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What hair color is magenta?

What hair color is magenta?

Magenta hair has become a popular and bold hair color choice in recent years. But what exactly is magenta hair? Magenta sits between purple and pink on the color wheel, resulting in a bright, eye-catching hue that livens up any hair style. While it is an unnatural hair color, magenta hair dye allows people to express themselves through fun and vibrant tresses.

Defining Magenta Hair

Magenta hair gets its name from the color magenta, which is a mix of purple and pink shades. It is considered a “secondary color” since it is created by combining the primary colors red and blue. Specifically, magenta hair contains more red tones than purple hair but less red than true pink hair. This blend creates a color that is bolder and brighter than pastel purple or pink shades.

Some key facts about magenta hair color:

– Sits between purple and pink on the color spectrum
– Created by mixing red and blue tones
– Also known as hot pink or fluorescence pink hair
– Vibrant, bold and eye-catching shade
– Considered an unnatural, fantasy hair color

While magenta hair may seem exotic, it can be flattering on all skin tones when done correctly. The secret lies in finding the right magenta tone to complement your complexion. Light magentas work well on paler skin, while deeper magentas match darker complexions beautifully.

Achieving Magenta Hair

There are a few techniques for achieving magenta hair color:

Semi-Permanent Dye

Semi-permanent dyes coat the hair strand to deposit color that washes out over 4-8 weeks. This is the easiest and most damaging-free way to try magenta hair. The color payoff may be slightly less vivid than other methods.

Permanent Dye

Permanent dye penetrates the hair shaft to permanently change the hair’s pigment. This lasts until the hair grows out or is cut off. It provides very intense, long-lasting color results. However, it does chemically alter the hair.


Bleaching lightens the natural hair pigment so vivid colors show up better. It is usually required if going magenta from darker hair. This can damage hair, so deep conditioning treatments are recommended.

Hair Chalk/Spray

These temporary, colored mousses and chalks coat the hair shaft without permanently changing the color. Great for a magenta test run, but washes out quickly. Easy to reapply.

To keep magenta hair looking vibrant, use color-safe shampoo and conditioner. Avoid washing everyday and use cool water to rinse. Also, limit sun exposure, chlorine, and heat styling to prevent fading.

Magenta Hair Inspiration

Need inspiration before taking the magenta plunge? Here are some stunning magenta hair looks:

Solid Magenta

Going for an all-over magenta look makes a bold statement. This looks great on straight, wavy or curly hair. Styles like a blunt bob or long layers really show off the solid color.

Magenta Ombre

Blending magenta into lighter pastel pinks and purples creates a soft ombre effect. Keep roots darker and gradually lighten towards the ends. This looks beautiful on long, loose waves.

Magenta Highlights

Subtly weave magenta highlights throughout neutral brown or blonde hair. Concentrate colors around the face for maximum impact. Looks gorgeous when curled.

Magenta Tips

Just dip dye the hair tips in magenta for a fun and flirty look. Keep roots and length natural. Looks edgy and chic with straight or stick-straight hair.

Magenta Roots

Make a reversible color melt by dyeing the roots magenta and transitioning into lighter blonde or pink. Show off your roots by pulling hair back. Stunning on straight or wavy hair.

Vivid Magenta Comic Book Hair

Go graphic with a vivid magenta color from root to tip. Add styled lines or shapes in darker magenta for a cosplay or comic book look. Wear straight and sleek.

The possibilities are endless for customizing magenta hair! Have fun and express your unique style.

Best Magenta Hair Dye Products

Achieving perfect magenta hair requires quality hair dye and care products. Here are some top-rated magenta hair dyes and toners:

Arctic Fox Semi-Permanent Hair Color Dye

– Vegan and cruelty free
– Lasts 4-8 weeks
– Available in magenta-tinted shades Purple Rain and Virgin Pink

Manic Panic Semi-Permanent Amplified Hair Color

– Creamy vegan formula
– Stains hair for vivid color
– Try Shocking Pink or Hot Hot Pink

Splat Rebellious Colors Complete Hair Color Kit

– Permanent vibrant hair dye
– Crafted for brighter, bolder color
– Offered in magenta-hued Pink Fetish

Lunar Tides Hair Dye

– Vegan, non-damaging formula
– 30+ vivid colors including Orchid Purple and Cotton Candy Pink

Ion Color Brilliance Permanent Brights Creme Hair Color

– Salon-quality, conditioning formula
– Try Magenta or Orchid for bold magenta hues

Overtone Coloring Conditioner

– Deposits semi-permanent color
– Can mix custom shades
– Offers Extreme Pink and Purple options

Caring for Magenta Hair

To keep magenta hair looking bold and beautiful:

– Wash 1-2 times per week with sulfate-free shampoo
– Use color-protecting shampoo and conditioner
– Don’t wash with hot water
– Limit sun exposure
– Apply weekly conditioning hair masks
– Use heat protectant when heat styling
– Refresh color with semi-permanent dye as needed
– Avoid chlorine and salt water to prevent fading

With the right hair products and maintenance, you can rock vibrant magenta hair for weeks!

Trying a Magenta Hair Rinse

If you want to temporarily test out magenta hair, try a magenta rinse:

What it is:

A magenta hair rinse is a temporary colored conditioner. It coats the hair to add a sheer tint of color that washes out in 1-2 shampoos.

How to Apply:

After shampooing, comb the rinse through clean, damp hair. Allow it to process for 5-10 minutes. Rinse out and style as normal. Reapply whenever you want a boost of color.


