, clues that a cartridge is likely discontinued include:

  • Older cartridge series – Ink that is more than a few years old was likely replaced by newer versions.
  • Limited availability – Scarcity at major retailers is a giveaway that stock is running out.
  • Printer no longer supported – HP eventually halts support for older printer models, including producing compatible ink.

Discontinued HP Ink Cartridge Series

HP has discontinued select ink cartridge series over the years as printers evolve. Some notable HP ink cartridge series that have been discontinued include:

Discontinued Cartridge Series Replacement Options
HP 11 HP 662, HP 664
HP 78 HP 667, HP 668
HP 94, HP 95 HP 662, HP 664
HP 10, HP 12 HP 63, HP 65
HP 96, HP 97 HP 64, HP 65, HP 67
HP 56, HP 57 HP 61

As you can see, HP has recommendations for replacement ink cartridges that are compatible with printers originally designed for now-discontinued cartridges.

Recently Discontinued HP Ink Cartridge Models

In addition to full cartridge series being discontinued, HP also stops production of individual cartridge models as updated versions are released. Here are some of HP’s recently discontinued ink cartridges:

Discontinued HP Ink Cartridge Replacement Option
HP 901XL HP 903XL
HP 920XL HP 934XL, HP 935XL
HP 940XL HP 952XL
HP 130 HP 131
HP 350 HP 351

HP aims to provide equivalent or enhanced ink cartridge replacements when models are discontinued. But in some cases, the new cartridges may not be fully backward compatible or could have slightly different yields.

Discontinued HP Ink – Alternative Ink Options

When HP stops producing specific ink cartridges, you have a few options for replacing discontinued HP ink:

  • Buy HP replacement cartridges – Use the equivalent ink cartridges suggested by HP.
  • Purchase remanufactured HP cartridges – Many companies specialize in remanufacturing out of production HP ink.
  • Switch to compatible ink cartridges – Compatible ink cartridges made by third-parties can work in place of discontinued HP ink.
  • Upgrade your printer – If HP no longer supports your printer model, you may want to upgrade to a current HP printer and ink.

Remanufactured and compatible ink cartridges typically offer significant cost savings over brand name OEM HP ink. But print quality and page yields can sometimes be lower. It’s a good idea to read reviews and buy from reputable ink retailers when going with third-party alternative ink.

How to Find Compatible Cartridges for Discontinued HP Ink

To find equivalent replacement ink cartridges when your HP ink has been discontinued, follow these steps:

  1. Look up your HP printer model number and cartridge numbers.
  2. Check HP’s website for suggested replacements, or contact HP support.
  3. Search for your discontinued HP cartridge series and model using phrases like “HP 940XL replacement.”
  4. Look at product listings for your replacement ink at various major online retailers.
  5. Read reviews and compare print yields of replacement cartridge options.
  6. Select replacement ink with positive reviews and high page yields.

Pay close attention to the cartridge compatibility listed by retailers to ensure the replacement ink will work properly in your printer. Using ink that HP doesn’t consider compatible could result in errors or printer damage.

Discontinued HP Ink Workarounds

If you can’t find direct replacement cartridges for your discontinued HP ink, there are some temporary workarounds:

  • Refill ink cartridges – Use a refill kit to replenish depleted OEM HP cartridges.
  • Buy individual ink bottles – Some printer models can be refilled with HP ink bottles.
  • Modify cartridges for compatibility – A conversion clip could make a newer cartridge model work in your printer.

However, keep in mind that these workaround solutions are typically not sanctioned by HP. Refilled, reconditioned, or modified cartridges may not reach original ink capacities and can lead to reduced print quality or printer issues in some cases.

Discontinued HP Ink – Finding Old Stock

Once an HP ink cartridge is discontinued, remaining retailer stock will eventually sell out. However, you may be able to find old stock of expired HP ink from these sources:

  • Online auction sites – Individual sellers may still have sealed OEM cartridges.
  • Local electronics stores – Smaller independent shops could still have old inventory.
  • Online marketplaces – Check seller listings closely for new old stock.
  • Buy in bulk packages – Multipacks may have old cartridges bundled in.

If you can find a supply of original HP cartridges in an unopened package, this will ensure the best print quality and performance. But be prepared to pay higher prices for out of production ink stock.

What to Do With Expired HP Ink

Once HP ink passes the expiration or best by date printed on the packaging, you may experience issues like:

  • Faded, streaky, or grainy printouts
  • Ink cartridge clogs
  • Leaking ink
  • Damage to printer

To avoid printer problems, do not use expired HP ink cartridges. Instead, follow these tips for dealing with outdated ink:

  • Properly dispose of ink – Follow local regulations for electronics waste disposal.
  • Recycle cartridges – Many retailers offer cartridge recycling programs.
  • Sell online – List unexpired ink you can’t use for sale through an online marketplace.
  • Donate extra ink – Schools or community centers may accept sealed cartridge donations.

Discarding old and expired ink cartridges responsibly will help avoid potential printer damage while also minimizing environmental impact.


HP periodically discontinues older ink cartridge models as printers and ink technology improve. Identifying outdated ink that is no longer manufactured can be done using HP’s website, retailers’ listings, or HP customer support. Finding replacement cartridges for discontinued HP ink involves checking compatibility and reading reviews. While remanufactured or compatible cartridges can save money, print quality may be reduced. To maintain optimal printer performance, use replacement ink suggested by HP whenever possible. With some diligent research, you can usually find affordable and reputable cartridge alternatives when your preferred HP ink has been discontinued.