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What hex is dark brown?

What hex is dark brown?

Dark brown is a deep shade of brown that has a mix of red, green, and blue to create a rich, warm, earthy tone. When searching for the perfect dark brown color for a project, it can be helpful to look up the hexadecimal code associated with the exact shade you want.

RGB and Hex Codes

Colors on computer and device displays are made up of varying combinations of red, green, and blue light. This is known as the RGB color model. Each of these component colors is assigned a value between 0-255 to indicate how much of that color is present.

Hexadecimal codes represent these RGB values in a six digit format – two digits each for red, green, and blue. Hex codes always start with a hashtag (#) followed by six alphanumeric characters from 0-9 and A-F. For example, pure red is represented as #FF0000 – the highest possible values for red, and zero for green and blue.

Dark Brown Hex Codes

There are many potential hex code options to get a dark brown color. Here are some of the most popular:

  • #5C4033 – A rich, warm, reddish-brown.
  • #4E342E – A darker, neutral brown with subtle red undertones.
  • #3D2B1F – A very dark brown nearing black with a bit of red.
  • #6D4C41 – A lighter, softer dark brown.
  • #4A2C20 – A very deep, cool-leaning dark brown.

The specific shade of dark brown and the warmth or coolness you want can help narrow down choices. Lower hex values will be darker or cooler, while higher values add lightness and warmth.

Dark Brown Color Mixing

You can also mix colors to create custom dark brown shades. In general, mixing:

  • Browns with reds will create warmer, reddish dark browns
  • Browns with blacks will make cooler, grayish dark browns
  • Browns with greens will produce muted, earthy dark browns

Adjust the ratio to control the exact tone. For example, mixing more red or less black will produce a warmer, lighter brown. As a starting point, try mixing:

  • 60% brown + 40% red = a rich mahogany
  • 70% brown + 30% black = a dark neutral brown
  • 50% brown + 50% green = an organic dark olive brown

Dark Brown Color Palettes

Certain color palettes work well with different shades of dark brown. Here are some examples:

Dark Brown Hex Code Complementary Color Palette
#4E342E Cream, light blue, navy
#6D4C41 Gold, burnt orange, olive green
#3D2B1F Grey, tan, rust
#4A2C20 Ivory, sage green, terracotta

Choose colors that complement the warmth or coolness of the dark brown. Paler neutrals and shades work well to provide contrast against very dark browns.

Uses for Dark Brown

From home decor to clothing, dark brown can add beauty and elegance. Some ways to utilize this versatile color include:

  • Wall paint – creates a cozy, inviting ambiance
  • Furniture – gives a classic, timeless look
  • Accent pieces – vases, pillows, rugs, blankets
  • Clothing – dresses, coats, pants, shoes
  • Accessories – belts, handbags, scarves
  • Packaging – for an earthy, natural feel

Pair dark brown with materials like wood, leather, linen, wool, and cotton for organic texture. Metallic accents like brass and gold also complement the richness.

Dark Brown in Design

In branding and web design, dark brown can convey qualities like:

  • Reliability
  • Wisdom
  • Comfort
  • Nature
  • Heritage
  • Craftsmanship

It’s commonly used for brands in categories like coffee, chocolate, spirits, gardening, handcrafted goods, antiques, and academia. Darker shades work well for luxury, while lighter tones feel more casual and approachable.

Accessibility with Dark Brown

For web and print design, be mindful of contrast when using dark brown. Very dark shades right next to black text may not have enough contrast to meet accessibility standards. Try pairing darker browns with plenty of white space and lighter beige, cream or off-white text.

Also ensure there is adequate contrast against background colors. Dark browns on light backgrounds generally have sufficient contrast. But if used together with similar darker tones, it may be difficult for some users to read.


With its earthy warmth and sophisticated style, dark brown is a versatile color that can add beauty and elegance to any project. Hex codes like #4E342E, #6D4C41 and #3D2B1F provide a starting point, but feel free to get creative mixing your own custom dark brown tones. Just be mindful of contrast and accessibility when using this lush, neutral shade.