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What goes with beige walls in bedroom?

What goes with beige walls in bedroom?

Beige is a versatile neutral wall color that can work in many bedrooms. It provides a warm, inviting background that lets you easily change accent colors as trends come and go. When decorating a bedroom with beige walls, it’s important to choose the right accent colors and textures to give the room personality and visual interest. In this article, we’ll explore the best colors, fabrics, furniture finishes, and decor items to pair with beige walls in a master or guest bedroom.

Complimentary Colors for Beige Walls

Some key colors that look beautiful with beige walls in a bedroom include:

  • Blues – From pale sky blue to deep navy, blue is extremely complementary. It brings tranquility.
  • Grays – Charcoal, pewter and slate grays look refined. Avoid cold grays.
  • Tans – Lighter tans keep things neutral. Darker camel tan adds warmth.
  • Browns – From milk chocolate to dark espresso for an elegant feel.
  • Greens – Sage, mint and moss green for a nature-inspired vibe.
  • Purples – Soft lavender, lilac and violet create a romantic ambiance.

These colors scheme beautifully with beige for bedding, furniture, rugs, artwork and accessories. Use them throughout the bedroom OR choose one as an accent hue against mostly neutral elements.

Bedding Ideas for Beige Walls

Bedding is an easy way to introduce color against beige walls. Consider these options:

  • Pale blue sheets or duvet for a restful feel
  • A chocolate brown suede headboard
  • An emerald green quilt for luxurious texture
  • White bedding topped with lavender and blush pillows
  • Crisp white linens with a tan grid pattern for visual interest

You can also layer different neutral patterns and prints, like florals, pinstripes, geometrics and plaids for dimension. Use patterned shams or decorative pillows to avoid looking too busy.

For texture, incorporate bedspreads and pillows with cozy fabrics like velvet, chenille, cashmere and faux fur. These elements will keep the beige walls as a quiet backdrop while adding softness and depth.

Furniture Finishes to Use with Beige Walls

Here are some recommended furniture finishes to pair with beige bedroom walls:

Finish Description
Whitewashed wood Light and airy, whitewashed finishes have just a hint of woodgrain. Great for a coastal cottage or farmhouse vibe.
Dark walnut Rich chocolate brown walnut has slightly reddish undertones that feel warm and elegant against beige.
Brass Polished brass or antique brass furniture hardware and accents add a touch of glamour.
Natural linen or cotton The texture of linen or cotton upholstery in creamy solids or neutral patterns feels beachy and relaxed.
Faux leather Try ivory or tan faux leather for an easy-living, casual look.

Whether you choose wood, metal, fabric or a mix, these neutral finishes allow beige walls to recede into the background.

Decorative Touches to Enhance Beige Walls

Decor elements like art, area rugs, lighting and accessories provide the final layer of interest to a beige bedroom. Consider these refinements:

  • Black and white photography or prints for contrast
  • A Moroccan-style area rug with pops of blue and green
  • Brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze lamps for moody lighting
  • Plant in lush green containers or baskets
  • Aged metal, rattan, and wood accent pieces
  • Mirrored furniture like a vanity or nightstands to reflect light

As you blend decorative accessories in accent colors, keep things cohesive by limiting your palette. For example, if using a purple area rug, echo purple in artwork and pillows rather than introducing multiple colors.


Beige walls serve as a versatile blank canvas in the bedroom. The key is filling the space with layers of complementary colors, sensuous textures, and decor that reflects your personality and style. Focus on one or two accent colors and carry them through bedding, window treatments, artwork and decorative objects for a pulled-together look. With elegant furniture finishes and thoughtful details, you can easily create a welcoming beige bedroom retreat.