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What green is closest to Hunter Green?

What green is closest to Hunter Green?

Hunter Green is a rich, deep green color that got its name from hunter green garments worn by hunters in the 19th century. It is a dark green that has a yellowish tint to it, making it slightly olive in tone. Hunter Green is widely used in design and decor, and matching the exact shade can be tricky. In this article, we will explore what green colors come closest to replicating the look of classic Hunter Green.

Defining Hunter Green

To understand what colors are closest matches, it helps to define Hunter Green in technical terms. Hunter Green is considered a dark green color, with the following RGB values:

Red: 53
Green: 94
Blue: 59

The HEX code for Hunter Green is #355929. In the CMYK color model, Hunter Green is made up of:

Cyan: 69
Magenta: 43
Yellow: 100
Black: 64

So when looking for matches, colors with similar RGB, HEX and CMYK values will produce the closest look.

Green Alternatives to Hunter Green

There are several green shades that come very close to Hunter Green in look and tone. Here are some of the top contenders:

Forest Green

Forest Green is nearly indistinguishable from Hunter Green to the naked eye. It has very similar RGB values:

Red: 34
Green: 139
Blue: 34

The HEX code for Forest Green is #228B22. It has the same very dark green tone as Hunter Green, just slightly brighter. Forest Green is pretty much as close as you can get to a perfect match.

Pine Green

Pine Green is another alternative that looks remarkably similar to Hunter Green. Its RGB values are:

Red: 1
Green: 121
Blue: 111

With a HEX code of #01796F, Pine Green has a tiny bit more blue in it compared to Hunter Green, giving it a very subtle cooler look. But the difference is barely discernible.

Laurel Green

Laurel Green is a rich green with strong yellow undertones, similar to Hunter Green. Its RGB values are:

Red: 115
Green: 154
Blue: 23

The HEX code for Laurel Green is #739A17. It’s slightly brighter than Hunter Green but has that same olive-yellow personality.

MSU Green

MSU Green is the shade of green used by Michigan State University. It is sometimes likened to Hunter Green for its similarity. The RGB values for MSU Green are:

Red: 24
Green: 69
Blue: 59

With a HEX code of #18453B, MSU Green is very close to Hunter Green but just a little darker. It’s an excellent substitute in many applications.

Brunswick Green

Brunswick Green is named after Brunswick County, England. It is a very dark green with subtle brown tones. The RGB values are:

Red: 27
Green: 77
Blue: 62

With a HEX code of #1B4D3E, Brunswick Green is nearly identical to Hunter Green, erring slightly toward more brownness. But it’s an ideal match for most purposes.

Green Paint Colors Similar to Hunter Green

When selecting paint for walls or other surfaces, these specific green paint colors come very close to Hunter Green:

  • Behr Forest Edge Green – S340-4
  • Sherwin-Williams Evergreens – 6228
  • Benjamin Moore Pine Green – 2063-10
  • Valspar English Holly – 5004-10B
  • PPG Timeless Sage – 34-6

Always check in-store paint swatches to ensure the right tone before purchasing gallons for large scale painting projects. But these green paint hues are excellent Hunter Green lookalikes to consider.

Matching Hunter Green in Other Materials

Beyond paint, Hunter Green can be replicated closely using:

  • Fabric: Look for dark green cotton, linen or velvet in forest, pine or laurel green shades.
  • Carpeting: Select dark hunter green synthetic or wool carpets.
  • Tiling: Choose glazed ceramic, porcelain or stone tiles in shades like emerald or forest.
  • Leather: Look for supple leather seating or accessories in deep green olive and pine shades.

Always inspect product samples first, as photographic colors can be misleading. But fabrics, carpets, tiles and leather can all be found in greens near to Hunter Green.

Complementary Colors for Hunter Green

Certain colors go especially well with Hunter Green for attractive color schemes. Helpful complementary colors include:

  • Ivory – The warm tone works well
  • Cream – Softens the green nicely
  • Tan – A natural-looking pairing
  • Brown – Brings out the subtle brownness
  • Gold – Looks upscale and sophisticated

As well as neutrals, Hunter Green can be paired with moody colors like burgundy, eggplant and navy for a stylish look.


When selecting a green that closely matches the classic Hunter Green tone, options like Forest Green, Pine Green, Laurel Green, MSU Green and Brunswick Green are excellent choices. Specific paint colors, fabrics, carpeting and more can also replicate the Hunter Green look for all types of design projects. Complement the shade with neutrals and deeper tones for a foolproof color scheme. With the right materials and colors, you can easily achieve the richness and depth of timeless Hunter Green.