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What granite countertops go with white cabinets?

When planning a kitchen remodel with white cabinets, one of the most important decisions is choosing the right granite countertop. The color and pattern of the granite you select will impact the overall look and feel of your kitchen. With so many granite options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to pick the perfect slab.

Quick Answer

The best granite colors for white cabinets tend to be lighter shades such as white, tan, gray, and beige granites. These lighter granites pair beautifully with white cabinetry and create a seamless, elegant look. Some popular granite choices include White Fantasy, River White, Ash White, Luna Pearl, and White Juparana.

How to Choose Granite Color for White Cabinets

When selecting a granite countertop for white cabinets, you’ll want to consider:

  • The undertones of the granite – Cool undertones like gray and blue complement white cabinetry while warm undertones like red, yellow, and orange can clash.
  • Granite pattern – Solid colored slabs or granites with subtle movement or veining tend to suit white cabinets best.
  • The rest of your kitchen elements – Take into account the flooring, backsplash, and any other colors in the space.
  • Your personal style – Traditional kitchens tend to use lighter granites while modern designs can handle deeper, dramatic colors.

Keeping these factors in mind will help narrow down the vast amount of granite options into a palette that works with your specific kitchen and preferences.

Top Granite Colors for White Cabinets

Here are some of the best granite colors to pair with white cabinets:

White Granite

As you might expect, white granite is one of the most popular choices for white cabinets. The seamless, monochromatic look is clean and elegant. White granite comes in various natural patterns that add subtle interest without competing with the white cabinetry:

  • White Fantasy – A crisp white background with faint gray patterning
  • River White – A mostly white slab with wispy gray veining
  • Snowy River – A white granite with faint blue and gray veining
  • Moon White – A mostly solid white granite with occasional dark flecks

Gray Granite

Light gray and blue-gray granites also pair beautifully with white cabinets, lending a cool, beachy feel to the kitchen. Depending on the specific granite, gray can read either modern and sleek or soft and coastal inspired. Great gray granite options include:

  • Steel Gray – A light gray with occasional peach, brown or taupe accents
  • Luna Pearl – An elegant granite with a pale gray background and white veining
  • Woodstock – A more textured gray granite with wisps of white
  • Carnelian Granite – A gray-beige granite with a subtly marbled look

Beige Granite

For a warmer, more traditional vibe, beige granite is a great match with white cabinets. Different minerals and crystals in the granite provide light tan and brown visual interest. Choices like:

  • Tan Brown – As the name implies, a rich tan granite with brown veining
  • Santa Cecilia – One of the most popular granite colors, featuring a light beige background with black, brown and cream accents
  • New Venetian Gold – A mostly beige and tan granite with golden undertones
  • Juparana Barcelona – A beige base with gray and darker brown patterns

Black Granite

While darker granites come with some risk of clashing with light cabinets, the right black granite can create a bold, dramatic look. To pull off the contrast successfully, choose a granite with plenty of lighter veins running through it. Options like:

  • Absolute Black – A dense, jet black granite that makes a dramatic statement
  • African Black – A solid black background with lighter gray veining for contrast

Granite Edge Profiles for White Cabinets

In addition to selecting the right slab, you’ll also want to consider the edge profile for your granite countertop. The edge accentuates the granite you chose while also impacting the overall vibe of your kitchen.

Here are some recommended edge profiles for pairing granite with white cabinets:

Edge Profile Description Best Suited For
Eased A slightly rounded corner along the edge Contemporary, transitional kitchens
Bevel A sloped cut along the edge Modern, sleek kitchens
Ogee An elegant double curved edge Traditional, classic kitchens
Dupont A rounded, rectangular edge Transitional, cottage kitchens

Additional Tips for Pairing Granite and White Cabinets

  • Bring in granite samples to view in your kitchen before making a final decision. The slab will look different in your space than in the showroom.
  • Make sure to factor in the other elements – flooring, backsplash, appliances – when selecting granite.
  • Look for movement or patterns in the granite to add interest without competing.
  • If choosing a darker granite, stick to solid white cabinets rather than two-toned.
  • Consider having your countertop fabricator blend the edges of the granite and cabinetry for a streamlined appearance.


Choosing the perfect granite to match white kitchen cabinets can elevate your whole space. Look for granite in lighter white, gray, and beige tones with subtle patterns and movement. Stay away from busy granites or those with strong yellow, gold, red, or brown undertones. Consider the edge profile and make sure to view granite slabs in your kitchen before finalizing. Taking the time to find the right granite will result in a cohesive, beautiful kitchen design that you’ll love.