– Adds a sheer magenta tint
– Lasts 1-2 washes
– Conditions hair
– No bleach or committment required
– Fun way to test drive magenta hair

Popular magenta rinse products include:

– Overtone Extreme Pink Coloring Conditioner
– Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Tint in Anime
– Manic Panic Ultraviolet Hair Rinse

Rinses allow you to try the latest color trend without damage. Go magenta for a day, a weekend, or until the next wash day!

How Light Does Hair Have to be for Magenta?

Magenta shows up best on light or pre-lightened hair. Here are some guidelines for dyeing magenta hair:

Level 10 Platinum Blonde:

Magenta will be extremely bright and vivid

Level 9 Light Blonde:

Magenta will appear slightly muted but still bold

Level 8 Medium Blonde:

Magenta will look noticeably darker and subtler

Level 7 Dark Blonde to Light Brown:

Hair must be pre-lightened to a lighter blonde base first to allow the magenta tone to show through.

Level 6 Medium Brown:

Hair must be bleached to a pale yellow base before applying magenta dye.

Level 5 to 1 Dark Brown to Black:

Hair must be bleached to a light yellow or pale orange base so magenta color will deposit properly.

To summarize, light to medium blonde or pre-lightened hair shows the truest magenta vibrancy. Dark brunettes and black hair requires bleaching first before magenta dye can take hold. Consult a colorist to ensure the hair is lightened properly for the best magenta results.

Complementary Colors for Magenta Hair

With bold magenta hair, you’ll want your makeup and wardrobe colors to complement your new tresses. Here are some shades that look amazing with magenta hair:

Eyeshadow and Eyeliner:

– Golds, bronzes and coppers to make eyes pop
– Silvers and grays for an edgy complement
– Deep plums and eggplants to match magenta tones

Lip Color:

– Wine, berry and purple-red shades
– Nude, pinky nudes and rosy neutrals
– Magenta or magenta-tinted lipsticks


– Black, white and gray for neutral backdrop
– Emerald greens and sapphire blues to contrast
– Pink, rose, peach to match color intensity
– Gold and yellow to accentuate magenta brightness

Nail Polish:

– Magenta, fuchsia, hot pink
– Black, charcoal gray
– Metallics like rose gold, bronze and silver

Choosing clothing, makeup and nail shades in these hues will make your magenta hair pop even more!

Magenta Hair Upkeep

To keep magenta hair looking vibrant between dye jobs:

– Use a color-depositing shampoo weekly
– Apply a coloring conditioner as needed
– Tone hair with purple or pink semi-permanent dye
– Limit washing to 1-2 times per week
– Use dry shampoo to refresh hair between washes
– Rinse with cold water and limit sun exposure
– Apply a deep conditioner 1-2 times per week
– Use heat protectant when heat styling
– Get a color-refreshing gloss treatment every 4-6 weeks

With the right maintenance routine, you can extend the life of your magenta hue and prevent fading. Book follow-up appointments with your colorist to re-dye roots and refresh color as needed.

Magenta Hair Dos and Don’ts


– Add shine boosting products to keep magenta glossy
– Use blue or purple shampoo to prevent brassiness
– Experiment with fun hairstyles to show off color
– Embrace the fade and let magenta softly transition
– Book salon gloss treatments to revive color


– Overwash hair or use hot water
– Apply permanent dye directly on top of faded magenta
– Use harsh clarifying or anti-dandruff shampoos
– Sit in chlorine or salt water for extended periods
– Apply dye to freshly bleached hair without conditioning first

Following these simple guidelines will help you achieve maximum vibrancy with your new magenta tresses!

Downsides of Magenta Hair

While gorgeous, magenta hair does require some maintenance. Here are a few downsides to consider:

– Requires regular toning and coloring to keep bright
– Can stain towels, pillowcases and clothing
– Roots need re-dyed every 4-6 weeks to prevent regrowth
– May not be allowed in some schools or workplaces
– Fades faster than natural hair colors
– Can dry out or damage hair if not conditioned properly
– Removing color requires bleaching and can damage hair

However, many feel the fun, head-turning vibrancy is worth the upkeep. Be prepared for staining, quick fading, and root regrowth. Use nourishing products, protect hair from fading, and enhance vibrancy between salon visits.

How to Remove Magenta Hair Dye

Removing magenta hair color requires stripping or bleaching out the dye pigments. Here are a few options:

Color Remover Chemical Treatment

Color strippers shrink and dissolve dye molecules so color fades faster when shampooed out. Results vary based on hair type and color buildup.

Bleach and High-Alkaline Shampoo

Lightening shampoos or bleaching breaks down artificial pigments. May take a few applications to fully lift magenta. Always deep condition after lightening.

Allow Fading Over Time

Gradually shampooing with clarifying or anti-dandruff shampoo will help lift magenta over 4-6 weeks. Savvier for damaged or fragile hair.

Cut Out Color

Snipping off dyed sections removes color immediately. Consider if hair is extremely damaged from magenta or you’re ready for a dramatic style change.

Consult a colorist to ensure hair is healthy enough for chemical processing. Removal can be damaging so take your time to transition back to natural gradually if needed.


With its electric hue between purple and pink, magenta hair is a bold and vibrant color choice. When cared for properly, magenta dyed tresses will turn heads for weeks. While high maintenance, the right shampoos, conditioners and styling products help maximize the color’s shine and brilliance. For those looking to make a wildly-colored statement, magenta hair is a thrilling option. Embrace your inner flower child or manga character and take the magenta plunge!