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What goes with rose gold bedroom?

What goes with rose gold bedroom?

What to Pair with Rose Gold in Your Bedroom Decor

Rose gold has become a popular trend in home décor over the last few years, adding a touch of warmth, luxury and femininity to any space. When used in a bedroom, rose gold can create a romantic, glamorous oasis. But what colors and textures pair best with this blushing metallic hue? Here’s a guide to choosing accent colors, furniture, bedding, lighting and accessories to complement a rose gold bedroom.

Complimentary Color Schemes

One of the easiest ways to build a cohesive rose gold bedroom is to use colors from the same color family that will accent the rosy tone beautifully.

Soft Neutrals

Pairing rose gold with creamy neutrals like white, ivory, light gray and taupe allows the metallic finish to really pop. These softer backdrops help the rose gold shine. Try off-white bedding with rose gold piping and shams in a subtle taupe and white geometric pattern. A light gray rug and white furniture will complete the elegant neutral palette.

Blush Tones

For a monochromatic effect, choose shades of pink and peach that coordinate with the rose gold accents. Try a blush pink duvet cover with rose gold pleated lumbar pillows in a slightly deeper pink hue. Peach curtains will tie the palette together. Mix in white and cream pieces to keep the look from becoming too overwhelming.

Deep Teals and Emeralds

Rich teal and emerald greens beautifully complement a rose gold palette, creating a stylish, modern bedroom design. Look for bedding and accent pillows in these moody greens paired with rose gold hardware and lamps. Deep green velvet chairs and throw blankets will further accentuate the look.

Metallic Accents

Don’t be afraid to layer metallics in the same space. Mixing silver, bronze, brass and pewter finishes with rose gold can look modern and luxurious. A silver mirror, bronze table lamp, brass candlesticks and rose gold vases create an eclectic metallic arrangement on a dresser or side table. Just be sure to choose metals that have similar undertones.

Furniture Choices

The furniture pieces you choose for a rose gold bedroom will set the tone for your space. Consider the following options:

Upholstered Headboards

An upholstered headboard in a neutral linen, velvet or velour fabric provides the perfect backdrop for layering in rose gold decorative pillows and throws. Tufting and nailhead trim add extra texture and dimension.

Acrylic Furniture

Transparent acrylic nightstands, dressers, chairs and tables blend seamlessly into a rose gold palette, adding a contemporary edge. Metallic accessories really shine against these see-through surfaces.

Wood Tones

Warm wood furniture in finishes like walnut, oak and mahogany makes a rich pairing with rose gold hardware, lamps and architectural details. Try a cane headboard for added visual interest.

Marble and Metallic Finishes

For serious glamour, opt for marble, glass and mirrored furniture pieces. A marble-topped dresser and sleek silver table lamps up the luxury factor. Mirrored nightstands and headboards reflect soft rose tones.

Bedding Essentials

The bed is the central focus of any bedroom, so be sure to dress it to complement your rose gold accents. Look for these bedding elements:

– Rose Gold Bed Frame

A metallic rose gold bed frame makes the biggest impact. Brass or copper frames also coordinate.

– White or Neutral Foundation

Start with white, cream or light gray sheets, shams and duvet cover for a versatile base.

– Patterned Accent Pillows

Bring in color and visual interest through decorative lumbar, euro and accent pillows. Try watercolor floral, embroidered paisley and striped designs in accent colors.

– Cozy Throws

Cuddle up with fuzzy throws in complementary colors draped at the foot of the bed or folded at the end of each side.

– Robes and Slippers

Complete the bedroom retreat with matching robes and slippers in soft fabrics and textures.

Statement Lighting

The right lighting fixtures can make a big impact in a rose gold bedroom. Consider these striking options:

– Metallic Pendants

Install a glam pendant light or chandelier in rose gold or champagne over the bed or seating area. Opt for clear crystals rather than colored gems.

– Sconces

Frame the bed with matching rose gold sconces for ambient lighting. Swing arm sconces make great reading lights.

– Table Lamps

Look for ceramic table lamps in soft shapes with rose gold bases and hardware. White drum shades keep the look light and bright.

– Accent Lamps

Use decorative rose gold lamps like candelabras and adjustable “goose neck” lamps on nightstands and dressers.

Finishing Touches

The accessories you choose will pull your whole rose gold bedroom together. Incorporate these ideas:

– Framed Artwork

Select neutral artwork with subtle metallics, black frames and white matting. Floral, landscape and abstract prints all work well.

– Area Rug

Try a fluffy neutral rug with a faint metallic sheen. Simple patterns like diamonds and lattice work best.

– Throw Blankets

In addition to blanket layers on the bed, keep folded throws at the foot of chairs and sofas for cozy comfort.

– Decorative Pillows

Scatter sequin, velvet and printed accent pillows about the room. Keep colors soft and patterns minimal.

– Window Treatments

Choose breezy linen or subtly metallic curtains. Hang rose gold curtain rods and finials for extra polish.

– Flowers and Plants

Fresh florals and potted plants in white ceramic pots create an elegant natural contrast.


A rose gold bedroom design is the perfect blend of soft femininity and contemporary edge when done right. The key is choosing the right complementing colors, textures, materials and accents that enhance (rather than compete with) the warmth of the rosy metallic hue. With so many options for bedding, furniture, lighting and decor, you can easily create a glamorous yet inviting bedroom retreat with rose gold details.