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What goes with brown wood floors?

What goes with brown wood floors?

Brown wood floors can be a beautiful addition to any home. However, choosing decor that complements brown floors can be challenging. The good news is that there are many colors and styles that pair nicely with rich, warm brown wood tones.

Guidelines for Decorating with Brown Wood Floors

Here are some helpful guidelines for decorating rooms with brown wood flooring:

  • Aim for warm, earthy color palettes – Browns, tans, terra cottas, and other rustic neutrals look great with brown floors.
  • Incorporate natural materials and textures – Raw wood furniture, sisal rugs, linen upholstery fabrics, and stone or wood accents complement the organic look of wood floors.
  • Use calm, muted accent colors – Moss greens, sky blues, and soft yellows can brighten up brown floors without clashing.
  • Choose patterns carefully – Subtle tone-on-tone prints or organic motifs like floral and geometric designs work best.
  • Allow wood to be the star – Limit competing textures and let the beautiful grain of the floors take center stage.

Wall Colors

Wall color has a huge impact on the overall feel of a room. Here are some excellent wall color options to pair with dark or brown wood flooring:

Wall Color Description
Beige A warm neutral like beige, tan, or greige creates a soothing backdrop that allows brown floors to shine.
Light blue Soft sky blue walls feel beachy and airy against dark wood floors.
Sage green Earthy green hues like sage or olive complement brown floors’ organic look.
Warm white Crisp white walls punctuated with brown trim pops against dark floors.
Gray From light dove to charcoal, gray walls beautifully accent brown floors.

For a foolproof combination, stick with a simple neutral wall color. But if you want more drama, layer in accent walls in deeper shades like navy, charcoal, or even black for striking contrast.


When selecting furniture for rooms with brown floors:

  • Opt for wood pieces in a mix of lighter and darker brown stains to tie into floor coloring.
  • Upholster furniture in warm neutrals like cream, tan, or warm gray to blend with floors.
  • Incorporate natural and raw finished wood elements like coffee tables, side tables, and dining chairs.
  • Add pops of color with upholstered accent chairs or pillows in colors like sky blue, olive green, or rust orange.
  • Avoid furnishings with competing wood grains that may clash with floors.

Some specific furniture styles that work well with brown floors include:

  • Mission style pieces
  • Mid-century modern designs
  • Rustic farmhouse tables and seating
  • Industrial metal and wood
  • Casual woven woods


Area rugs are a great way to define spaces while adding color and visual interest. Ideal rug styles for brown wood flooring include:

  • Natural fiber rugs like jute, sisal, or seagrass
  • Moroccan, Turkish, or tribal patterned rugs
  • Braided rugs in natural hues
  • Cowhide or sheepskin hide rugs
  • Graphic patterned kilims
  • Light colored shag or wool rugs

Make sure to use a rug pad beneath rugs to prevent slipping and protect floors from scratches.


When selecting fabrics such as upholstery, pillows, curtains and bedding, look for:

  • Natural fiber fabrics like linen, cotton, wool, and silk
  • Textured fabrics like boucle, knits, and woven materials
  • Solid colors or simple/organic prints and patterns
  • Warm neutral palettes in tan, beige, cream, light brown
  • Pops of accent colors like brick red, olive, mustard, or rust

Avoid busy florals, large geometric prints, or anything with competing colors or textures.

Window Treatments

Window treatments can make a big impact in rooms with brown floors. Consider:

  • Neutral roman shades in linen, jute, cotton, or wood
  • Natural woven wood blinds
  • Curtains in solid colors or subtle patterns hung high and wide to maximize light
  • Rattan and bamboo shades in natural wood tones

To highlight architectural details, install wood shutters or keep window styling simple with just floor length linen curtains.


Accessories pull together a cohesive look. For brown floors, look for:

  • Wood accents like bowls, trays, cutting boards, wall art
  • Ceramic, glass, or metal vases and decorative objects in neutral tones
  • Natural fiber baskets and boxes for storage
  • Throw pillows and blankets in contrasting textures and colors
  • Table lamps with jute, wood, ceramic or metal bases
  • Area rugs layered on top of floors to define seating spaces

Edit out clutter and limit knick-knacks to keep the focus on beautiful brown flooring.


For kitchens with brown floors, create a natural yet sophisticated look with:

  • Neutral painted or wood cabinetry – Shaker style works nicely
  • Granite, quartz, or concrete countertops
  • Subway tile, brick, or wood backsplashes
  • Stainless steel, wood, or black metal finishes on appliances and fixtures
  • Wood, metal, or woven pendant lighting
  • Neutral color schemes accented with pops of sky blue, mint, avocado or cream

Incorporate warm metals like brass, bronze, and copper for an elegant touch.


Bathrooms with brown wood floors should also take on a natural, zen-like aesthetic. Decor tips include:

  • Wood vanities complement flooring
  • Vessel sinks and stone countertops create an organic look
  • Neutral wall tile in white, tan, or gray tones
  • Textured shower curtains in linen, jute or woven fabrics
  • Sisal, seagrass or cotton bath mats
  • Brass, bronze or nickel fixtures and hardware
  • Wall accents like framed mirrors, floating wood shelves, or bronze sconces

Minimalism works best to let brown wood flooring make a statement.


For restful and welcoming bedrooms, decorate with:

  • Upholstered wood beds in lighter finishes
  • White, beige, or gray bedding with organic cotton duvet covers
  • Nightstands that match or complement floor tones
  • Benches or slipper chairs at the foot of the bed
  • Neutral colored, natural fiber area rugs
  • Curtains in solid colors or subtle patterns, hung wide to frame windows

Incorporate wall decor like macrame wall hangings, woven tapestries, framed botanical prints, or gallery walls showcasing black and white photography.

Living Rooms

For living rooms with brown floors, go for a relaxed yet polished ambiance using:

  • Sofas and lounge chairs in solid neutrals or natural linen fabrics
  • Wood coffee tables and end tables
  • Double layered sisal or jute rugs
  • Throw blankets in cozy textures like wool or knit
  • Floor lamps or table lamps with rattan or wood accents
  • Curtains in creamy solids hung high to let in light
  • A mix of wood, ceramic and glass decor

Incorporate greenery with potted plants, dried botanicals, and vases of branches or pampas grass.

Home Offices

For home offices with brown floors, go for an efficient yet cozy look by including:

  • Desks of wood tones that match or complement floors
  • Office chairs with leather, linen or cotton fabrics
  • Woven seagrass wastebaskets
  • Storage with rattan baskets, wood cubbies, or neutral filing cabinets
  • Bulletin boards covered in jute, leather, or natural cork
  • Table lamps with solid shade materials like linen and cotton
  • Natural fiber or sisal area rugs layered on top of floors

Keep wall decor minimal with functional pegboards, framed maps, or floating shelves in warm wood tones.


Brown wood flooring can set the tone for gorgeously warm, welcoming decor. Keeping to a neutral palette punctuated with organic textures and natural materials allows brown floors to shine. With careful attention to furniture, fabrics, rugs and accessories in complementary tones, you can craft a stylish, cohesive look perfect for highlighting the depth and richness of beautiful brown wood flooring.